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  1. Imola is one of my weaker ones but I just haven't played it all that much in comparison to the others so it could just be a practice thing. Singapore isn't one i'm bad at but it's one that I don't look forward to because it just feels soooo long. I think the backdrop is beautiful though. Monaco is one I don't think is too bad once i've got a rhythm but when you're not quite there yet, it's abit nervewracking. It's usually after the pit stop that it goes wrong because i've lost the flow and I usually do the reverse strategy so i'm like 50 laps or so in when I am clipping the wall a
  2. SmokyAtom07

    F2 2021

    I wouldn't be expecting any more significant patches in the game at all anyway. Maybe a few minor fixes here and there but nothing that changes gameplay. And, even if there was a decent change, I wouldn't expect to see anything involving the F2 part of the game. It's an afterthought that they shoehorn in and then ignore after that.
  3. I don't think a Sandbox based game would work all that much, even if it is restricted to just parts of the circuit. They'd have to accurately replicate every tracks exact layout both on track and off track. Including the teams factories too? Even longer! Imagine them trying to bring in a new track. That lead time has just from from 7/8 months to over a year. Then people will complain it's first person only and third person is better, or vice versa. Disaster written all over it. It could go back a little to the early Codemasters game where you see more backstage form your motorho
  4. 1. If both drivers could agree to manage a team simultaneously then maybe but I think it'd be tricky to balance two team owners for one team. I expect the closest you'd get is one team manager and the other is purely driver. 2. I don't play Co-Op so I don't have too much to offer in that debate. 3. It's not in F1 2021 because it wasn't a thing. It was a trial at three races, not a part of the sporting and race regulations. Next year it'll be at 6 or 7 races so expect to see it included. I'm not sure the depth to what it will be included though. I expect it'll be compatible with
  5. Classic Cars was abit of a dud. It works as a nostalgia thing but it only goes so far. It's nice to drive around in a 2004 Ferrari for abit but then the novelty wears off and it just sits on the shelf. They were barely utilised, even on time trial, and the fact it was fictional drivers in the racing experience didn't help. Sure, recreating a season is a way to improve the mode, but then it's less a F1 2022 game and more a F1 2021.5 and a F1 2009 (for example) game. They'd have to take resource away from F1 2022 gameplay to divert to recreating a season from 13 years ago. I can't imagine
  6. I do think this is perhaps not the best forum medium to get enthusiasm for Braking Point as general feedback on here has been lukewarm at best.. 😂 Other places have had a more positive feedback though so the story will be progressing, I expect I don't particularly have an opinion either way on its return. It's not a mode designed for people like me but it brings in a different crowd which I think is good for the game. If it sells 1million copies for a normal mycareer/myteam game and 1.2million games for a mycareer/myteam/braking point game then those 200k extra sales is more money that
  7. Next year is such an unknown! I genuinely can't wait for pre-season testing to come around (although i'm sure they'll all be sandbagging a little anyway). It's possible that they won't be as sandbaggy as normal as they'll want to test the cars properly but I expect the wind-tunnel work and other testing means they have a good idea how it will behave. Albon and Latifi will have the disadvantage of the fact Nissany will probably end up doing a testing day or two for some reason only known to the finance department... it's also important not to judge after just a few races as everyone adapts
  8. I don’t think the fact that a few people on a series of YouTube videos can gain comparable times with a controller and a wheel is substantiation that all players can achieve the same time between wheels and controllers. I also note where you say “In the older f1 games there was some increased traction hardcoded in the game, and on top of that oversteer catching assist for pad controllers. ”. Mainly “the older F1 games” part which has no implication in this still being the case. GTA used to be a 2D top-down game. It’s not anymore. Things change, and saying it used to be that way is irre
  9. I agree that Albon shows more than Latifi. I think it’ll be close at the start of the season but he’ll slowly edge away. I think they’re a well-matched team though. I didn’t rate him that highly even in feeder series and I thought Kvyat would be a better bet at Red Bull so I can’t say I was too disappointed to see Albon fail as I was getting pelters after his first half-season when I said he’d stumble and he seemed relatively decent 😂 It is true that different drivers do better in different formulae. Jan Magnussen and Giorgio Pantano come to mind. Both seen as true prodigies but floun
  10. I got that you weren’t being overly serious 🙂 I think Lewis would indeed accept a controversial finish but only one that couldn’t be traced back to him. Russell suddenly binning it into a wall would taint the victory in a far-too-obvious way and his ego wouldn’t accept that. He can’t go preaching his sermons if he’s profiting off cheating! 😂 I don’t know if his age is particularly catching up to him. It’s not unreasonable as Kimi, Alonso, Schumi (and to a lesser extent, Seb) all show signs of not being as good as they used to be, while still showing their true skill. However, I’d
  11. I agree with these suggestions. They’re not exactly original as they’ve all been bandied around at some point or another but they’re all valid things I’d like to see in next years game, so it’s worth a big upvote! I cannot agree more with the driver transfers. It’s such an important improvement as it’s a killer when they move teams when you’ve made up your own internal story. The customisation of both the driver avatar and the car itself does need improving. It needs a massive overhaul. I agree the driver market needs to be expanded. Whether more icons, recent drivers, F3 drivers,
  12. Generally controllers are slower than the wheel supposedly? I saw the screenshot showing ERS Assist off. My point is that only dictates when/where overtake is used. Having that assist on actually slows you down over a lap generally. If you have it off, you can only control overtake.. just like an actual driver. I should point out I don’t care about eSports. I recognise that they’re incredibly talented but I have no interest in watching it, let alone participating. I feel like even if you somehow manage to qualify for esports while cheating without getting caught, it’d be really hard
  13. I can see your logic and if it does work out as 0.7 seconds per lap between Lewis and Latifi then the mathematics do make sense. I don’t think Latifi is that bad tbh. He consistently did okay in F2 and he challenges George periodically. He’s not a showpiece driver but I don’t think he’s awful. I think next year vs Albon is critical for him as Albon beat him in F2 but has had a year out. I rate both of them as average with Albon being marginally better. If latifi isn’t close though, that’s a bad sign. George is a class ahead of both. Regarding your Piquet vs Lewis comment. Nelson wasn’t
  14. I'd not be opposed to a Classic Mode. It'd work better if it was a single season though. I've no interest in trouncing a 1992 Williams when i'm in my 2004 Ferrari... I'm also not too bothered by a Scenario Mode where you have to do a certain thing to replicate real life. For example, "finish this race in 5th as Lewis Hamilton" and it throws you in to the later part of the Brazilian race of 2008. Not sure if people would be too bothered by a particular season though and there's bound to be contention over which one is chosen. Licensing probably is a pain too.
  15. I don't think I understand most of the points being made here, unfortunately. Regarding the cheaters on the time trial leaderboards... I don't care. I'm never going to be challenging at the top of them. I just judge mine against the ones that i'm around. Say I do a decent lap and it says i'm 123rd for example. The fact that 4 or 5 of the top ones are cheaters with fake times? Really couldn't care less that they're wasting their time doing that. If I was top of the 'real times' then sure, i'd be irritated but it doesn't make a difference to me whether i'm 123rd or 118th.. Rega
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