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  1. You could just play multiplayer and make some friends. HtH
  2. 90% of the guys that complain about this come to a complete stop because their time delta for a VSC is .2s in the red, even when they have 15 seconds to slow down with a timer on top of the screen. Just run a wide or narrow line, and let the guy behind you understand that you aren't going to keep your nose 3ft from the guy in front of you for the entire 3 SC laps. You don't have to warm up the tires if they are green. It only takes half a lap before the SC ends to warm up the tires. So stay off the racing line and you can avoid it. Most of the safety car collisions I see are a conc
  3. Oh, well collisons off is dumb, so maybe most people have no interest in it. Its not a connection issue. Its just a dumb game mode that shouldn't be in the game.
  4. Maybe Beginner friendly may be searching for races with steering and/or brake assist set to ON or something, which are the only two assists that almost everybody turns off for a unranked lobby. Seems like most lobbies turn off ers and fuel assist too. IDK just a thought. But yeah, I have no issues finding races in unranked. And very few issues with connection glitches or issues.
  5. For T9, its like you have to shift to 7th gear right when the car is straightening out on that exit curb. Im no expert, but seems like the game rewards you for shifting at the right time or something. Like the final chicane at spain and suzuka. shifting up a gear right when you hit the last curb seems to straighten the car out. Don't know how people can play this game on automatic gears! But if you have no issues at T2 or T7, only t9, then perhaps your setup is too understeery for T9? I use the simracing setups mentioned above, not sure if those are the same as the youtube videos, but the
  6. Only played ranked a few times, but I have actually had more success this year than last year finding 25% races with more than 8 people. (Don't really do ranked, but always click on it to see if it works! when I turn on the game) But my safety rating is at B or C, getting a A or S made it impossible to find a lobby last year.
  7. I only watched a few seconds of your video. Do you only click on the beginner friendly option? I click on browse option on the right, and there are like a hundred available races, (mostly 5 lap races). There are always one or two lobbies with a 60 mintute practice session with no assists, (usually guys practicing for a league race), so you can find some fast people to practice with. If you use click browse, then sort by race length, you should be able to find some lobbies. Just seems not many people are interested in anything other than 5 lap damage off races. I have been locked out
  8. "without us players getting respect and been treated fairly considering we are paying customers who haven’t fully got what codemasters advertised then codemasters and ea reputation is only going downwards" Somebody has never played Fifa. 🤣 Welcome to 21st century capitalism comrade. 😂
  9. For T7 you have to mount entry kerb completely, right on track limits, if you only catch a little of it, it is snap oversteer. If you avoid the kerb completely it is easier but too slow. And still oversteers. For T9 you have to mount the inside kurb and get the car on the middle of the exit kerb. Keeping it in 6th gear helps. T9 is easy with practice, but T7 and T2 are a bit too hard and random IMO.
  10. In F1 you can get 3 track limit warnings without penalty and get a penalty on the 4th warning. And those penalties don't include the "track limit warnings" you get in the game during a Safety Car or avoiding a collision during a race. So what are you crying about exactly? A guy cutting a corner isn't the reason you are 10 seconds behind him. Codemasters needs to get to work right away on your insecurities lol. If ranked is on strict, the benefit gained from crossing the white line is quite marginal, in F1 the white line isn't the track limit in the most abused corners in real li
  11. My understanding was the understeer enhance was to help controllers/pad users not wheel users.
  12. Yeah AI was OP in highspeed sector 2 at zaandvoort last year too. Instead of crying about AI, or kerbs that you aren't supposed to drive over anyway, maybe they could go find some humans to race in unranked lobbies until the next patch? Probably too afraid. 😀 Its not hard, start a lobby with 30 min practice, and its pretty easy to find some clean racers at your skill level. (For some reason anyone with a Finnish flag is a super clean driver, but anyone from South America wrecks you and sends you a insult in spanish or portuguese) But there are plenty of people trying to learn the ga
  13. If you play at 90-100 AI are you really a casual player? That is better than most. Race starts: There is an assisted race start setting if that helps you. Also, just Play with manual gears with suggested gear setting. It will be hard at first but you do it without thinking after awhile. You have to short shift on starts. You have to short shift out of slow corners, you have to shortshift in the rain, and an extra downshift helps with rotation and understeer. (Although not realistic, you can also drop the car into Neutral and jump into 1st gear to really rotate the car when you know you m
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