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  1. lochnez49

    GRID on Stadia - Feedback Thread for Stadia Players

    Update: I posted in Stadia and got a couple responses. Neither actually worked, but I managed to accidentally open a menu that allowed me to Retire from the race. That seems to have allowed me to go back to the beginning. I was told the Stadia controller menu button should work, but it doesn't. Anyway, I'm working through figuring out how to control a car on a racetrack. I was good with the old NES controller, but these newer ones with the thumb sticks (or whatever they're called) will take some time to learn.
  2. lochnez49

    GRID on Stadia - Feedback Thread for Stadia Players

    Hi. I'm a total newbie to online gaming. I signed up with Stadia and purchased Grid Ultimate. I use the Stadia controller. When I start the game, it goes immediately into a race and picks up where it left off. I can't find a menu to let me change the race, start over, run practice laps (assuming that's available), or anything else. I was pretty good at Mario Kart back in the day using the original NES controllers, but haven't played in a long time. Using this new controller has a steep learning curve for an old guy. Is there a way to access a menu to run practice races, or qualifying laps or something? Some key combination or keyboard shortcut?