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  1. Sam ReaN


    I know things in the world are still not normal but when do you (Codies) think we will get any news on the upcoming F1 2021 game? ALSO If its not too late in development can you let us know if you will be adding even more classic cars please? I would love to drive a toyota car from the 2009 season and the 1998 Jordan.
  2. Sam ReaN

    F1 2021 EA SPORTS Codemasters

    it seems that the sticker for EA will be on the cover but the overall game wont change too much until 2022 when new rules come in for F1.
  3. Ok we have a handful of F1 cars BUT the teams notably missing are the Jordans, Jaguar, BAR Honda and Toyota. So for the F1 2021 game can we add in a few more classic cars. 2009 - Toyota BAR Honda - 2006 McLaren Mercedes - 2004 Jordan - 1998 Jaguar - 2003 Williams - 2004 If you can add in just a handful from this list i would absolutely love it.
  4. Im thinking Imola and Portugal. Yes its tough to scan the tracks but if F1 can race the tracks there is nothing stopping you from going to the track and making it on the game. We F1 gaming fans want more than the same old tracks we race on every season so why not bring in Portugal And Imola. ALSO the tracks from last season such as Mugello, Turkey AND Nurburgring. Thanks For Reading And Hoping For A Reply From Codies.
  5. Does anyone know whether Codies will bring in the F2 teams and drivers from the 2020 season into the f1 2020 game? Codies back in the day did mention that they would bring it in.