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  1. SmokyAtom07

    more audio names

    I can get on board with this one as there really isn't much of a selection. Alonso probably won't be necessary for at least one year as he'll actually be there on the track anyway. If you want to be Hakkinen then there's one that says Makinen so i'd say use that one and just sort of pretend the best you can that they're saying Mika Hakkinen as quickly as they can. I suspect that the Create-a-Driver thing will be massively expanded in the future, especially with EA driving it as like Fifa character design has a fair amount of detail and there's lots of names to be chosen from. You just have to get Croft, davidson, Valsecchi and Jacques to read them all out so they can put them in. Not sure if they'll find the time for that!
  2. SmokyAtom07

    Get rid of interviews after race

    I don't mind interviews, per se. It's just they don't seem to actually mean or do anything, particularly in MyTeam. There are a few standard questions and thats it. You have; You hit the wall today - Which you tend to either have to insult a department of your team or say no comment. Who is your biggest rival? - Probably the only really useful one. Could be done in another medium though. *Insert team here* did really well today. Are you happy to see them performing well? - You can either say you need the challenge or that they work hard. Either way, it doesn't make any difference as they're not going to sign you. You did really well in qualifying, does that set you up for the race? - Either praise a department or say how great you are. Still means very little in the long run. Will's questions are marginally more interesting but still don't overly change much after the initial one where you choose your one good department. Then he asks you the exact same questions when you meet up a few months later. Are you employing team orders? How are you going to move up the pack? Is your teammate working hard? The question he does that I don't like is when you've not scored any points that season and he asks why and you have no choice but to complain about one of your departments and their morale must take a nosedive. My biggest gripe is when they ask a question that you manipulate the answer to. For example, they'll ask how you did such a good race and you'll have "the grip is great", "the power was really good!" or "the downforce was perfect for this track". Depending on which department you want to improve, you say that answer in order to improve their morale and decrease the failure chance while you know you're lying. For example, I had one yesterday and the answer was "the power our engine has is like no other!" and i'm the bottom of the power bar chart by a considerable amount. Either i'm lying through my teeth or our team will think i've suffered too much whiplash in the heavy braking zones. If they had interesting questions or any sort of ramifications then they'd be worthwhile but it is abit samey and irrelevant. .
  3. SmokyAtom07

    F2 2020 Unrealistic Drivers Performance

    You'd assume that they'd know and that they're implementing that. However, whenever something gets fixed, it invariably breaks something else further down the line so they're probably testing it at the moment, hence why we've not got F2-2020 in MyTeam. I'm currently doing F2 2020 Championships on 100% and i've now just finished Monaco Feature Race and the results are evening out abit but there are still issues. I mean, it's nice it's not EXACTLY like the real F2 2020 season but you'd want some level of scaling. 1. Shwartzman - Not entirely unreasonable. He should definitely be up there. 2. Piquet - (That's me. I'm just getting lucky with consistency which is the only reason i'm loitering around here as I haven't even won a race yet) 3. Markelov - In terms of ability, he probably should be around top 8. In terms of the year he had in the car. Definitely way ahead of where he should be. 4. Drugovich - Actually looked really strong and was dominate in Spain Feature where he won by 12 seconds. 5. Matsushita - Always there or thereabouts without really being too threatening. 6. Tsunoda - Some races he's top 5 and others he's at the back. 7. Lundgaard - Same as Tsunoda. Podium in two races. Back of the field in two other ones. 8. Ilott - He's had one win and two sprint race points. He's been 18th, 16th and 15th in feature races too. Terrible qualifier except for one race where he started 3rd and won. 9. Sato - Finished 2nd in Bahrain Feature and 4th in the Sprint. Don't think he's been in the top half since then. 10. Ticktum - Looked really fast without ever scoring points. Definitely holds most fastest laps outside the points positions. 11. Zhou - Half the time I forget he's even driving. Awful qualifier but scores alot in of lower points sprint races so his race pace over the two races is good. 12. Daruvala - Did well in one of the sprint races but barely scoring. 13. Schumacher - He lucked into points twice but he's probably the weirdest case as he isn't good in qualifying or the race. He should be decent qualifier (between 5th and 10th) and strong racer. He's neither. 14. Aitken - He has had 3 engine failures and didn't finish in Monaco Feature due to pile-up, which I think is retiring more races than he's finished. I think he's only finished one feature race! He's always doing well before his bad luck hits (around 4th to 8th place). 15. Mazepin - He's fast. Really fast. But qualifies around the midfield and has to work his way forward. I think he has the right race pace but not quali. 16. Armstrong - He's always on the fringes of points. it's like he's coded to always finish just outside. 17. Gelael - Two points probably isn't unreasonable. Some races he's at the back and others he's around the midfield. I'm actually fine with his performances. 18. Deletraz - The worst on the game by far. There was a crash in the Monaco Feature race and he finished 10th. In the Sprint race in Spain he finished 1:15 behind the leader and 17 seconds behind the next car up the road. No damage or anything. Just was slow. 19. Alesi - The first of the non-scorers. He's had a few good races but he always seems to be a long way off the points. Did get an 11th at Bahrain though which is the only thing keeping him here. 20. Nissany - Woeful. Although he isn't sensational in real life, he's probably being a little hard done by. Got 12th in Monaco which moved him up 2 places in the standings. 21. Samaia - It looks reasonable but he was in 6th place in a feature race at Netherlands before engine failure so maybe needs some work doing here. 22. Ghiotto - He's actually been awful. He hasn't qualified above 16th and finished above 17th yet. Definitely a problem here.
  4. SmokyAtom07

