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  1. Hi all those who have a trustmaster Wheel Base, Thrustmaster just release a a new Firmware Update, Version 35 is now avaliable. This must be due to the new wheel thats coming out.
  2. that more like the wheel issue then the game it not a bug it's a mechanical fault. t150, TMX and g29 do the same thing and only last 1 year and 5 months if your lucky to get two. im having to get the st-xw wheelbase because of it, and if the wheel goes you can buy another one, or repair it.
  3. Tris543

    changeable default Setups Bug.

    @steviejay69 @BarryBL I did race with the fix setup in the Time Trial on bahrain and i was faster with it doing a 1:44s - 43s, and i wouldn't make that with the balanced setup. I would get an invalid lap every time. it would be like 1:48s if im likely.
  4. Tris543

    changeable default Setups Bug.

    @steviejay69 Correct. This seems odd to me as both the fix and balanced setups are the same, but behaving differently. Also there's some odd thing with the other default setups. like no matter what the default setup you're using it going to be unstable regardless.
  5. Tris543

    changeable default Setups Bug.

    @BarryBL the save setup does load in Time Trial and Unranked lobbies, what happens is the fix setup is stable, but the balanced setup by default it was unstable, this was all tested in the unranked lobby.
  6. Description: changeable default Setups Bug. Platform: PC (Version 20H2 OS Build 19042.867) Game version: v1.17 Game mode: Multiplayer Unranked (invite only) How to replicate issue: - I had setup which I believed seems to be bugged with the default setup, which creates the car to spin. The fix setup became ideal and had no troubles, So I saved the restore setup to find if there was an issue with the default setups. What i did to replicate the problem. I saved the fix setup while the setup mode was set to fixed and started a brand new lobby and change the mode to full. after I used the fixed setup it felt controllable and never once did it spin out on me. however i use the balanced setup i felt a few understeer, and times I had to countersteer to preserve the f2 automobile on course. (I had to add more steering input with the Balanced setup) NOTE: I do not change my driving style on each runs. however, you'll find that i needed to fight extra to keep the f2 automobile on the track in the 2nd run, then the first run. As you can see on the second run my steering inputs have been similar, needed to countersteer to maintain the f2 vehicle on the track or I had to put a increase the steering input to maintain myself on the track, but still coming off way wider out of turns. however, on the first run it felt more stable, and that i would like to note that it felt extra controllable all out on the primary run. Report code: - n/a Image / video: see attachment
  7. Tris543

    Telemetry Software: PXG F1 Telemetry

    very nice software easy to read and already improving my times. GG
  8. I made a Google Sheets Delta template that anyone can use. I notice like 600 people playing were asking, on so many threads and posts, Youtube Videos of comments asking for delta time conversion, and believe I had to make one, and help everyone. Excel I expect everyone has but some don't and use OpenOffice or Google Sheets, the only problem with that is the UI interface is not like Excel So the codes used WILL NOT WORK on open-source Software/Web interface. So the template below will work well for what you need to do as of today. Everything is explained in the comment and Please don't edit it, as it will break the template if you do. So make a copy of this template. Hope this helps you. Click the link for the template: Delta time Template.
  9. That Helpful to have and excel is a really good tool. The only thing with the code [mm]:ss,000 or ss,000 (This doesn't work) on google sheets. You can also [m]":"ss","000 for Google sheets and this is the only custom format that worked for me. I don't know why your code doesn't work, I do know there some thing that you can't do like making a shape into a button and making a vlookup doesn't work (sometimes), and the only ='Sheet1'!field1:field2 (Sheet1 can be renamed) will work as a vlookup. "google".