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  1. Hello I am playing the pilot career mode and when I select on my windows which device will reproduce the sound of the game no matter which one I choose, the radio and the dialogue do not work. And when I go to the audio settings and set the audio output from the radio to be the same as the one I am using, the one I am using does not appear, I have version 1.14. An error code appears but it changes when I close and when I open the game again but the code is ABPP-TJVT-GGDV-HTVG
  2. Detony

    Radio sound problem

    Hello I have this error bxre-gssh-hhhe-rvvg he apparently does not let me hear the sound of the radio, I have the latest version of the game and my headset is a razer kraken 7.1 V2, I can not hear the radio or the comments pre-race but I can hear the sounds of the engines and the game itself, I tried to change the sound output of the radio but my headset does not appear.