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    The new rules in F1

    Yes, I think too. The new rules make really fun. It´s so interesting now how the technical things like ERS work. The only thing where i worry about is that the times are 2 seconds slower than before because of the aerodynamic restirctions. (Ok not in Monza, I think). P.S: Yes, ok thank you but i had thought that the formula one stuff thread is for news like schumacher is awake now or something
  2. KuB

    Lets Talk about Vettel.

    yesthank you very much
  3. KuB

    Lets Talk about Vettel.

    Then write the link down and we search it
  4. Not everything but ok it´s your opinion. That´s offside the topic now :D
  5. KuB

    Lets Talk about Vettel.

    I´sorry but can anybody give me an example where vettel shows that he´s arrogantI think he´s ambitious not more. Moreover you need a little bit arrogance to survive in F1.
  6. KuB

    Le Mans 24 Hours 2014

    One thing i must say The mechanics did an incrdible job there In only 15 minutes maybe more they change a turbocharger and that two timesWithout this incredible performance i dont belive that audi could have won.
  7. KuB

    Le Mans 24 Hours 2014

    Wow what a raceit was so amazing I saw everything of the race, every minute I´m so tired now :DAltough Porsche felt back at the classment they did a very good job i think and for me toyota had deserve the victory but unfortunately audi was the most reliable team
  8. Pertty suer it'll all be programmed in don't worry about that. CMknow what they're doing the key thing for me is will it work or will it be as big a mess as it'ds predecessor Now i´m interest in which big mess you mean? Maybe it is something that codemasters can make a little bit better.
  9. - I hope you (Codemasters) can program the new ERS system with all rules and properties  (e.g. You can use 2 kilojoule but can save 4 kilojoule, the overtake button etc.) and maybe the fuel restrictions ( only 100kg per race)
  10. F1 2014 Wishes-First, second and third training....in F1 2013 there only was the third one- Stronger KI, that trys to overtake at the inner side and that has the almost the same tyre wear like the player. Sometimes the KI in 2013 drives 4 laps more than you and altough they drive more laps they drive fastest laps.- the menu in the paddock was exciting - a more realistic damage engine- award ceremony- better drivingphysics if its possible ( e.g. even with traction control is OFF you have got more traction then the real ones have.)- Bigger differecne between rain and sun (e.g. i drive a 1:18 in Brazil at Strong rain while the real drivers drove 12 seconds slower in the rain) - no automatic brakeing system besides the track if you make a mistake