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  1. are you italian like me zappa?i saw the report thanks i write this topic in this part of the forum to have more visibility CM do a great job with new tracks and handling in this game but seems not care about this problem that is really annoying from august and not solved yet after 3 months i hope CM will solve this big graphic problem in the next patch but i have a lot of doubts
  2. Any other ps4 players still have the same graphic problem? is it possible after a lot of patch that nobody can correct this glitch?i think it's not so difficult to solve someone can answer me guys?
  3. completely agree with you sirio.. i forgot zandvoort and you're right..this year is very tricky but i think imola is more difficult..i mean AI level..i play with 95 in every track with pad and i was pretty good in all tracks but at monaco zandvoort and imola i struggle a lot
  4. i think you are right rango..AI is faster here in my opinion.. i know very well this beautiful track more than portimao but i'm very slow at imola so far and very fast at portimao probably with more practice you and i also will will be faster but i still think that AI is very strong in this track and other few tracks like monaco or silverstone in this game
  5. Spa was my favourite track but from this year Portugal is my best track so far..waiting for imola..
  6. in my opinion PORTIMAO is the best track of the game so far..great work codies!!!! still waiting for IMOLA one of the most iconic tracks and one of my favourites of all time
  7. hi guys can anyone tell me if bottas is overpowered only in career mode? because i played 4 different championship mode campaign..respectively with GASLY,RICCIARDO,PEREZ AND LECLERC and always hamilton beat bottas winning all 4 championship also verstappen ( only in the last championship that i played with leclerc) beat bottas finishing second behind hamilton.. drivers rating update will update also performances in grand prix and championships mode or only in career mode?
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