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  1. Here at HMRL we aim to promote clean and fair racing for everyone. We strive to have the best races possible with a fun yet competitive environment. Anyone from veteran level to beginner is welcome to join as we aim to help all those who’s love aim racing F1 as much as we do! Our current schedule is underway with 18 full seats occupied with 2 open and we will be added more leagues when more people join! We also host a discord where you are able to come and talk with the community about tips and tricks to get faster as well as host your own community events. Our race setting will be consi
  2. Our league is new league comprised of people of all different skill levels. We aim to provide a fun, and fair atmosphere for all our drivers. We are aiming to race on Saturday’s (12pm Est/5pm GM) starting Jan. 2 2021 We are aiming to run full qualifying 50% race Dynamic weather for more information on the league you can message me directly to join directly here is the discord link https://discord.gg/SKXDTNUQsR
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