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  1. Even ignoring the odd-looking white part of the actual helmet; it looks awful in comparison to the modded one. It may be the sponsors that make it look better but the DLC one just looks shiny and kinda cheap and tacky to me. Makes me kinda want to get a PC just for the improved customisation possibilities that look like they fit in the paddock.
  2. Please do not feed the trolls was something that I used to see on forums all the time. I sense it's repetitive fishing so just don't bite, but it's not just you that is a recipient of it. I guess nothing will be done about it as, currently, there's no reason to explain dislikes. Potentially a way of improving the forum is to have reasons for negative reactions. For example; 'this post was disliked for; (and then you have radio buttons) Misinformation, Distasteful, Etc.
  3. Again, having control over whom is going where is infinitely better than turning them off. Please stop giving them a half-baked resolution of just turning them off as it just creates a new problem instead of fixing the first one. Shwartzman is pants on my game. He usually ends up at Aston but never really gets many points. Although none of my f2 drivers ever do. I've had lower level drivers binned off mid-season? Like at Williams, Drugovich was replaced by Ticktum who had better acclaim. Seeing Bottas replaced by a lower acclaim is surprising though.
  4. Half-expecting a few comments to say that they empathise more with what Norris was doing at Eau Rouge than he was doing than what he was doing at the bus stop. Spinning more than the Haas drivers will probably be a trophy in F1 2022 and poor Norris did it in one corner, but at least he's okay. Watching this qualifying session does highlight the level of skill the drivers have, which the game will always find it hard to replicate.
  5. Friendly warning. Don't finish your 10th season of Career/MyTeam as it wipes all your saves. 😂
  6. There's a mystical, magical cut-off date somewhere in what seems to be January. Providing the race hasn't been postponed/cancelled by that point then it's in the game! That standpoint exists for any track on the original calendar for 2022, with the possible exception of an overriding circumstance like; Hypothetically, the cutoff date is 20th January and there will be 23 races that season. On the 18th Jan, Miami backs out but the FIA insist that it will still be 23 tracks with a replacement announced shortly. It would be up to the discretion of the designers to say whether they
  7. Love me some Cricket19. I'm terrible at choosing shots so I hope you're better than me at it. I'm usually skittled out quicker than India at Headingly in their first innings. 😂
  8. I am literally just coasting until the three new tracks come out. I think most of the little bugs will be resolved by that time and it'll be good to go. I tried going back to F1 2020 but it felt like a betrayal like i'd lost faith. 😕 I did have some competitive drivers in F1 2020. De Vries was always pretty handy, Aitken could do it on a good day and Hubert really shone. I've not seen that level so far as in season 10, Zhou is the only F2 driver to score points... and he got 12... in a Merc which is still the fastest car. The other 8 F2 drivers (and Mazepin) haven't scored one s
  9. De Vries may get his shot 3 years late! (I still think that's unlikely but the poor guy can't do much else!) I don't know if Aitken would have been higher if he'd actually competed in some seasons? I progressed from the end of Brazil to the start of Australia and they've dropped again. Aitken leads with 81, Drugo second on 75 and Shwarty third on 72. No idea why they've all dropped a point. Mazepin is 79 rated as an F1 driver, Schumi is now 90 and Tsunoda is 91. So even in the space of a fortnight, they're going weird and dropping.
  10. With news that Qatar will potentially be coming, Brazil potentially being moved to mid November and Turkey potentially dropping out;.. I hope Codemasters have prepared accordingly for all of these changes to be included by the end of the month or I will have no choice but to be outraged they didn't see it coming back in March 2020 as everyone could predict that this exact scenario was going to happen ever since that first McLaren employee spluttered his first cough in Australia. I'm sure we'll be receiving confirmation that it'll all be in place ready to go by the end of the week. Persona
  11. SmokyAtom07


    I use a controller. Always have, and probably always will. I'm far from an expert neither but i've no intention of being one though. Tbh, you can just use the balanced set-up that you're assigned at the start of every race and that'll be okay for virtually all the tracks on the game even on controller. You can keep trying to find excuses in peripherals but you have to accept, at some point, that the issue may be more internal if you're wanting it to be easy immediately.
  12. It's probably going to be an unintentional side effect but start a MyTeam and just sim everything. I'd recommend changing the Career sliders so your stuff is at maximum and the AI is at the lowest but this isn't essential. For your main sponsor, just say "complete a full season" for the first one or two. Then change to "earn this amount of points" beyond then as your car will be the best after that. For the weekly sponsors, just choose the two that say 'have no DNFs' as you'll get the payout probably 18/19 times out of the 20 race season. Then you can max out your car so the last two sponsor
  13. I know most people won't have got that far by now but i'm two races from the end of Season 10. (i'm just simming every race to show how 10 seasons of 100% races would pan out while waiting for the game to be at the level for starting a proper MyTeam... Spoiler alert, Mercedes dominate still until year 10). Now, I thought i'd have a look at the driver market to see how drivers are getting on as I noticed Alonso was getting trounced by Italian ***** at McLaren every race. His pace stat was only 75 so there is decline in there, as well as Hamilton still being at Merc (still the best team) a
  14. SmokyAtom07


