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  1. Y2Kev

    Against the rules?

    Please, your answer explains it very well. Who’s the person that’s giving your answers the “thumbs down” dislike? Seems stupid to be doing that when your answer explains the rules surrounding this incident so well.
  2. Y2Kev

    Against the rules?

    So, now that I have the answer to this, am I able to close the post?
  3. Y2Kev

    Against the rules?

    Thanks for the input. I believed this was the case too but another poster has shown the rules that say it can be taken even during a SC. Seems like I need to brush up on my knowledge of the rules if they are correct.
  4. Y2Kev

    Against the rules?

    Thank you very much. I didn’t realise they had changed the rules like this for the 2020 season. In that case, what Vettel did in my video is OK.
  5. You have to remember that he plays it on a super easy game setting. Don’t compare yourself to another player without knowing their ability and difficulty level in comparison to your own.
  6. Y2Kev

    Against the rules?

    If this has been brought up and discussed previously I apologise for bringing it up again.
  7. So, I believed that the rules regarding penalties and safety cars were that you cannot take a penalty whilst the safety car is out. However, this video shows Vettel entering the pit after a contact with Stroll ( 6 cars involved and safety car out ) and then the pit crew waits for 5 seconds before changing the wheels and wing. 5 seconds is the penalty the incident log says he got for the contact with Stroll, but shouldn’t he have been forced to wait before taking the penalty? IMG_1833.MOV
  8. Reporting it as a bug won’t work since it’s not a bug. It’s just something that isn’t realistic is all. Not really something they’re gonna spend time looking into as a bug for that reason.
  9. How do I stop getting the notifications that people are commenting on this? It’s getting pretty boring seeing several e - mails a day of people complaining about this issue.
  10. Sure thing steviejay69. It’s all done as far as I’m concerned chief! My apologies to you guys at Codies / Codies forum for getting into a stupid, pointless argument whilst trying to help someone. Won’t happen again.
  11. It is meant to be how many practice programmes you have completed. You get 100 RP for the 1st completed programme down to either 25 RP or 0 RP for the 6th programme completed. It is scored the same for perfecting the programme as well.
  12. As promised. My apologies for making you feel like a fool. Now, had you listened weeks ago you could have been improving. Use the ERS properly, ensure it lasts the lap and your Qualifying Pace Programme times will improve. IMG_1744.MOV
  13. The further you go, the greater number of XP you require to level up. I’m at level 25 and need over 6000XP to level up.
  14. Yes, I imagine there would be a red flag in real life. I can honestly say that I don’t get too much rain or wet sessions. It’s all random in career mode though, isn’t it? For multiplayer I believe that the host selects the weather, don’t they?
  15. Thank you tarrantino for your response. Had it been a longer distance I don’t know how long the safety car would have come out for, but since it was 25% distance it was only out 3 laps, which I believe is the maximum for this race distance. Thanks for your reply, Bicarda, this is the first time in the F1 games over several years I’ve seen this. I didn’t realise it was a feature and am pretty impressed by it.
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