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  1. It's just that. I accidentally didn't sign a second driver and now I'm stuck with someone that's somehow even worse than the lord himself. How on earth did he get to F1? New pay driver confirmed? Anyway, yeah. Just let us buy the reserve driver and even train him. (Perhaps you could also add in upcoming games that the second driver misses a race so you have to use your reserve driver or do some weird switch up (Perhaps paying a one-time buyout in case you choose someone from the other team and you have to actually negotiate the deal).
  2. Hello, I had this idea flying in my mind for quite a while but it seemed too crazy for Codemasters to even bother. But I got to know even more the developers and the games itself and the community is listened more with F1 games and Codemasters in general than in some other games where people are tired of the same thing every year. So here goes nothing: What if we had a progressive career mode? And I mean, we have; but we're in 2020, and it's been quite a while since they started this series, so maybe I thought they could try and do something like a Career mode that goes from 2011 to 2021, with their respective changing liveries every season, the introduction of the hybrid era almost half-way through and all of the other stuff that came with the changing rules, driver market and the sport itself in these past ten years. Perhaps they could include it for driver's career mode only first, or maybe they can go even crazier and have MyTeam with the changing chassis, aero package and engines throughout the years. Making the car development so much more interesting. It doesn't even have to be necessarily fact true, perhaps Ferrari could become the ones who dominate the field once hybrid era starts (Quite ironic if you ask me). Have old drivers come back from their retirement as a driver's market option just as Alonso is doing in 2021. There's a lot of potential to this idea if done right and I know Codemasters could pull this off. I would be willing to wait 2 years or whatever time is needed to complete this new feature (Perhaps having the new seasons as DLC for the current game). I don't know, maybe I'm just dreaming but that would be so bloody amazing that if Codemasters decide to do it and pull it off pretty well (Not perfect, as some things may be improved with development over the next games), my respect for them (And I believe a lot of the people on the community as well) and their reputation as developers would really go high up the skies. Perhaps now that they may have a bigger studio's support (As bad as those studios can be) it is not that crazy of an idea. Thanks for reading it all the way through! I know it sounds crazy but it's never bad to have big ideas haha. Y'all have a good day!
  3. Hello! I'm Adore, but you can call me Lyon. I'm not the oldest player of them all nor am I the best. But I really got into these games since this year's release and now I want to be part of the community even more. Provide some feedback, get to know some new people and play with them, and explore this amazing community even further. I look forward to contributing some great things to this community, as little a change they can make, and have fun! Best regards, A twisted mind from across the globe