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  1. Hi Barry, Another example of not getting any VSC/SC events. I took this screenshot yesterday. I think with this screenshot, you have a proof that my VSC/SC feature is not working at all. This time you cannot say that there is no need to have VSC/SC in this event. I almost crash with this car. Could you please look at this?
  2. Hİ Barry, Come on man! I am saying that i played 2 season and i did not see any VSC. You can just pull up a video from other guys gameplay you will see the VSC occurence in much more safer situation. You cannot say that this is not an error. It is not normal not to see any VSC during whole 2 season. What do you need to convince you? I attached an another screenshot. You can see the retired car in the maps. It is way way away from the circuit and VSC is just triggered this time. What will you say as "devil's advocate" ? Please consider this as a bug. I would like to see the all the feature
  3. Hi Barry, I attached a screenshot. For this incident i believe that i should see at least VSC because other gameplay that i have seen, they have the VSC/SC for this kind of occasions. Could you please support me?
  4. Hi Barry, Generally 1-2 retirements and 3-4 incidents per race. As i said from my career mode F2 series i always ended up with the Safety car. However in my team mode there is none. As you said you have already evidence from other users that they have too much or they have not often enough. I will provide the same thing. I can provide it for sure but I am pretty sure that within 2 season it is not normal not to see any VSC/SC. It is not realistic or not the thing that game promised to give us. So what do you think about this? I mean getting SC in F2 series in every race but not getting si
  5. In addition to this, When i play "my Career" mode. I started from F2 season and strange things happened. This time, i have always a safety car whenever the AI retires. Then i got promoted to F1 and I was still observing safety cars. However this is completely different in my team mode. So i can assure you that there is something wrong in my team mode at least in my game.
  6. Hi Barry, I am sure that those incidents requires at least VSC. I dont have the footage of this but do you really believe that within the 2 season there was no incident which requires at least VSC? Because, when i see the other gameplay videos, generally whenever the car parked to the right or left side of the road due to a mechanical failure they have at least VSC. However in my case, as i said i had multiple incidents during the race like retirements but i never see VSC at all. For safety car, i intentionally forced it. I just turn the wheel to another car and caused to a really b
  7. Hello, I am in the second season of my career mode. So far i have not experienced any VSC. I only saw just 2 Safety car which i did some crash deliberately to have a SC. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. I am in the second season of my career mode. So far i have not experienced any VSC. I only saw just 2 Safety car which i did some crash deliberately to have a SC. Platform Xbox One X What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.12 Ga
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