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  1. Hello, I play with 3 screens with Nvidia surround. Since F1 2021 when I switch to my 4th screen the games only display on one screen. Before with F1 2020 it did not do that. It's really tiring, because I have to go in the parameter is select Fullscreen, change my resolution and put it back to Windowed (fullscreen) and that probably caused that I cannot select my resolution in this mode, because it is grayed out.
  2. I come to find why my beep is loud. I have a software called "Nahimic" it can probably install with my MSI motherboard. It is 3D sound software. When I deactivate it, the DRS beep is not annoying.
  3. Yes, I only use the speaker when I'm home alone, otherwise I put my headphones on. You should try the helmet mode, the immersion is really good when the sound is loud, congratulations to Codemaster for this option and when activating the night sound it attenuates the secondary sounds like the voice of the engineer. What I like in this mode all the ambient noise increases and decreases, for example when the engine speed increases or decreases or when the car passes close to the security fence the sound changes, the immersion is good; good job from Codemaster. But, I think they fo
  4. I have Logitech Z906 and I put the sound extremely loud because in helmet mode the sound is very serious and when it is loud it's really good, it really gives the impression that you are in a racing car with helmet. But the DRS beep does not seem to take a counter that I am in helmet mode and at this moment the beep is really loud.
  5. Hi, I find the sound to loud. I don't want to turn it off. Because i'm play on cockpit view with helmet sound active and on this mode the bip is to loud and to clear. I thought with the option of the night sound that the bip would have been attenuated but I think not. Should be able to decrease the bip or that the beep takes the ambience of the sound in helmet. François.
  6. No, I checked it and I didn't see an option for the DRS beep sound.
  7. Hi, Is it possible to reduce the beep sound of the DRS or turn it off? I'm play cockpit view and hemet sound active and since an update here is 2-3 monthss the sound is made tou loud. François.
  8. Ok perfect thank you for the information. And where the overtaking mode always comes back available when passing the starting line. Thank you.
  9. Hello, On some track my orverdrive stops working when I use it too much. Do you know why ? Exemple, François.
  10. No, no assist.. I just say that in SPA when the pit limiter is activated, the gas pedal no longer works and that I have just realized that in Azerbaijan that the gas pedal works. So, I believe this is a bug. This is why I posted this information here, but I might not be in the right place.
  11. I was serious. I believe this is a bug in the game. How do you explain that I am in Azerbaijan and the problem is not present. My brake and accelerator pedal works fine even though my Pit Limiter is on.
  12. Hello, How do we increase the benefits of the second pilot? François.
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