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  1. TommyP87

    F2 2020 A.I. Drivers Performance Ranking (My Opinion)

    completely agree with you serbian
  2. TommyP87

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    hi guys can anyone tell me if bottas is overpowered only in career mode? because i played 4 different championship mode campaign..respectively with GASLY,RICCIARDO,PEREZ AND LECLERC and always hamilton beat bottas winning all 4 championship also verstappen ( only in the last championship that i played with leclerc) beat bottas finishing second behind hamilton.. drivers rating update will update also performances in grand prix and championships mode or only in career mode?
  3. TommyP87

    Race starts are too easy?

    i think it's better an easy start than a difficult start like in f1 2019.. in that game when you make beautiful starts a.i. always do better than you..it was very frustrating and also always struggling a lot in the rain thanks codies to fix that problems at the starts and in the rain making f1 2020 best f1 game ever so far if you think starts are too easy turn off assisits and increase a.i. difficulty
  4. TommyP87

    F1 2019 vs F1 2020 A.I. Comparison

    yes guys i'm agree with you the last thing to fix is F2 DRIVERS PERFORMANCES and also see more overtakes between a.i drivers in f2 after fix that problems the game will be perfect in my opinion such a shame for classic tracks like imola portimao mugello etc...but we know it's very diffiult to add in this game for a lot of reasons i hope to play with these tracks in f1 2021 i think also that retirements of a.i. drivers by spins or mechanichal failures are not too much we see only 1 or maximum 2 retirements for a gran prix i think that 3 or 4 retirements or more for a grand prix will make races more unpredictable.. do you agree with me?
  5. TommyP87

    F2 2020 Unrealistic Drivers Performance

    I'm definitely agree with you Sabolc we need to fix F2 DRIVERS performance becuase markelov was vey bad this year and in the game it's almost always first or second even schumacher ilott tsunoda and other top f2 drivers was always in the midfield or in the last places f2 2018 and f2 2019 drivers performances on f1 2019 game was excellent but in this f1 2020 are completely wrong this game in my opinion it's the best of codemasters for current gen i waited for 5 months f2 2020 season because it's the best season of f2 and i wanna play a lot of championship with differenr real drivers... please we only ask you to fix f2 drivers performances codemasters do a great job this year especially with performance patch for ferrari and racing point that put finally this cars in the right places on the grid can you do the same with f2 2019-2020 drivers? sorry for my english guys i'm italian