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  1. I've had mine since Nov. ACC always had button/light support and their update not long later added trueforce. DR2.0 worked as a basic FF wheel but LSB/RSB, the dial, enter, +&- and rev lights didn't work. Apparently the recent patch has messed even that up. PC2 thought it was a basic/old thrustmaster.
  2. MauriceMiller

    Logitech G923 and TRUEFORCE?

    It works as a basic wheel. No trueforce and minimal button support. So, on xbox at least, only d-pad and ABYX work alongside the wheel and pedals. I’ve also turned off collision & suspension feedback as these seem very notchy/loose/loud. Works well enough to win at whatever difficulty level you play at. ***** On first play make sure it’s registered as a wheel in the devices menu that you can click to change buttons/feedback/etc. Press Y in devices list menu to calibrate for soft lock to work. If not recognised restart as the wheel will have everything set to maximum so wheel is difficult to move and a bump spikes the feedback.
  3. MauriceMiller

    Unbeatable AI after upgrading any car past engine level 2

    Can you post some data to demonstrate your issue? Like what is the winning race length with upgrade 2 compared to 3 and 4?
  4. I've only been playing Rallycross whilst I learn each circuit to whatever my limit is at that time. Some things that I'd like to see adjusted or explored. No doubt everything I say will have been mentioned numerous times and I haven't explored online much. I had a quick look but only saw handful online on xbox which I get is the smaller platform. Rally 'School' Some actual schooling/tips/something to make this feature more than just me doing the same things over and over with no idea of what I'm doing wrong. Even if it's just the ability to add a P2 in their own car that I can watch from their view or by following in my car. Multiplayer 'freeroam' on circuits in a similar mode for learning. An extra level above very hard AI and an option to adjust aggression especially at the 1st turn. Replays - A little more control on cameras. Such as when selecting broadcast cameras and it keeps switching to the A pillar looking towards the rear. Can't see the point in these at all really. I'm just learning Barcelona and trying to see what I do going into the gravel and right turn but it kept switching to that camera 3/4 times if not every time. Then it'll switch to the other side so I can't see how I can improve at the jump. Being able to orbit around the car would also help I think. Plus it would help creators with screenshots. Annoying when you've had a great race with some nice overtakes and watch the replay but can't see any of them unless in cockpit/chase cam which doesn't give much in terms of a change in perspective. Why no heli cam in RX? Would be great to see an overhead view of lines taken and distance gained/lost. How far from obstacles/apexes Time Trial - Allow sessions with option to turn off all damage with no time/lap limit and no 3 sec wrong way disqualification but which doesn't record times. Or just turning off punctures would help. Is the game mode restricted by license? ie like ACC, F1? Just thinking, like others, I like the physics, I like that it's hard but I wonder if there could be more options for customising races or having extra tracks for national series and some form of improved career path. Even if it's just for the new consoles/PC.
  5. The thing I’d suggest with the G29/920 is to try and get somewhere to test the brake pedal as many seem to mod it. At times the price of the G923 is near enough as an alternative and is a spring brake without the load cell rubber block. More so xbox as the extra buttons do come in handy on games such as ACC. I noticed the other day that fanatec wheel bases are/can be compatible between both consoles and PC. It’s the wheel itself that contains the software/hardware that is console dependent.
  6. From what I could tell you won't get anything that will play on both consoles but they all should do a console and PC. I've just started out and went with the G923 a few weeks ago. I wasn't really considering rally at the time, or at least not to the point that I would be wanting a sequential and handbrake. I'm using B button HB atm but keep losing track of it. ***When the shifter arrives I'll try paddle up, shifter down + hb***. So whilst it isn't as powerful or as quiet as belt/DD the only real drawback is no handbrake without modding the 'B button' or shifter, but then losing the shifter and nullifying the warranty. But for games that don't use handbrake I think it's great, though not at RRP. I've yet to try out the dual clutch and the new buttons, and even the RSB/LSB buttons that were on the G920, don't yet work on some games like DR due to covid delays on updates. Also not convinced by the 'trueforce' vibration. It only works on a few games and, maybe I'm just not in tune with it, but for the most part in ACC it just makes it sound like you're on a skateboard. I've read iRacing is better but I'm on xbox. I'm using the dining table with the pedals screwed to some lengths of wood which rest against the wall to stop them moving. Some videos say put a box behind them but this will end up bending and breaking the cable. I have some more as a frame behind the office chair to stop it rolling back. A rig is on the horizon. I don't know whether I'd go as far as fanatec when I change but perhaps the CSL kit depending on what TM are doing price wise at the time. ***Or I'll do the more sensible thing and mount it on the right and paddle shift gears with the shifter as HB.***
  7. MauriceMiller

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    Two weeks in and I've upped the difficulty to 100. Still need to work on my consistency. Xbox - Logitech G923
  8. MauriceMiller

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Share your Videos!

    First post so hi to all. Only been racing for a couple of weeks and about 7 days on DR so AI still on medium but really enjoyed this race. Still have lead feet but getting there slowly. Platform - Xbox