    [PS4] Time Trial leaderboard, what's on?

    There was a few cases a while ago I think with people using workarounds and glitches to achieve impossible lap times. I mean lap times that are faster than the lap records, which clued people in that something was amiss. It stands to reason that people did that but didn't achieve the impossible lap times and through some investigation they've highlighted a few of these nefarious types and have removed their glitchy laps and they've lost their super-score and it's slowly eeking you up to the top of the leaderboard one at a time. I may be wrong but i'm pretty sure that was the case as it was on a forum somewhere how to do it.
  5. SmokyAtom07

    F2 2020 Unrealistic Drivers Performance

    It has been this years latest stats criteria that seems to have broken the weighting a little as F2 2019 and F2 2020 have some erratic results. Last years game both F2 2018 and F2 2019 seemed relatively accurate (at least on my game). For example on F1-2019, my top 5 of F2-19 would usually (after about 3-4 run throughs) be De Vries, Latifi, Ghiotto, Zhou and Hubert which isn't unreasonable. However on F1-2020, my top 5 of F2-19 (after 2 run throughs) would be Aitken, Mazepin, Hubert, Matsushita and Alesi. De Vries is usually down around 10th to 12th and the DAMS always finish bottom of the constructors championship and I don't think Sette Camara has even scored a point. Most performance issues I have on my game seem to be down to the awareness stat, in particular as those with the higher awareness seem to performing better on my game and those with that stat lower seem to be woeful. I think it's tricky to find the right balance as the stats also have to reflect the actual driver. Case in point, in the OP's post, Markelov was mentioned. Yes, this year he was trundling around at the back so you'd want that reflecting in the game but he's a really good driver so you can't put his stats as that of a backmarker. However, with the cars being similar in the game, the easiest way to do this would be to give the drivers of the lower-performing cars, rankings that are low. This would achieve a half-decent balance. However, this would completely screw up MyTeam play as drivers that are actually quite good drivers in lower teams (Markelov, Matsushita, Deletraz) would be completely nerfed. I think it's probably the teams that need affecting as well as the drivers as your Carlins, Prema's and UNI-Virtuosi's should always be near the front. I'm assuming Schumi would be rated around 69-70 in the update but he's probably not the best outright driver in the field in any one statistic so you'd have to have the better ones higher which would make them F1 level already. He's definitely the most consistent and still a top 5ish driver although Ilott was faster but made more mistakes, Tsunoda was along the same vein and Shwartzman seems like he's just qualifying ability away from being dominant, Drugovich is probably faster when the car is set up to this liking. It was Prema's ability to consistently have the car up there and Schumi's better qualifying that put him at the top rather than his supreme ability. Would he have won the title in an MP or a HWA? Of course not. That's the bit that needs reflecting more than who is a good driver and who isn't. Pourchaire will be an exceptional driver in 2-3 years and he couldn't make a dent in the HWA so he'd have been rated about a 55 or so. He'll be in the ART next year and he'll skyrocket up to mid 60's at least (like Lundgaard probably will) so it's car balancing as well as driver balancing needed.
  6. SmokyAtom07

