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  1. Ok @BarryBL I understood that you aren't going to answer this thread. At least close it, please!!! I don't know how to do it...
  2. Maybe the key problem is that all of us request information about SC in the thread which are not focused on it, so I opened that thread in order to the new Developer Liaison @BarryBL who is taking our feedback, thoughts and comments to the team, as well as keeping us updated on different bits about the game like new patches and any information passed onto him from the developers tell us anything at this respect, good or bad, whatever it is... Now its time to show us how a new codemasters developer works in adverse conditions @BarryBL silent is not allowed on this thread!!! Thank you!!!
  3. JuanCarMR

    Discussion Thread for Patch Notes for 1.18

    hi @BarryBL Will you fix SC in a future patch? Thank you for answering me.
  4. JuanCarMR

    First unread content

    There are many threads that I am reading from time to time, I would like to be able to continue from the point I stayed the last visit I made to that thread. Is it possible right now and I dont know how? or is it a fault of that forum?
  5. JuanCarMR

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    No improvements about SC. Thank you for another unnecessary patch.
  6. @AlexTT I would like to test it as well if it is possible. Thanks in advance!!
  7. JuanCarMR

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    @Faya will not answer nothing about the SC, she never does. The key problem here is that despite of the fact that they know that SC/VSC doesnt work propperly, they dont mind that matter. For those who answer that the SC/VSC works propperly the other problem is that, they see the SC/VSC too much and that is a bug as well. The SC/VSC must go out in some circunstances: DNF with the Car in the track after a crash and things like that. SC/VSC is not logical nor never come out, neither come out in each race you race. I play online races at 100% distance, and in Monaco with 8 DNF no SC/VSC deployed and that is completely absurd like it is absurd as well that in others circuits like Paul Ricard, be deployed the SC/VSC if the car broken is out of the track. That MUST be balanced. We have 3 years with a no sense SC/VSC and the worst of all of this is that Codemasters is not aware of it they are not focus in resolve that matter. Patch after patch nothing change about that. @Faya comments after Faya comments she only write here to talk about merged threads but not interesting in fix it, requesting information about that (information and videos about it I had shared to them every year with no action about it.
  8. JuanCarMR

    Problem mit dem SC

    Pues no me estoy enterando ni papa de lo que habláis. Pero lo veo y subo 100.
  9. JuanCarMR

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    @Faya SC is not working properly since 2013. I had a lot of 100% online races in F1 2016, F1 2017 and F1 2018 with cars blocking Monaco or Baku and neither SC nor VSC, but is something that is not going to be fixed despite of the fact that can change the race and should be a MUST in the patch topic. If owners want to check them I can search them in my youtube channel and shows them, but I dont going to waste my time for something that is not going to be fixed.
  10. JuanCarMR

    Tyre consuption on menu

    I dont know if that problem is new or was there in previous patch, but I see that if I am in practice session, the tyre consumption in the menu is less laps lower than in qualifying season. ie, in Monaco, the US tyres in practice season is 12 laps and the same tyre in qualifying season is 24 laps. Someone has check that issue. Online mode, 100% race, ps4.
  11. JuanCarMR


    Veo mas correcto que se abra un hilo en el idioma que se quiera, a que alguien conteste en un idioma distinto al del hilo que se creó.  FYI I think is better open a threat in the native language if you want, than answer in a different language of the threat that was created.