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  1. *Celebrating:) Hope EA gets back to work on the title. BIS turned this game into a simulator. But Codemasters managed to retain its soul: REAL Countries, armies, fantastic sound and a TRUE feeling of the game with a fantastic quality. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE resume working on Operation Flashpoint. Not every Flashpoint fan has become an ARMA fan.
  2. By the way, what do you think about my unboxing videos?
  3. Well, there is no pc disc which includes VDO. I got all of the trophies an then wanted to play my favourite fte maps a few years later but couldn't do it cause I bought a new computer and could no longer download the content I had purchased through marketplace app... Anyway, I just found the addon online and downloaded it. Works like charm.
  4. You know, being a big fan of this game, I've tried to get any response from the Codies regarding Operation Flashpoint's future, but they are just silent... It feels like they got so much s@*#tcriticism from fans for 'stealing' the great brand from bis's ArmA that they decided to abandon the title. I've personally played ArmA 1,2,3 but even Red River has more connetion to the original Flashpoint than ArmaA which is a great game,milsim.... Bit it's not Operation Flashpoint. Red River is.
  5. Hi. Yes, without any vision, ther is no point in making a single campaign. One would definitely need a plan. I really hope that EA will have some plans for Operation Flashpoint. And if happens, I hope they will try to stick to the Dragon RIsing and/or Red River platforms. imho Red River is quite unique. It seems like an attempt to combine COD type of games and Operation Flashpoint where in the beginning, you have very little freedom in terms of mission completion options, but as you progress through the campaign, the playable map and target approach options get bigger and bigger. 'Vintage
  6. ...so if you need any advice, do let me know.
  7. Not silly at all:) I really love this game, too. I think it's my last 'gaming passion' in my life. How old are you? I'm 39. I got all the trophies in this game. In the VOD, the hardest tropy to get is in the 'Last Stand' I made an unboxing video of a VERY RARE Chinese version of Operation Flashpoint Red River Your like/share/subsription will be greatly appreciated. It's my litte hobby now. I'm just a beginner in this youtube thing. So if you have any advise, I will be grateful. If you get to play the VOD and need any advice to get the trophies, do let me know. I
  8. Hi. Do you have it on pc? If you do, I can send you a patch. Just copy the file into the game folder.
  9. I have recently purchased a very rare big box edition of Operation Flashpoint Red River and was totally amazed not only by the fact that this is the only 'big box edition' of the game but that it is for Chinese players. It is kinda strange to create a special big box edition of a game in which you can play only as a US marine fighting against Chinese for the Chinese market. I was so blown away by it that I made my first ever unboxing video. Check it out.
  10. I totally agree with you on that it would not bring a lot of money. But how much would it cost to make? I know nothing about making games and may be wrong, but would it really cost too much to make 10-20 mission campaign, hire some B or C grade actor(s) and essentially use the existing editor? They could sell it on steam for 1 usd and people would dig it. I'm not sure about PCs, but it would be a hit on consoles because there is no other, to my knowlege, game like Dragon Rising on consoles. It would not be a mega success but it would create a new foundation. There are so many geopolitical hots
  11. In my opinion, ArmaA has inherited a lot from the original title. A lot but not everything. Dragon Rising and, especially, Red River give me a sense of realism. These games feature REAL countries and armies. There is a link to the present or past geopolitical situation in the world and there IS also a freedom of choice how you want to complete each mission, (though not as much as in ArmA). These features mixed with very interesting campaigns was what blew my mind 20 years ago. At first, I really hated ArmaA for their takistans, nogovas, non-existing armies, somehow fighting NATO forces and o
  12. Hi. Thank you very much for your reply. I have just emailed you. Thank you
  13. I totally agree. I really miss Red River. I mean I can play it and I still do, but would really like to buy another DLC for it or see a new part of this game or that of Rragon Rising. I am a big fan of both titles. I even have the collector's edition of Dragon Rising (with the WW2 helmet) It's got so much potential! By the way, how do I join your community?
  14. I totally agree. I've tried to reach out to Codemasters many time, I even left a message on Sion Lenton's youtube page hoping to get any reply. I really miss Red River. I mean I still play it (played campaign last night again) and Dragon Rising, too. But I want them back. I'd definitely pay for another RED RIVER DLC. How do I join your community?
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