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  1. So I didn’t do anything to the game & I can load My Team now however the game goes weird. The car loses power for no reason at all, like I’ll drive down the front straight at Spain top speed 200+ mph next lap or the rest of the session top speed 165 mph. The performance level of the team is 3rd highest. Last race my AI team mate won the race I finished dead last. Another issue, sometimes my car & all others act like ghost cars. We can drive through each other!
  2. Sounds like the start of a “Pay to play” EA SPORTS-has-taken-over-conspiracy...
  3. I guess I’ll go back to playing GT SPORT (never had an issue) because F1 2020 is unplayable. If they cannot fix this issue ASAP I won’t be purchasing F1 2021.
  4. I have the latest version, playing on a PS4, My Team mode. I was really enjoying my second career, the game is now COMPLETELY USELESS; error CE-34878-0.
  5. I'd get rid of Hungoring, Monaco & Singapore. Replace with: Old Hockenheim, Road America, Fuji
  6. What gives!?! I did my first Q3 run posting in at P6. Did my cool down lap & I’m unable to turn in to the pit lane. Get disqualified from Qually. Go in the race... ...can’t turn into pit lane, unable to turn into pit lane, get disqualified...
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