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  1. Man, when i read this stuff (F1 Team manager)
    F1 games from codemaster should be games where you can live the life of a F1 driver and not a team prinicpal. It should be a racing simulator where you can drive and not handle a team. 
    For an F1 Team Mangaer feature they need a lot of memory.There would be so much to do like finances, R&D and one and one.... Look at FIFA Football Manager. For a complete simulation of a team principal you need a new game man...and not only a feature in a racing simulation what F1 2014 should be.

  2. andmcq said:
    andmcq said:
    Vettel is as good as any of the other top 6 drivers. Much like Shumacher or Senna, his wins have come about because he's one of the top drivers who happens to also have the best car and the best crew. He's a great driver though, can't take anything away from that.

    I'm a huge Ricciardo fan, but the reason Ric is out pacing Vettel is because the 2014 car suits his driving and experience much greater than it suits Vettel. 
    So , the same reason Vettel beat Webber then ?  ;)
    No, Vettel is just a better driver. 
    Only in a car that was using the diffuser.
    That you can´t know because they aren´t racing eachother in a car that doesn´t use the diffuser.

    Vettel has got a special driving style that only woks with the diffuser. You only can see this on his head when he turns into a chicane. He looks at the next corner or at the output of the corner while other drivers looks at the middle of the corner. But that doesn´t work without the diffuser. The back goes away when he makes this to aggressive.

  3. Then there's the new parc fermé rules which means that they are in parc fermé from the end of FP3? Or is it the start of FP3? Anyway, what is the point in FP3 any more? The teams use it to fine tune their setups for the race and qualifying, but now, why would they bother running? They will have to do all the work on Friday and they'd probably rather save parts than run for an hour, especially with four power units next year (another stupid rule).
    Its the start of FP3 instead the start of the qualifying. And then you´re right. It´s unnecessary to drive in FP3. Because then you´ve got unnecessary fuel consumption.

    fIsince08 said:

    I can understand the 4 power units thing, it's part of the cost cutting scheme and to be fair we all love unreliability ;)

    I can´t understand this. Because some drivers already had changed the MGU-K for example for 5 times. And we aren´t at the end of the season.
    fIsince08 said:

     I've said for a long time F1 should be fan controlled, I don't know how to organise it but I'm sure it could be done.

    Yes, it´s right that some new rules are very silly. But the F1 can´t be fan controlled because then we´ve got probably a V12 engine and more expenditure.

  4. I´ve got a question.
    What do you think about the new penalty system?(with 12 points, 5 seconds penalty etc.)
    I hate it because that are F1 one drivers. They usually don´t need a lock for a race. Moreover there´s no racing anymore sometimes because the 5 seconds penalty. The stewards are too strong. Look at Turn 8 in Austria. 

  5. I'm still pretty meh on the new engines tbh. 

    As for double points, it could still make a huge difference. Say Rosberg has a 49 point lead over Hamilton (will probably be closer than that) going into Abu Dhabi, then during the race Rosberg gets taken out by another driver, Hamilton wins the race and with it the WDC by 1 point. To me that's massively unfair to Rosberg as he built his lead over the whole season with races where points for the win are 25. So to lose it in one race where you get 50 for the win is just harsh, ridiculous and unfair.

    The only way it wouldn't be unfair and stupid would be to make every race double points. It cheapens the championship otherwise.
    Yes ok but it´s also unfair when the drivers have got a technical problem in the other races. There´s no difference. Because they can´t anything for these problems.
    The only thing that´s unfair is when one driver reachs a lead because the team and the driver were better across the season and than get a problem in the last race and the worse driver wins the Championship.

  6. yes sure the old engines were louder and as a driver you´ve got the feeling to control something special a monster i would say. But for development the new rules are really good and yes not all good races based on the new rules but i think the main part. Because the ERS is so interesting an complicate that there are some problems and moreover with the engine 

  7. you should be faster with assist that´s right, but with automatic gearbox because when te gearbox is manual you can better "play" with the inputs.  
    And i know the problem but when you usually drive without assist (like me) and than use it you´re slower than before for a couple of rounds because you have to get use to it.

  8. One set of “option” specification tyres may only be used during Q3, by those cars that qualified for Q3, and must be returned to the tyre supplier before the start of the race.
    One set of “option” specification tyres, which were allocated to cars which did not qualify for Q3, may only be used during the race.
    From the official FIA regulations