    My Franchise 2023

    I'm not sure if this should be in Suggestions or not as i'm not suggesting they actually do it but just wondering what people's opinions would be on a bigger-scale MyTeam mode. For years it was expected that we'd eventually get to create our own team in an F1 game and with MyTeam this year, it eventually happened. Which is, you know, a nice start. It was also expected that we'd eventually get the feeder series come in and we got that last year with F2 and, yes some bits of it are abit askew and/or underutilised, but it's there. Now, for a few years now i've had a vision of where i'd want the career mode to eventually go when the NextGen consoles came out, which as you're all aware, is now. I played MotoGP games a while ago and they have the Premier series and the two below it and you can work your way up from the bottom to the top, if you so choose and that's along the lines of what i'd wanted to happen. There'd be options for you to jump in at the top level with your MyTeam (akin to this years game where you create your team and progress that way) but i'm going to cover the more immersive gameplay mode that I had envisaged. You start as a new team owner in F3 (which would be a monster 33 driver and 11 team division now) and obviously you're a diddy little enterprise with a few low trained personnel (mainly in charge of car-setup strategy advice for races so your AI teammates aren't stupid and languishing at the back) and some low-par drivers (similar to what you find in the Classic Car driver level). On a side note, i've not been a fan of the logic of this year that you're a random (presumably young) person that has passed all the owner checks and then you also happen to be a very good driver while being able to afford to own a team and yet only have a few thousand left over when you've finished entering. I'd have preferred if they said that the owner and driver were two different people but that you controlled both. So i'd prefer if you signed real drivers (3 in F3 and 2 in the top two classes) but had to control one of them during the race so it's still a racing game. I'd have each driver having certain 'traits' such as 'qualifier - self-explanatory in that they qualify well but race-pace can be weaker', 'tire-friendly - again, less tyre wear on average so similar to one of the perks', 'aggressive strategy - more likely to try alternative strategies' so you can choose which one of yours to take control of for a certain weekend (presumably the one you'd think would be worse in a given race). I don't think that's what they'd do but I see MyTeam as a Constructors Championship mode more than trying to get your one driver to win the title which is Driver Career Mode. However, back to the point, you're a small team in F3 and everybody sucks at your team. You do well and you get smidgeons more money and a trickle of acclaim reputation points (just like you do now) and you can use the money to get slightly better staff and drivers that would be happy to work for a team at your level. When you get enough money, you then can buy your way into F2 and that becomes a 24 car, 12 team spectacle. The difference with this one is that you can promote from your F3 team, a different F3 team or, if you've grinded at F3 for a decent amount of acclaim, a different F2 team. I would say that you'd still have to do the F3 races as it's a racing game and not a management game but you'd have separate budgets for all formulas (which would make sense as it'd be highly unfair on other teams if you can fund an F3 team when you run the F1 team and are making millions). The progression naturally continues and you buy better staff (now also including pit crew members for slightly faster stops, less pit mistakes, etc) and drivers and you make a little more money in this level but you have more expenditure too so really it all equals out. Then you progress to F1 team and the resource points come into play and you get more money and everything so similar to this year. However, when you make it to the big leagues, you also have the option of starting your own Driver Academy and you get a better pick of youngsters to go into your F3 team and you can watch a superstar grow which will bring me onto my later point on F3 driver refresh. You'd also be able to hire team principals for each of your teams but that is probably going to be merely cosmetic so you see them celebrating when you get race wins and in cutscenes. However, you'll be able to hire different staff members that specialise in different things. For example, there may be a guy/woman who specialises in engines or a different one that has expertise in downforce or one that has chassis background and they'd be the head of your technical department so you'd have a half-decent department when you start in F1 (like you do from the results of your Will Buxton interview at the start). There'd be a tyre guy that if (s)he's useless then your tyre wear is affected but if they're good then you have marginally better tyre wear. Obviously these improvements wouldn't be too strong as research and development would be where most of your tyre wear stats come from. You'd be able to get race engineers for your drivers in F1 and F2 (maybe F3 too) that would choose strategy for your teammate. Good race engineers would choose a strategy that works very well for that driver, but if they're a rubbish engineer then they may choose a strategy that puts your teammate in trouble. You could use one in F3 who chooses when to make your teammates go out for quali laps so you could have one at all levels. It could even go as far as Weatherguy who range from (the poor ones) not knowing if/when it will rain exactly to the better weatherguys (who can tell you what lap it will rain on and how long for and when to change tyres for the weather conditions.) Now there are a few flaws to this career mode plan which i've tried to think my way around. Hypothetically speaking, you're 10 years deep into this mode and it would be bizarre if you still have people from year 1 still floating around in F3. So regens/newgens will be the order of the day! Generally these new characters won't lead anywhere as you'll want the real drivers to be involved as much at the top levels but you'll have enough to filter through the years then after 2-3 years that person will disappear after no progression and a new one will appear that looks a little different. I've thought of other issues as well and tried to think of ways to circumvent them too but I imagine there'll be some I haven't thought about. There'd be a few achievements tied to this such as 'Win championships in all 3 formulas in the same year', 'Bring a Driver Academy rookie from F3 to the world title', etc. I think it's far too early for 2021 to bring F3 into a career mode if they've not already planned it heavily and there's already work going on with 2022 so the earliest I could envisage something of this scale being brought in is 3 games away. I've just found that in the current MyTeam, post season 2-3 when your team is already the best, the game loses its edge whereas something like this adds at least 2-4 more playable years before you complete everything. You'd still have the option to jump straight into F1 though if something of this scale is outside of your available time to spend on the game. With EA being our new supreme overlords, I imagine they'll want to go in a completely different direction as they're more interested in Online play usually but there's a significant staple of single-mode players that they can't afford to alienate so they'll divert some resources towards advancing the single-player mode and keeping the userbase happy.