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  1. 1 hour ago, GoSuarez99 said:

    I want to give props to Codemasters for actually putting Enzo Fittipaldi in the game in the F2 2021 update

    You mean 'Viscaal' (until they fix it)

    The fact the season has been sooo long probably helped him be included. 

  2. 48 minutes ago, Sector4 said:

    I'm guessing NOT since they won the teams' title with 1 weekend to go and their drivers are 1st & 2nd in the championship. 

    Why not F2 2021 drivers in Career or My Team? Well, I guess the excuse is that the first season of both modes is set in 2021 and iT WoUlD NoT RePrEsEnT ThE SpOrT AcCuRaTeLy if drivers like Piastri, Pourchaire, Lawson, Vips or Verschoor graduated to F1 in 2021.

    But it is just that... An excuse. Either it's somehow complicated and game-breaking to add them into the driver pool or it's a licensing pain in the butt or they want to save that small selling point for next year's game or whatever. It just adds to the feeling that the current season's F2 content is just tacked on due to some contractual obligation, not really integrated within the rest of the game. 

    Yeah, that was my underlying point!  If any team is the King of the Feeder Series, then it's Prema. They're usually there or thereabouts in every series they participate in.

    I've no idea why they shouldn't be available on a new save. I can just about understand existing saves not having them but hard to come up with an excuse for new saves not having them.   I don't think logic can come into it too much as it could be season 10 and it may be the case that i'm bringing in a 35 year old rookie Jack Aitken?  Yeah, not too realistic.   Or the potential logic of bringing in Samaia/Nissany/Sato at any point of the save as they suck donkey danglies and will never make it to the big leagues.

    I cannot agree more. It's hard to align the sales pitch of 'Coming in December, the exciting F2 season (that's already basically over) that you've been waiting for!" with the fact it's basically an afterthought that they've shoehorned in so they have a license.   I can get them wanting to hold off a little so they can get things like stats correct but it's December... Generally you know who is a good driver and who isn't by around the 3rd or 4th race in a season.   I generally hold out hope that they're waiting til we got to Next Gen before they focus on proper integration of feeder series but that doesn't help right now with the wasted potential. 

  3. 5 hours ago, petro1319 said:

    Awesome.  Nothing like playing My Team in the F1 2021 game with only 2020 F2 drivers to pick from.   Brilliant idea Codies... AGAIN.   

    I assume nobody else has open save slots to even test this?  Another Brilliant decision Codies....   🙄

    Did they even change the race format for F2?

    I was going to looks last night to try to see if it is just F1 2020 drivers in a new MyTeam save but I felt I already knew the answer so didn't bother. The save slots thing is incredibly pants though.   I did however delete one of mine this morning to test this and Driver Moves can be disabled in MyTeam now.   But yeah, no F2 2021 drivers in MyTeam. Not a surprise though. 

    I can confirm they have changed the race format... and gone above and beyond!    They've included this years AND next years format. So, you know, that's something. 


    Further small notes from 2 qualifying sessions and five full length races; 

    Pourchaire is massively overpowered. He's took both poles, including one by nearly half a second and then races off into the distance. If I just start race without qualifying then he'll start between 3rd and 6th and be overtaking everyone and finishing way down the road. I like him but it's even more severe than Markelov last year.

    Fittipaldi is called Viscaal. That'll get remedied though.

    The character models for the new drivers aren't actually that bad. I can actually tell who they should be which is a nice start.

    Prema are midfielders all the time. Not sure that should be the case.

    Deledda is probably top 5 quickest. That'll need fixing so he gets lapped in 5 lap races.

    HiTech suck. They're always at the back, both in the qualifying and the races.

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  4. 5 minutes ago, Spicey2 said:

    TT Leaderboards have times set for 2021 F2 even though i haven't turned a wheel on any track yet.

    I imagine it's because the basic functionality of the car is the same as 2020 F2 so the cars all go at the same speed. This means there was no point having a whole new category for something purely aesthetic and therefore any times you, and other people, have set will be valid across both. 

  5. Just now, petro1319 said:

    I take it we still cant use the F2 2021 drivers in My Team mode; right? 

    I know it's not helpful as I don't know the answer but i'd initially assume not. Or, at the very least, not in any existing saves. 

    Hopefully we can and I look forward to someone saying i'm incorrect (although I doubt it)

  6. I'm not really an online player but I can only imagine the carnage there'd be in Jeddah.

    I saw 3 F2 races (calling the Feature Race a race is a stretch though) and a Porsche Race before the disaster that was an F1 race and they all had incidents and cars in walls. I'm still not sure if there wasn't a session where things didn't end up in the wall at some point!

    If the professionals were struggling to race without contact, then I dread to think what the amateurs do. 

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  7. Typically i'd be at work when it comes out so will miss the chance to get straight on it...

    I was wondering what they'd do with the colours due to the sheer amount of blue and white. Carlin being Yellow and ART being Orange are interesting takes I don't quite follow. 

