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    Hi! Just be understanding, I am a mum of an 8-year-old boy. I do not have any experience in the gaming world as of now. I bought this game on dvd(for PC), it comes with four discs. First question: what are other discs apart from one for? Second: Do I really have to download 107,26GB via Steam? We live in a village no access to fast internet (2mb/s at Max) that will take 20hours or probably more, since the speed is not constant. Back to first: I am from a different world we just bought games and played that is it. I know the advancement is incomparable, but what are the other DVDs for? Disclaimer: I have created a steam account ( I had to lie that my son is 13, why a game for 3+ requires an account for 13+?) Thank you in advance for explaining me the new world of gaming.