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  1. Yeah I understand your point, but I would prefer that they are just balanced, not too easy, or too difficult.
  2. Yeah, I think auto gears might be a reason for all of this. I played over 100 hours in f1 2019 and I really liked race starts there, you really had to time them good in order to have a decent start, so I am a little bit disappointed that this year they are not balanced, even though I'm playing on same settings.
  3. So basically A.I. sucks at them, I play with Dualshock 4 on pc, without any assists, but I use automatic gears. AI difficulty is on 90%, and every race start they are so slow that I can easily go from like P8 to P1 even without using overtake button. This really makes the game a terrible experience for me and for playing carrer mode, because it doesn't even matter how good or bad I do in qualifying, when I can storm my way to the podium at the start of the race. Does anyone else feel the same, or what?
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