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  1. ChrisbyFlanker

    Running a League has been hell

    remembered 1 more thing. -REPLAYS! The highlights are hillariously bad. Accidents and overtakes are cut off early or have no lead up so the context is completely missing. As admin I really struggle to steward anything unless there are enough streamers or private pov recorders in the vacinity with clips and even then that is just a static pov and not a tv cam. Other than the streamers all I can do is hope that there is a private nvidia capture or OBS recording of the event and pray that the driver(s) don't lose/corrupt the evidence. Once again ACC has a full race replay (with perspective switching and view other cars) AND a highlight reel.
  2. ChrisbyFlanker

    Running a League has been hell

    Hello all, this is a bit of a farewell because I don't intend to continue running a league in this game. This is a great game except for the hosting/admin side of running an event and for this reason I am done with hosting community F12020 events on our discord. I'm just going to list the features missing that made me lose my mind: -No dedicated server hosting Ping can get really bad at times and it requires the host to be there at all times. Could not edit cfgs to fix issues or to spice up the format (eg tyre wear/fuel rates/enable refuelling). Also a prerequisite to allow external custom liveries. -Penalty system tools As admin I cannot apply/disable/forgive any penalty application for sessions and in our league it has gotten people dumb DQed and grid penalties for being crashed into during practice and races. Mid race it has also DQed some of our drivers for AI doing silly things or for ping issues causing collisions as a car sometimes weaves wildly around the track. This makes the whole playerbase either feel cheated and frustrated as we have to rehost as an unranked race and then I have to admin the results into the abandoned league race. -Overly rigid League Settings set in stone for some reason. Conclusion from me and other championship running communities is leagues are bad and to use un-ranked and keep a google sheet external to the game instead. This workaround makes this as much effort as other, better racing sims. -No multiplayer custom livery I know it is a monetization method but most good racing sims have this as standard with mod allowances on dedicated servers. We would like to create fictional teams and logos either in photoshop or using a Forza style editor. So that's most of it. Outside of any form of multiplayer/co-op championship attempts, this is a great game. We are already moving to Assetto Corsa Competizione as it has all of the missing features listed above and much more including handicap balancing, custom events, a variety of external tools and more. If we get the desire for open wheel again it will likely be on Rfactor2 as it also has these features too.
  3. We have done a few races since this problem and we haven't had it happen again. However, some of the high ping players did not attend so it was not a fair test.
  4. Okay, ports have been forwarded. I will ask everyone to update gpu drivers. We will see what happens next monday when we race as usual. I will try remember to post results here afterwards. Thanks for your help and fast responses
  5. update: Viper tells me he has suffered with an ongoing performance bug related to his 1060 nvidia gpu. I also have that card and have had no such issues. update 2 electric boogaloo: 2 other league racers have 1050ti and 1060 and experienced no issues (connection or performance)
  6. Might also be relevant: We have an international league with people from UK, Netherlands, Belgium and possibly others but I don't usually ask people for privacy reasons
  7. Resetting the modem for me is not often possible when my partner Izzi280 (also in the race) is streaming on the same network. We also have no issues in many other games with dedicated hosting options (arma 3 for example as a host). Is the game reliant on UPnP? Is there port forwarding options? We had 1 new driver (Viper_22b) who signed up at the start of the session in Spain (1 race ago) and also joined for Canada (previous race). Both these races had Lambert's issue happen in the exact same way. If 'saving sessions' in league mode wasn't also bugged we would be using that to circumvent bad race connection starts. I'd rather not use that option if possible to save the recursive returning to previous quali issue.
  8. I am the host of Nix Go Speed Ignore the name, this was like the 5th iteration after we had to restart it so many times because of 'option lockout' after creation time