    Personally, i'd change the map icons (and team identifier colour) for both F1 and F2 to being two colours. A solid circle (like it is now) but then an outline around the outside.  It just makes them more accurate and means they don't have weird colours. 


    Merc - Black circle with light blue outline (or vice versa)

    Red Bull - Dark Blue circle with yellow outline. 

    McLaren - Orange circle with blue outline

    Ferrari - Red circle and black outline (more black on the car than white)

    Alpha Tauri - dark blue with white outline

    Aston Martin - green with pink outline

    Haas - White with Red outline

    Williams - Blue with yellow outline (minimal amount of conflict with other teams)

    Alpine - Blue with Red outline

    Alfa Romeo - Dark Red with white outline


    Carlin - Blue with lime green outline (close to Dan's car)

    UNI Virtuosi - Blue with White outline (like Drugo's car)

    Charouz - Keep the Reddy colour with a dark blue outline 

    Prema - Red with white outline

    MP - White with light blue outline

    Campos - white with black outline

    HWA - Navy with white outline

    Trident - Keep the purpley colour and a red outline - white also okay for outline

    DAMS - Navy with light blue outline

    ART - Grey with Black outline (not the most enthusiastic but Campos took white and black)

    Hitech - Dark Blue circle with yellow outline.  (same as Red Bull)


    Included is a table with them showing how they'd kind of look.  I hope that conveys what i'm trying to show. 


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  8. 1 hour ago, ScaredDuck said:

    I would think the reason women compete at the lower formula than the men isn’t that they aren’t capable but funding..  lower formulas are less expensive to run over the course off a season.  And as there’s less viewers there’s less sponsors etc.  I am just guessing ofcourse as i know nothing about the women’s series 

    I've considered that already and I don't doubt that is a contributing factor but i'd not go as far as to say it's the reason.  Hence why I included Calderon and Florsch in my opinion as they're two prevalent females who got into the higher formulae and didn't set the world on fire trundling around the back.

    I'm not saying the women are bad drivers. I'm just saying they aren't as good as the men.  There's 20 slots available on an F1 grid (21 with MyTeam excluding your created driver) and I cannot see any scenario where, based on pure talent, a female gets in anytime soon. For example, i'll divide next years F1 grid into sections over the next 5 years. 

    Be there for next 5 years - Max, Charles, Sainz, Stroll, Mick, Russell, Norris, Ocon, Gasly, Tsunoda

    Most likely would still be there if there was a seat available - Perez, Ricciardo, 

    Probably retired - Lewis, Bottas, Vettel, Alonso

    Decent drivers but the money talks - Zhou, Albon, Latifi and Maz

    So, there's minimum 4-5 seats available. Maximum of 10-11 if you took out the ones that would be ageing like Danny and Sergio and those which are there for money (the last section).

    So, if I was to choose 10 drivers I think wouldn't be out of place in F1 within 5 Years;

    Piastri, Shwartzman, Lawson, Vips, Ticktum, Ilott, Pourchaire, Hauger, Martins, Saucy

    Drivers that aren't as young but still have things to prove in F1; Magnussen, De Vries, Vandoorne. 

    You could even keep going to drivers of a lesser extent... All drivers that could feasibly turn up in F1 but less expected.

    Daruvala, Drugovich, Lundgaard, Doohan, Armstrong, Daruvala, Little Leclerc, Vesti, Collet, etc.


    You put a single one of those in the W series and I'd be surprised if they're not a clear Champion. I don't see it going the other way where a female driver has any modicum of success in a male dominated environment.  

    Therefore, i'd say money is a factor but the sheer genetic handicap women have is their main impediment.

    That being said, i'd want them included because it's a make-believe world inside the game and girls playing the game should have something to represent them too. They should be able to create their own female driver, have a female teammate and be able to win the Constructors in a female team.  I'm just saying that if you want it to be realistic, it's a long journey. 

  9. 4 minutes ago, GoSuarez99 said:

    So what your saying is that Raghunathan would be higher than almost everyone in the W Series

    2B93AF48-B2FD-491B-9DBC-F5FC0F674AAD.webp 61.26 kB · 2 downloads

    I wouldn't have rated him what he was... but basically yeah. 

    While Raggy wasn't the greatest driver of all time, he isn't the worst neither. Same with Deledda. He is extremely pony when you put him against the class of F2 but in a race against me? I'd be the one getting lapped.   The W series is an F4 level competition so hard to say what any of them would do about 3 levels up the pyramid. (F3 Regionals, F3 and then F2)

    I don't doubt some of them could do a very decent job at higher formulae but Chadwick and Powell are the only ones I can see not looking totally out of place around F2.  Calderon and Florsch aren't bad drivers but they've never pulled up trees on their way up neither, so I can't see how most others would differ from that logic? 

