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  1. Gregoryleo

    The race never starts

    I already had the handbrake bound to the left paddle shifter. So switching on the launch control did the trick. Thanks for your help I very much appreciate it.
  2. Gregoryleo

    The race never starts

    I've had this game for a while, but haven't been able to do anything with it. 😐 Everything seems to load properly. I get to the staging area just fine, and when I click start it goes through all the opening graphics. The co-driver tells me the first few events on the track and says good luck. The timer and stage graphic load onto the screen. And then nothing, I sit there and the race never starts. I've sat there for several minutes hoping something will happen and it never does. I've deleted and re-installed the game, and still have the same issue. I have most of the dirt and grid games and they all work fine, so this is the only one with a problem. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.