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  1. francoisgoyette

    Pilot advantage

    How do we increase our teammate's pilot advantage? Can I just increase my advantage?
  2. francoisgoyette

    PC - Unable to use voice commands

    Hello, here is the problem I found. I am a French Canadian so I installed the "MSKinectLangPack_frCA" pack. As soon as I installed the "MSKinectLangPack_frFR" pack, the voice commands we started worked. I uninstalled the "... CA" pack and the "... FR" pack and just reinstalled the "... CA" pack and the voice commands no longer worked. I uninstall the pack "... CA" and reinstall the pack "... FR" and everything works. Conclusion: the pack "MSKinectLangPack_frCA" does not work on my windows, all parameters in windows its configure to "Canadian French" Francois.
  3. francoisgoyette


    HI, It could have a "Practice" mode before test 1 for those who do not know the circuit and want to learn it with the grand prix car. Or you could name it "Simulator Mode". Because if we go in "Time Trial" the car does not behave the same. François. Google Translation
  4. francoisgoyette

    Rear Wheel spin

    Ok thank you very much I will try this procedure.
  5. francoisgoyette


    yes I know, but I can't go when I'm trying, qualifying or racing. So I don't know when the R&D will end because I don't know the current date
  6. francoisgoyette


    in the R&D menu it is marked Estimated delivery Friday May 29th, but where can we see the present date?
  7. francoisgoyette

    Rear Wheel spin

    Thank you. I feel like CodeMaster helps me out when I need help. Whenever I need help it's never had. It must be 3-4 months that I would like to know how to activate the voice commands and it is not helping me and no one knows how. It's a shame or I'm writing in the wrong place for help. google translation
  8. francoisgoyette

    Rear Wheel spin

    Hi, I don't understand, there are a lot of drivers who have the DD1 engine with the F1 wheel. Why don't you do a "SIMULATION" mode like that for those who want to have the most simulation, they wouldn't bother trying to get the greatest feeling. I do not understand why after 10 years of development there is no such option. google translation
  9. francoisgoyette

    Rear Wheel spin

  10. francoisgoyette

    Rear Wheel spin

    Hello, I am currently practicing on the Monaco track. I have difficulty feeling when the rear tires spin when I accelerate. I pilot in cockpit mode and I don't even see the white bucane in my rear view mirror, strange if I put an aerial view we see the bucane. I set the graphics to ultra and I have an nvidia 3080. Could you tell me what are the options that we can have to feel a sensation when the tires spin. Right now the only feeling I have is sound. In Fanalab v.153 I activated "Wheel lock vibration" and set "Vibration Strength" to 10. but I have the impression that I do not feel in the steering wheel? Here is my material. Nvidia 3080 Fanatec DD1 and Wheel Formula V2 F1 2020 DD1 setup FF 35% LIN OFF NDP 10 NFR 0 NUN 0 INT 5
  11. francoisgoyette

    delay screen

    Hi, When I finish a race. He has a stage with your teammate we see the points go up and other options. The problem is, I don't have time to see and read everything. Does he have a way to press a button before moving on to the next step. The same problem also arises when the session begins it has some advises mark at the bottom left and we do not have time to read. Francois
  12. francoisgoyette

    F1 2019 Multiplayer

    Hello, I am trying to play multiplayer with my friend and it is not working. I am on PC and he is on XBOX. I tried F1 2019 with Microsoft's Xbox store and F1 2019 in steam but neither of them I see the session?
  13. francoisgoyette

    voice commande

    On Windows 10 maybe I need to activate Cortana?
  14. francoisgoyette

    voice commande

    I'm on pc Windows 10
  15. francoisgoyette


    Currently I have no face to face. At F1 2019 I clicked a button and selected my rival. you tell me it's during the interviews? But how do we add one? It's been 2 grand prix that I do and I still have no rival.