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  1. i must admit, i've menaced bottas on purpose before due to this 😂
  2. anyone done testing at 100+ AI skill, versus lower levels? i think the problem is diminished at the highest AI skill settings
  3. hm... i work at a tech company and our SWEs actually prefer to have user feedback, so they can make the best product possible. if anyone at CM looks at this, I hope thats the takeaway i think most of us would agree the game rocks. but it would also be more immersive to have a well-balanced sim
  4. This is a wonderful idea. Playing on Stadia with no voice commands, working through the huge menu is extremely difficult, especially on some action-packed tracks.
  5. i hope they have one more year to add the rest of things to MyTeam, before it gets turned into an MMO
  6. okay thank you for confirming i am not crazy. it feels like an old sports game where the 'awareness' attribute was weighed too heavily or something
  7. For some reason, the drivers skills in MyTeam mode changed significantly in the past couple weeks for me. Bottas gets nearly every pole and wins nearly every race, whether played or simulated. And this is with Red Bull pulling even in terms of car performance. Saw him get crashed/held up in qualifications twice, and both times he came up from 19th place to finish 1st and 3rd. Meanwhile Hamilton, who was previously dominating like real life, is missing podiums and even qualifying poorly.
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