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  1. When the wheel is highlighted in options the calibration button should show in the bottom right. Press the pedals as far as you can and when you click continue, bottom right again, it should save and your pedal should now go to 100.
  2. If you click the right arrow at the top, can now see each round, and you’re on p5 414th 2706 points. This being your first championship you're probably somewhere in the 0's on the first leaderboard.
  3. I thought most cars in the game were left hand drive? I must need to concentrate more.
  4. G29 doesn’t have trueforce but have you (re)calibrated it? Done all the unplug usb and socket reconnect etc? It shouldn’t be doing anything while in the menu.
  5. Have you tried turning down suspension and collision? Somewhere around 60-80 should do the trick.
  6. Still have to tab out to reset GHub DOR when game loaded but now has lost the firm bump stop. Feedback, vibration and rev lights seem good when GHub running now. In game soft lock not working either.
  7. Don't know if it would work but what if delete the game and buy GOTY key from elsewhere? https://www.cdkeys.com/dirt-rally-2-0-game-of-the-year-edition-steam-pc £5.99
  8. Looking forward to the Logitech fixes. Thanks.
  9. It’s not limited to subscriber numbers or anything like that. It does seem a bit random when first using them and then suddenly seems fine for every vid. I couldn’t get them working the first time I tried. I kept adding the stamps in the description and one day noticed they showed in the progress bar. One thing I’m wondering if it makes a difference, cause I can’t remember what I did, is if you put the time stamps in when you uploaded or editing after? It might be that it just starts working the next video you upload.
  10. I seem to struggle when on default with the outside front wheel digging in on corner entry with a lot of cars. More so on tarmac. I do more rallycross than rally but when on tarmac with RWD I can really struggle but think they're great on dirt/gravel. I expected it to be the other way around. There's been a few daily's with the 205 RWD. Brilliant at Catalunya to dive into the dirt right and shift weight on the dirt 'chicane' and power down to the final corner but a nightmare at the joker hairpin and long left.
  11. Not sure where you’re buying from but, if it helps for the future for other buys, the GOTY disc for Xbox is £20 on Amazon. CDKeys DL code is £16 atm but has been a bit less. £5 on PC. Always worth a look on these sites first.
  12. Oh right😁. Hoping to be a little more involved in that side this year.
  13. Global refers to public[global] or friends. Though I think it's default as cross platform. If you can see 'DiRT Player' in the leaderboards you are on the cross platform setting. You can only see the names of the platform you're on.
  14. Assetto Corsa Competizione has the same or similar issue and method to resolve Needs to be done each time DR is loaded even if PC hasn't been shut down. I’ve still had to turn suspension down for when going over the more serrated curbs such as on the outside of T1 and inside T5(? Last left) at Loheac. Again this is the same thing in ACC when going over the same style of curb so a Logitech issue.
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