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  1. Man, when i read this stuff (F1 Team manager)F1 games from codemaster should be games where you can live the life of a F1 driver and not a team prinicpal. It should be a racing simulator where you can drive and not handle a team. For an F1 Team Mangaer feature they need a lot of memory.There would be so much to do like finances, R&D and one and one.... Look at FIFA Football Manager. For a complete simulation of a team principal you need a new game man...and not only a feature in a racing simulation what F1 2014 should be.
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A09vlmgw9HELook at the picture he shows there.
  3. So , the same reason Vettel beat Webber then ?  ;) No, Vettel is just a better driver.  Only in a car that was using the diffuser. That you can´t know because they aren´t racing eachother in a car that doesn´t use the diffuser. Vettel has got a special driving style that only woks with the diffuser. You only can see this on his head when he turns into a chicane. He looks at the next corner or at the output of the corner while other drivers looks at the middle of the corner. But that doesn´t work without the diffuser. The back goes away when he makes this to aggressiv
  4. Yes, i would say thats ok when fans an vote in conjunction with teams, but when some teams says we want a V12 engine for example then we´ve got the same problem like before. We´ve got more fuel consumption by less power and more expenditure.
  5. Its the start of FP3 instead the start of the qualifying. And then you´re right. It´s unnecessary to drive in FP3. Because then you´ve got unnecessary fuel consumption. I can´t understand this. Because some drivers already had changed the MGU-K for example for 5 times. And we aren´t at the end of the season. Yes, it´s right that some new rules are very silly. But the F1 can´t be fan controlled because then we´ve got probably a V12 engine and more expenditure.
  6. I´ve got a question.What do you think about the new penalty system?(with 12 points, 5 seconds penalty etc.)I hate it because that are F1 one drivers. They usually don´t need a lock for a race. Moreover there´s no racing anymore sometimes because the 5 seconds penalty. The stewards are too strong. Look at Turn 8 in Austria. 
  7. I´am a true F1 fan but sparks are a feature of the cars in the ninetees and not of the new technical cars. It just doesn´t fit.The cars now are perfect for the track surface  and yes it doesn`t fit anymore. 
  8. Yes it looks. And it´s unecessary.
  9. Did you hear that mercedes test titanium plates on the underbody of the car to create sparks for better show?
  10. That´s crazy. Ok  the F1 directors often have got sily ideas.
  11. I´ve got no words for the saftey car reform. That´s illogical. I mean which person had this silly idea.
  12. Yeah....I´d only say my opinion and emphasize that what you say. ;)
  13. Yes you´re right it´s a silly idea. For fans and for "experts" around the world. It´s not good for the real sport.It´s like when teams  get double points on the last matchday in Bundesliga or Premier League.
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