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  1. The same problem continues to occur, when finishing several races, in statistics appears 8100km, when leaving the game and re-entering appears 7100km. 318 hours of game and does not advance the counter, is quite annoying. Stuck in the achievement of Around the Globe in 85% with more than 40 hours of play in the last 2 weeks and does not advance even 1%. Support from Google Stadia says it's a problem with the developer.
  2. Hi, i think the statistics in game seem to be wrong, the total distance in game is 6600km, after a few races is 6900. But if i quit the game, when enter again it says 6600km, its appear that not counting. In Stadia achievements i have 85% complete Around the globe achievement, after a few days playing oval race 99 laps still in 85%. Is there any bug? Thanks
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