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  1. Livan75


    Nobody is saying it shouldnt rain... Just that it shouldnt rain EVERY SINGLE RACE... then it goes from "realism" to just plain annoyng! If you think its a wased of time to play single player why do you care? I play single player because I can do a full weekend whenever I want and have time, not for wacky pyjamas and helmet paint jobs. I wouldnt mind if you had the same ammount of options to customize the setup like in PC2, realism doesnt mean it have to be a bad weather simulator...
  2. Livan75


    Have the excessive raining in career and my team mode been fixed? I kind of rage quit when I finally thought I was going to get a dry race but on lap 5 "It looks like its going to rain..." It kind of sucks since I was really hyped for a while...
  3. Livan75


    I've had two dry race weekends in the first season and I'm at Russian GP now and guess what... its gonna rain... It should be possible to turn off dynamic weather in career and my F1 team mode or it should be fixed so it has the odd weekend with poor weather rather than this ADHD weather. It becomes annoying instead of a challenging weekend every now and then.
  4. Livan75

    Rain, Rain Rain!!!

    Its sick... I have had rain in pretty much every single session (qualifying or race) on my first season... Its at a point where I'm really thinking about abandoning the season and just play single race weekends until it gets old, its likely my last version since I did not buy a rain simulator. Sure it requires more from the driver, but its so so annoying to see those rain clouds every single session... last one it looked fine but after two laps "it will rain in 10 minutes" I just retired out of frustration... Sure the odd racing weekend on wets but every single race weekend?? I was kind of looking forward to the running your own team mode but now I just don't feel like playing it anymore...