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  1. I was expecting that new for ages. cheers!!! Let’s see how it works with EA association.
  2. ProDriver

    [MULTIPLAYER] Warmup mode.

    In Multiplayer races, it should be good to have a warmup season from 5-10 minutes in order to have a minimum waiting time before race start or before qualifying start. This would be good for other drivers join in public season. 30 minutes of free practice is too much time for that objective. Heikki idea.
  3. ProDriver

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    What about all those pilots eager to receive the beta code for the multiplayer... we are creating lobbies on ps4 (constructor cup) and only about maximum 4 drivers join, so you really want them to improve the multiplayer or is it that you only wanted to receive the code to play before that nobody? 🤔🤔🤔
  4. ProDriver

    F1® 2020 | BETA Week 3 Testing News

    @TheozZhh79 you are a year later... 🤣
  5. ProDriver

    First win in 7 years!

    Congratulations, playing like this is a big achievement
  6. ProDriver


    @steviejay69 yep, for that reason, when other drivers clarify me the situation by Teamspeak, I let them pass me and recovery my position. min 31:35 of the video. You know that under yellow flags sometimes you can pass other drivers without penalty...
  7. ProDriver


    @steviejay69 sorry I didn't see that answer till now. The text is the name of our league: Torneo nocturno, it means Night tournament in English, we, the drivers must to record and upload the hole race to the forum. That is compulsory if we want to take the points obtained in the race. The key thing here is that I didnt have any warning in the HUD indicating that there were a VSC, nor a penalty warning as well, so I didnt notice that I was making a mistake. Thats all!!!
  8. In F1 2019 it works. So it will do in F1 2020 as well.
  9. ProDriver

    Poll: What view do you drive with??

    Cockpit view but without Halo because in the real world with two eyes (3D view), we delete the redundant information which is the Halo column. You don’t trust me? Put a pen in front of you and look where you want, in a minute or so you avoid the image of the pen. Yep, you know it is there, but don’t disturb you at all. If that HALO column you put in a 2D view (our screen) you can’t avoid that information because it is not in our peripherical view but in our straight one.
  10. ProDriver

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    This will be my last message in Codemaster's forum. Enough is enough... I dont mind not be picked up for the beta, despite of the fact that I had work year after year giving propper feedback for some bugs with videos and fulfilling completely the template that year after year they gave to us. I had scrupulously complied with the rules as well, and yep, I am not in the beta and for me, that is not a problem, I thought there were people better prepared to do that job. I assumed that as an statement. But, when I see people like: - JOHNNIEWALKE3** (joined on April 29) with no reputation, with null contribution of the bugs, jumping the rules... and he is not the only one: - jmorenogarc**, similar profile than the other one - AdamSon**, the same... I do not doubt at all the value of these beta testers, dont get me wrong, I doubt the apply process where we have been given a series of guidelines and where these profiles do not meet a single one. Currently, I know that the one who isnt valuable for the forum is me. Ok. So, at least, beta, give us players the best game ever in F1!!! Someone can tell me how I can erase my Codemaster forum profile? I dont know how to do it
  11. ProDriver

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Hard work to those who have the beta!!! Polish the game for us as more as you can, please!!!
  12. ProDriver

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    Me!!! but ***** enlargement (I dont know why), but nothing to do with beta. 🤣
  13. ProDriver

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    You are not alone!!!
  14. ProDriver

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I hope all that people who ask how (or when) the beta will be launch will not be selected... 🤣
  15. ProDriver

    F1 2020 BETA - Process Closed

    I absolutely agree with you, apply to a beta tester program for getting early access is a mess. I applied because I want to enhance the Multiplayer part of the game, and do F1 2020 as a hardest simulation as possible, just in case that the game will not be focused in that specific part of the game, I dont want to be selected, I dont want to waste my time nor make staff waste their time. I dont want a early access at all because I am a responsable person who would work hard in the game in order to have it as polish as possible and with fresh ideas about details that I would like to discuss with the staff. So I would like to have a beta team who think in the game (each one in their each own tastes) and not in guys who wanted to play the game before than everyone.