    I'd say that scenario is highly unlikely. If monkeys can write Shakespeare then I daresay that humans can do well on F1 2021 with 0 AI and full assists. Now somewhere between 0 AI and Full Assists and 110 AI and no assists is your playing level and you just have to find it. You're definitely talented enough for the game, just probably not at the level you're thinking you could... yet. Nobody goes from Newbie to 110AI immediately. It takes time, practice and a few aggressive retorts to people saying "it's just a game" when you know it's more than that. Then you get to the level you
  15. I did have a similar issue and I had the option to either lose 50k or like 937 resource points. I had like 120,000 resource points and 200m in the bank so neither choice really mattered but I had the one to lose 50k greyed out and it wasn't because I couldn't afford it. To me, didn't matter too much as I was waaaay beyond needing them at that point but early on in a game save might be more annoying.
  16. SmokyAtom07


    It's a shame as you did get alot of advice that would be helpful to most gamers so it was nice to see everyone pull together to try and help, even if it was futile. I would only recommend the having assists on and then removing one-by-one when you're thinking you're nailing it. I know you think it's like 'watching F1 on TV' but only if you do that all the time for the rest of the game-year. It's only a short-term investment until you get the hang of it so you don't feel like you've wasted your money. By the end of September at the latest, you could have them all off and still be competit
  17. They do say that you need to be two seconds a lap faster than the other driver in order to overtake. In identical machinery, that's extremely unlikely as it's purely down to driver ratings, which F2 doesn't lend itself to as Racecraft and Pace stats are pants so they don't really go for moves. If they had alternate strategies then you'd see it as the tyre offset would account for the pace difference but everyone does the same thing really regarding the tyres so it's a procession. One thing to consider is that there isn't always that much overtaking in F2 anyway. It's exciting and
  18. I expect they'll be every other week or so that it happens. The fact that kids mistakenly abuse loot boxes isn't the bad PR but if there are stories where they flatly refused to refund hundreds, or thousands, of pounds, then that's where the stories are damaging. They'll never stop utilising microtransactions in games that big but people generally accept it. The metaphorical noose isn't something they'll concern themselves with. Although, F1 isn't as big as football, so it's possible they don't have the swing room to leverage consumers with pay-to-win things like they do in other games.
  19. Yes, but having something for the sake of having something isn't always worthwhile. If it helps with tracking past tier 30 then sure it's doing something but what happens when they max out Prestige level 5? Back to being pointless and all you've done is move the goalpost and done so without giving them a desirable reward to make it seem the effort had a end purpose. Might as well have had up to Tier 35 and had more unlockables as that's all it is, but you've made sure the last 5 things you unlock just aren't interesting.
  20. Loot boxes, microtransactions and any hidden payments for DLC have been a popularity disaster across all games for years, but that is offset by their financial gains of the ones that don't rack up huge bills. The concept of them is unpopular but as long as they don't flatly refuse to return extortionate amounts of money then they usually come out of it looking decent enough, so that's where the PR gain is when they let parents off for their kids' mistakes.
  21. I get that people don't always make it to the end. Some people have more time than others, but it would have been nice if you did have something. If people didn't want to actually pay for pitcoins to buy something from the Weekly/Daily Pass then for each prestige level, you could choose one of them to unlock for free. You could only have a maximum of 5 so it's not too much, plus they're never going to be seen again after the first podium pass anyway. That way, those people who don't have much money yet really want an item in the daily/weekly but cannot stretch to physically buying it ha
  22. That's probably the key. For a game like Fifa, parents won't let their children buy it if they're worried about racking up monstrous debts. £6000 is probably about 80-120 people buying the game when it first comes out if you consider the cost of the different versions. So you can really inconvenience one Dad and lose way more users than you'd make off that, or you can say "don't sweat it, just learn the lesson for next time" and look good and maybe even get a few more parents to trust your brand and therefore more purchases. These companies know what they're doing when it comes to
  23. I dunno. eSports is a serious thing now. Like, really serious. Not just in F1 but across various other disciplines too. I'm okay at the game, not sensational but not awful... but, like Kimi, it's just a hobby for me. However, those guys take it really serious as it's basically a livelihood for them. The actual F1 teams are invested in the eSports world too so, by that logic, you should be outraged that real life drivers get handling changes before you do. Is it a bummer that they get it way before us? Yeah, I guess. Is it worth whining about? Only if you depend on it for your ma
  24. I agree, but I was trying to show diplomacy and not go in with both barrels! 🤣 but yeah, not a massive fan of them as it stands. I do have concern as there are going to be 5 or 6 podium passes and, to be honest, after the third one the gamecycle has lost its muster and you're not actively looking for anything anymore as you're quite a way through whatever game mode you're doing already. Like say there's something you like in the last one. You have 60 days to earn it, then use it during a time in which your interest in the game is merely keeping up to speed for the next edition that is about
  25. Customisation itself needs abit of work, I think. The original 50ish items in the podium pass were majoratively pants with a few exception. It has got better in the Item shop for helmets and a few liveries you can work with. However, victory calls, suits and, to a lesser extent, gloves are still limited. So literally any victory calls would be useful as the additional ones so far (pizza/assists/second driver) just don't work with context. Like if you drive without assists then he wouldn't say he has assists. If it's MyTeam then why would he be a second driver in his own team?
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