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  1. Fix with 1.14 nice jobđź‘Ť
  2. Aspettiamo le novitĂ  ..
  3. A detailed description of the problem. Loss of fps occurs when new players enter the lobby platform Steam pc Which version of the game are you playing (displayed on the home screen in the lower left corner of the screen) 1.13 Classified / Unclassified / Leagues all online races Wired or wireless connection? wired connection The amount of players in your session is 16 players Were you the guest?no Did this issue happen to everyone in the session, just a few people, or just yourself? What did they see?I think it happens to all pc users We need to be able to have your problem occur internally so that we can fix it. Can you make the problem happen again?yes i can How do you solve the problem? I don't solve it report code BKMC-KVPB-CDXS-EBVG Video of the problem, including timestamps. Did you stream the session? NO THANKS 4 SUPPORT
  4. I have read that this problem is affecting the community. It is very annoying to perceive dropped frames when connecting new players in the lobby. The single player game runs beautifully. I run with the PC game version 1.13. I hope it can be solved as soon as possible because this ruins the game experience. Thanks From a new codemaster user