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  1. True! Good racing cockpit makes huge difference. When I had fanatec years ago - Wheel was good, but I had just Wheel stand and normal chair or whatever, because of that whole set didn’t feel so Realistic. Now with Logitech G923 I use Next Level GTTrack cockpit, as said Wheel is not perfect, but using good cockpit makes it much more realistic and fun, whole construction is very stabil and it just feel great to drive on this, specially with big screen mounted on right place, so it feels Like I am really in that car 😉
  2. I have just bought logitech G923 Wheel, it’s a lot of fun with DIRT Rally 2 and Forza MOTORSPORT 7, but Fanatec CSR Wheel that I had many years ago with Xbox 360 was better 😉 much more smoother and better force Feedback, I’m sure I will go for Fanatec DD1 or CSW soon 😉 just have to use logitech little bit to feel better about spent money 😁 I think logitech is OK for the beginning, but when you really want to feel the car you have to go for something Like FANATEC
  3. Hello! I have some issue in Dirt Rally 2.0 that starts to annoy and demotivate me. I am playing in Career mode. I think it started since I got to 3rd division PRO, or with buying YEAR ONE PASS (both things happened in the same time). Before everything was OK, but now when I drive better then the leader (whole strip on the left is green in the end of the stage, and my time is better then leader time shown before race) - after stage is finished I am much much lower in statistics for example 19th. Suddenly there are so many drivers with time better then previously leader time. Does anyone know why is it like this and how to fix it? As mentioned before everything was OK and If my whole stage was green, I was 1st...