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  1. Whats the problem? My first and second post was friendly. The third post was a little bit disaponted. But thats no reason to call me an ass or stupid. I m a user who was asking for help. I couldnt know that it is a problem in the game, not saving games. I couldnt know that. It could also be the problem that i play f1 on ps5 and maybe its buggy on ps5 or anything else. So no reason to get so worse now. Excel was my plan b, but at first i wanted to check out if the game, me or the ps5 is the problem. Ok so far?
  2. ***? Is this so difficulty to answer a simply question? Nice job not to answer. Everbody who has the game could check this out!
  3. Hey guys, i did like to play a complete world cup in splitt screen mode with a friend. But we can not save and load our game. Can someone help us?
  4. Kann bei mir auch den splittscreen Speicherstand nicht laden, muss immer wieder von vorne anfangen. System PS5 Ist dieses Problem nun schon behoben?
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