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  1. There will be, yes. No time established for when though. I'd imagine they'll do the tracks and then the F2 update will be the next priority so probably around December to coincide with the last race of the F2 season.
  2. I agree and disagree with different parts of this. Within reason, yes, It has to cater for both the casual fan, the sim fan and the person who hovers in the middle. I get your point though was more about the calendar though. Well, they did say they were coming later and that was vocalised repeatedly so, beyond a point, it is partially on the end user for not doing efficient research if they were unaware. I agree this doesn't dectract from the fact that an end user shouldn't reasonably expect just under a 1/7 of the tracks to be missing for months. They have a
  3. I was quite interested until I saw who was doing it, and I really cannot struggle through one of his videos just to find out what he is yelling about for no explicable reason this time. Hopefully someone summarises the video and i'll piggyback off that because I just don't have the fortitude to make myself suffer through it. Regarding the other part; I think most of the feedback will currently be seen in the Bug Reporting part of the forum as that's the most required area at the release of a game. Eventually when the majority of bugs and issues have been resolved, or worked around, then
  4. Sprint qualifying is slightly different, but yeah it's a similar premise. It was also only a fortnight or so before Silverstone that they actually provided how it would fully actually work so they could have changed the whole premise last minute anyway! The Sprint races also aren't part of the official calendar as rules and regulations governing a race weekend as currently it is only a trial event. The general perception of the sprint races when they were announced was; the lack of regulation changes from last year meant they thought that the season might be more stagnant and it needed
  5. I wonder if it was unique to Bottas or he was just the most obviously noticeable recipient as he's at the front. For example, in F1 2017, over 3 seasons, Alonso was 54-6 against Vandoorne on mine (which is high but not unexpected), Wehrlein was 47-13 against Ericsson (again, high but Wehrlein was marginally better) .... and Grosjean was 42-18 against Kmags (which was a surprise) in terms of who finished ahead of whom in races. I refined it for 2018 so I could monitor qualifying results too but I had more balanced results so it didn't work out as interestingly. I shall do one this year and see
  6. PS4 currently. I will be migrating over to PC/Steam eventually though so might compare the difference between the two. It's possible there are differences from platform to platform.
  7. Getting feedback on something is, or will be, looked at is a contentious topic. There have been mentions that people are discontent that there's not much feedback whether things are being looked at but they have assured people that they look at every suggestion but obviously, with time being a valuable resource, they can't comment on every post. I would imagine a change like this would be a next year thing if they were to look at it, but i'd like to see it sooner.
  8. They've always been very vocal that they're coming but they've simultaneously been very evasive about a date when they come. They definitely have never stated it will arrive in July and the expected arrival date is under much dispute. Some say it'll be much further towards the end of the year from late October to Early January window. Others say that 2 of them will arrive before long and Jeddah will be later. Basically we have no information on when they will arrive, just that they will at some point. Probably with a short amount of notice. Regarding whether it's
  9. Likewise, but flexibility wouldn't be awful for those that think it's too long. I imagine there'll be the usual reduced options too. So you could have 23/20/16/11, for example.
  10. This seems to stem from the lack of Championships mode, really. I do think they underestimated how appreciated that mode was. The Grand Prix mode workaround doesn't work as you can't do any other races in the interim so it's generally just one-off races with no consequences. You could actually unlock trophies last year like Driver Champion and stuff like that. I don't mind that it's not in Driver Career and MyTeam. These modes make more sense as an avatar who can grow. I've heard licensing could be an issue but no idea how or why if you can be them in Championships and Grand Pri
  11. Yeah, general consensus was that you couldn't actually play the Turkey race but the results would be updated post that race so you could use it as a load point from real life.
  12. This is exactly how I understood it, and how it was stated to be originally.
  13. Well, that is pants. And makes absolutely no sense. Either that is someone misinterpreting something along the way but whenever i've seen it asked, it's literally that the three will be included and it'll turn to 23 races from the following season (or the initial season if you start a fresh one). There's a quote I read earlier for another forum post that said the 20 races, and their respective track layouts, from last season will remain the same and then the three will be added to your career seasons from the following seasons. I'd be unhappy to be proved wrong but if you can find i
  14. If there was ever an option to Super-Like a forum post then this one would be a shoe-in. When it was announced and it sounded like a Championships mode then I was actually interested and thought it had various scenario-based potential pathways that the player can make up themselves like; Say Lewis is 23 points ahead of Max at the last race, take control of Max and try to win the title. Say Alpine are 20 points off overtaking Aston Martin with 6 races to go. Can you get them above Aston before the end of the season? Literally, any time you look at the calendar and think 'He
  15. Yes, and no. The root problem is that the three tracks aren't there. When they are there, your 20 race problem is solved as it'll change to a 23 race season.
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