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  1. ChicagoSeminole


    Yes. Impossible to find a lobby if you have an S or A safety ranking, but.... Why be good if you can just crash into people and have your mom spend $30 on a podium pass for a new car and helmet for an arcade game? Console games (like mainstream media, and mainstream companies) appeal to the "least common denominator", so the economic reality is Codemasters doesn't really care about multiplayer gameplay... end of story. If people want to brake check and divebomb, it doesn't matter, all that matters is if that cheat divebomber spent an extra $30 on a podium pass, but to be fair that isn't Codemasters fault, its a systemic issue with console games and even the economy as a whole... (A bunch of "smart educated" millionaire JP Morgan bankers thought a Super League was a good idea lol) 8 year old kids demanding a new PS5 and a racing game from mom and dad don't care about multiplayer quality, they just want to play "mario cart" and say "its in the game",... Codemasters could do better but why try harder if you make money with minimal effort? Money will always take precedent over making a game that is functional for consoles (The unranked multiplayer lobby makes Bill Gates Zune seem like a brilliant idea.) What type of idiot can't figure out a interface that allows a player to search for a race in unranked based on race length, damage type, rules on or off, and whatnot? (Anwser: We already have your money so we don't care) What type of code is codemasters using that they can't add official tracks before the release, its not like they had an pandemic that obviously changed the F1 schedule lol. Only solution is a consumer boycott, but good luck with that. They already have your money... Nobody here will refuse to purchase the game, even though they want you to play a career mode but they can't include 3 offcial tracks. Simlair to the Super League proposal, the people making millions regardless of their incompetence, just send someone like Barry to answer the questions.
  2. equal cars are equal. If you are slow its your fault not the game.
  3. ChicagoSeminole

    Overtaking Safety Car

    In F1 it is up to Michael Masi and the race directors to decide if lapped cars should be allowed to pass under safety car. There isn't a hard rule that says lapped cars MUST be given time to make up their lost lap. Not sure how people expect the video game to decide something that is up to the discretion of race directors and the FIA in real life. Also given some of the recent safety issues, (watch the video of Lance Strolls close call with the marshals after Russels crash under caution at I think Imola?) lapped cars may not be given the chance to make up laps often going forward. If you are a lap behind the leader then you might deserve to be a lap behind in the first place lol especially if you have a 5 second penalty too. The safety car is like always 3 laps. If you are worried about getting lapped by the leader, then catch up and pit on the second lap under SC instead of 1st.
  4. ChicagoSeminole

    Lockups and punctures

    Im seeing plenty of smoke from lockups and loss of traction in 50% career mode on 95-100 AI.
  5. ChicagoSeminole

    is Bottas overpowered in your game?

    IDK, but I just started a 50% race career and Bottas had 2 mechanical failures and he also spun out in the begining of Sector 3 at Bahrain when he was behind me. So maybe a patch was made to adjust it. Hamilton and Verstappen are 1st/2nd in my career mode after 4 races.
  6. Sounds like you need to turn down the Ai difficulty. Im up from the default difficulty to 100 now on most tracks, and I can still bully the AI cars just as easy as they can bully me. If the AI is crashing into you in races all the time then you might be too slow. If you are on old tires sometimes you have to let the guy behind you pass. The AI is certiainly clumsy at times, (like during practice mentioned above) but if you are setting competitive laptimes then it seems quite balanced to me. A suggested Ai difficulty during time trials or something would help this.
  7. ChicagoSeminole

    F1 2021 Wishlist

    How about A simple search function or better UI for unranked multiplayer lobbies??????? When the Europeans are awake on a Saturday there are hundreds of "damage off 5 lap races at Italy and Austria" that I have no interest in joining. It can't be that hard to add a function that allows you to set matchmaking based off variables like track, race distance, 45 minute practice/ 18 minute short qualiy sessions, damage, or assists. The Pit assist is a disaster too. Its not that hard to learn how to pit with it off and it would avoid so many dumb collisions where the guy behind you enters the pitlane at 200mph, whilst you are downshifting and desperately braking hard to get under the pit speed limit. Like medium traction and ABS, why give an advantage to people that play with assists??? Make the game force people to try harder instead of appealing to the lowest common denominator$$$$$$$$. Also maybe damage should apply to more than the front wing. Lots of people have mastered the divebomb that bounces off your front wing while causing them zero damage. Adding Floor damage, flat tires, and even rear wing damage (Leclerc and Vettel at Austria last year) would help clean up the toxic online races. Also maybe find a way to punish people that brake check on the straights, nothing worse than chasing somebody down and having them ruin your race because they get triggered. There has to be a way masters of code can figure out when somebodies time delta drops suddenly on the straight
  8. ChicagoSeminole

    Steering Quickness

    Bump the saturation or whatever to like 10. It makes a huge difference for controller.
  9. Over the last 2 weeks I Can't take control of vehicles in unranked matchs when trying to join a session in progress that has a 90/30 minute practice, or 18 minute short qualfying session. I usually only play races with a practice or short qualy session in progress and never experienced this issue before. The blue/green steering wheel icon is not showing to allow me to take control of vehicles, and the "take control" font is darkened. Tested it out with a friend and it definitely is a glitch because I couldn't join their session with open session settings and zero AI cars.