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  1. Will there be more classic cars? I would love to see more classic cars added in the already excellent collection. If the story mode is like The Journey from FIFA I would be absolutely thrilled....I would LOVE a story mode like The Journey. AND Hopefully we can free roam in the paddock walking to any of the grid, pundits or just fans. I am so happy that we have not got long to wait for further info on this new story mode, the MY TEAM mode and of course classic cars. Wonder if the calendar is the official 2021 calendar....love how imola and portugal is added but not just them the Jeddah track as well. And wonder what it will look like on the next gen consoles too.
  2. Here are MY suggestions for either F1 2021 or F1 2022 depends on if there is time to implement these modes. TV MODE: Bringing back a mode from the old F1 games would be a warm welcome by many who played them back in the day on the PS2 games. You can choose the grid and track and weather conditions. SCENARIO MODE: Scenario mode brings fans who are hardcore to the sport they love like myself and casual gamers who pick the game up. This mode will allow players to relive the old days by playing as former F1 drivers through a handful of scenarios. Yes it might sound similar to what we have but what this new mode brings is the screen effects, the commentary and older f1 cars being brought back. So for example Spa 1998 there was a huge crash that took out most the grid and your in a Jordan trying to survive the wet conditions to the finish line. CLASSIC CARS: Bringing more classic cars into the game will be much loved by many like myself, cars such as the 98 Jordan, 04 McLaren, 06 BAR Honda 04 Jaguar And the 2009 Toyota. IN-GAME COMMENTARY: Bring in in-game commentary throughout the race of course this could be an option to either turn it on important moments or off. But get Brundle and Crofty to commentate on the race at the start, when you go into the pits, and the end of the race.
  3. Sam ReaN

    Classic cars in F1 2021

    just any car would be more than welcome Jordan 98 - the best looking buzzing hornet livery Jaguar - 2003 McLaren - 2004 BAR Honda - 2006 Toyota - 2009
  4. Sam ReaN

    CREATE A TRACK IN F1 2021/2022

    Anyone At Codemasters Can You Implement This Feature In The New F1 2021 Game Please? Or For The F1 2022 Game. On Both PS5, PS4 And PS4 Pro. CREATE A RACE TRACK I want to make your very own race track and add it into the calendar for MY TEAM, Career Mode And Potentially Online. This means creating anything from the environment mountains or countrysides. Creating barriers and tyre barriers look and colours with custom texts and logos. Add in unique features like a tunnel. Add in bankings or the track design such as a darker track like Portugal or Turkey. Even changing the pits the presentations the race weekend format and custom texts all around the track. Add in as many corners as you want but you must add in a straight, you can also add in elevation like in Spa or Portugal.
  5. I would like the car model to change for the Multiplayer car. Ideally I would love the option to choose from various of car models, or at least the look of the cars such as the nose side pods and rear wings. Can anyone at Codies inform us that the car model will change for Multiplayer and MY TEAM please. Thanks
  6. Sam ReaN

    F1 2021 need 4 new courses & 3 new location

    ALSO certain tracks being removed such as the Chinese GP track, which would add a more realistic calendar.
  7. Sam ReaN

    F1 2021 need 4 new courses & 3 new location

    ALSO certain tracks being removed such as the Chinese GP track, which would add a more realistic calendar. ALSO the ability to move races around in the calendar within the MY TEAM and Career Mode would be a nice feature.
  8. Sam ReaN


    I know things in the world are still not normal but when do you (Codies) think we will get any news on the upcoming F1 2021 game? ALSO If its not too late in development can you let us know if you will be adding even more classic cars please? I would love to drive a toyota car from the 2009 season and the 1998 Jordan.
  9. Sam ReaN

    F1 2021 EA SPORTS Codemasters

    it seems that the sticker for EA will be on the cover but the overall game wont change too much until 2022 when new rules come in for F1.
  10. Ok we have a handful of F1 cars BUT the teams notably missing are the Jordans, Jaguar, BAR Honda and Toyota. So for the F1 2021 game can we add in a few more classic cars. 2009 - Toyota BAR Honda - 2006 McLaren Mercedes - 2004 Jordan - 1998 Jaguar - 2003 Williams - 2004 If you can add in just a handful from this list i would absolutely love it.
  11. Im thinking Imola and Portugal. Yes its tough to scan the tracks but if F1 can race the tracks there is nothing stopping you from going to the track and making it on the game. We F1 gaming fans want more than the same old tracks we race on every season so why not bring in Portugal And Imola. ALSO the tracks from last season such as Mugello, Turkey AND Nurburgring. Thanks For Reading And Hoping For A Reply From Codies.
  12. Does anyone know whether Codies will bring in the F2 teams and drivers from the 2020 season into the f1 2020 game? Codies back in the day did mention that they would bring it in.