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  1. X5abotagex86

    Ranked Not matching after S Safety Rating

    Well I was able to find a few games in S rank myself, although after 6 track warnings in 3 races I’m down too A(40%)😓
  2. X5abotagex86

    Ranked Not matching after S Safety Rating

    I’ve heard this before, oh no! Over the past few days I went from D too high A ranking. I see several S people there, so I hope that it means that with an S, you can still get into decent A lobbies. since I’ve hit B the lobbies are far better. While there’s plenty of carnage, there APPEARS to me much less intentional stuff. A decent quali helps this lol edit - By the the way, I’m in PS4. Also just hit S, so we’ll see what happens!
  3. X5abotagex86

    Video replay system

    Few better ways to learn from mistakes, learn from others, and learn from racing situations than a replay, fully agree! The highlights are cool, but show little, and often highlight you putting your tires off the track alittle, rather than race moments/situations
  4. X5abotagex86

    myteam mode - change of engine manufacturer for new season?

    At the end of my “My Team” season one, I was given the option to swap manufacturers. A screen popped up to do that, as well as everything else you mentioned, if I remember correctly. So I don’t think it was something tucked away in a menu or options or anything. hmmm
  5. X5abotagex86

    Ranked penalties are bs.

    edit - There definitely needs to be a Rating over haul. Especially (from my experience) how much your rating dives for track limit warnings versus a race with a lot carnage, regardless of who’s at fault.
  6. X5abotagex86

    Suggestion: Change the track limits penalty system

    edit - oops wrong thread. I agree, though, depending on race length, and situational traffic. although on strict, there’s a lot of limits that are a little much, especially on corner exit. In my opinion. feel like this may encourage people, when getting pushed off, or made a mistake to dive inside in a situation where they normally would have run wide to stay safe
  7. X5abotagex86

    Wet to dry track

    Oh ok. I see now, thanks.
  8. X5abotagex86

    PLEASE CODEMASTERS!! We want the Official Halo Hud

    Don’t remember if it’s the same setup as the one in the IRL races, but I was happy to see it, check out how the big dawgs are pushing the cars in a race 😎 Not sure if the presentation is handled by someone else, and was just added by them. Or how any of that works 😅
  9. X5abotagex86

    PLEASE CODEMASTERS!! We want the Official Halo Hud

    I’ve seen it used on the F1 2020 esports races. So they are using a mod? 👀
  10. X5abotagex86

    Wet to dry track

    Hmmm this is good to know! Here I have been thinking that there was indeed major differences between the wet track, and dry race line. Ive even been wary of corners if I’m on the dry line, but have been on the wet recently, kinda assuming I would have semi compromised traction. Kinda like slightly dirty tires. So bottom line, there is no difference? Because I really feel like there is when I’m outside of the dry line, but maybe it’s in my head.
  11. X5abotagex86

    Ranked Matches = Major Fail

    Edit: bit of a rant sorry, but well deserved. bottom line, so far in my experience the rating system does little but encourage dirty driving, and punishment for corner cutting warnings is way over the top. Especially when there is little to no boost for clean racing. i will reserve my judgement once I see what higher lobbies look like