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  1. My advice is: Give the wheel to your son, and buy a controller for yourself. In F1 2020 driving with the pad is comfortable. Obviously, you will not be as fast as a wheel player, but you will still have a lot of fun.
  2. A few minutes ago I run 6 grand prix 25% in a row ( after starting one I quitted and started the new one, repeated this 6 times ) and every time all AI drivers wore soft tyres. So maybe this bug is only in my version?
  3. That's weird, in real life drivers have different strategies, some start on soft others on medium sometimes even on hards. Before f12020 I played f12016 and even on 25%, the AI strategies were very different and races were more interesting because of this.
  4. Hello, Do you guys have the same issue, that all AI drivers start on soft tyres? It looks so unrealistic. I play 25% and 50% (maybe it's different on 100%) but it occurs every time - all the drivers wear soft tyres which doesn't make a lot of sense for drivers who start on 19 or 20th position. All go with the same strategy soft -> medium ( in 25% races ) and soft -> soft -> medium (in 50% races) . I am not sure if this issue occurred after the last update ( before I played almost only online races). Maybe something went wrong with my copy because I saw no complaint about that on
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