    I don't doubt they're talented, yes.  Anywhere near looking like they'll make it to F1?  Only Chadwick and I don't think Williams would ever make that jump for a full-time seat.  At least not for another 3-5 years or so... providing they don't move up the field to be competitive.  

    15 minutes ago, Sonic6L said:

    Not many people play F2, however F2 is my go to mode, I much prefer it over F1 as the AI is more consistent across tracks. 

    I quite like F2 and play it quite often in Grand Prix (especially when you get daily tasks such as Win a Race with Nikita, but you get different results with F2 which I like. There's any one of 10 drivers that win (although usually Tsunoda and Schumacher) whereas F1 was always Merc or Red Bull (usually Hammy) that won.   That being said, I can't deny the mode is not overly utilized but I think that's down to the casual player not knowing who/what the mode is and then the lack of integration of the mode into the game to give it a purpose.  You could do alot with it if there was a drive to do so, but I don't think there is. 

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  10. 12 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Don’t disagree with anything you’ve said.  I did say it would be tricky as motorsport is a unisex(or whatever the pronoun is these days) sport.  

    Ofcourse it will be a publicity stunt.  

    I’m a huge advocate off equality.. however equality off outcome is all the rage this days and this is something I’m hugely against.  

    Jordan B Peterson is my modern day hero😁

    I'd like them to find a way of making it competitive but I think nature might make it too tricky. Currently it is segregated which is good for competition but not the ideal scenario. 

    I am all for equality and diversity but for practical reasons. I think when you include people based on certain factors then it isn't too different to excluding them for the same factors. It shouldn't just be a tickbox-based number-quota meeting exercise that they're included, but on the merit of their abilities.  They need opportunities, not to be patronised by being handed stuff.  I'm more against the pay-drivers than I am diversity factors though. 

    I confess I don't know too much of his work beyond him being more Conservative in his leanings towards subjects. 

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  11. 1 hour ago, ScaredDuck said:

    If they binned F2.  The solution to my team would be a case off giving you drivers market that would have F2 drivers that’s stats would be update when they release the driver updates.

    As for the women I fully agree with you.  However.  Have you ever played any FIFA women’s match.  The women are every bit as good as the men.   I know I know... I love watching women’s football as it’s laughable at times ( I’m not sexist it’s just what I see ) air kicks miss kicks and snails pace in comparison to the men.  

    So they will rate the women as high as the men but put them in women’s series cars that will be slow.  In current climate better to under rate the cars than the women.  Although it will be a tricky one.  As in football and cricket there’s a woman’s and a mans game.  In Motorsport in general it’s unisex.   So I’d understand cm leaving women’s series out.  But in the current climate do they dare?

    There does need to be an increase of available teammates to the marketplace. Whether it's F3, both years of F2 or older drivers. It's only the same 5 or 6 drivers that get promoted on mine which does affect replayability. (Unsurprisingly it's a little narrow-fielded as no AI would/should hire drivers with the stats of Nissany or Samaia)

    I don't really play FIFA, but as I remember, you could only play female team against female team?  So, like you said, the high-rankings are based on their own Female stats separate from the males. If you put them against the males then the stats would be lower around 60's and 70s for the better female ones.   The W series is a nice thing, sure... and it would be amazing to see females actually make it into F1 but I cannot envisage a scenario where they're anything more than a publicity stunt (see Carmen Jorda) or trundling around the back of the grid. And that is the best of the bunch like Chadwick. They'd have stats between 20 and 40... if you're being kind.

    Long-term in the sport, you could make it mandatory to have a female driver on the team (they were reportedly considering mandatory rookies a few years ago  -  basically drivers that had completed less than a certain amount of races) but then that doesn't become equality as they're not there on the basis of their talent. 

    Considering the W series is such a low level formula (around F4 level), the drivers just are going to be far too low to be usable or massively overrated in order to make them less pants. I don't see why they'd include something that would be even less useful than F2 if the problem is that not enough people care about F2 as it is. 

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  12. I expected there'd be one last big update so i'm not too fussed if F2 is late, as long as it comes with something worthwhile (Driver Transfers, Turkey (jokes), etc).   If it doesn't and it's just a standalone 'showpiece' introduction where it's the F2 and a few bug fixes then that's another eyeroll moment.  We all know the drivers are not going into MyTeam, unfortunately. 

    Regarding people saying to bin off F2 from the series as it's not 'loved'. I agree it's not given the respect it should be but if they binned it off then they'd also have to bin off MyTeam as there'd be no drivers to hire in the first place!   No idea why people always think the W Series will be a replacement as the driver stats for those ladies would be awful barring one or two. They'd all be like 20 rated.   I get inclusion and diversity so, sure, include them too but not as a replacement. 

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  13. It is increasingly rare to get one-off refunds for many games these days. You get like a widespread occasion where companies will refund all players as they accept their game was a steamy pile of donkey dung at release but that's when it is undeniable and is usually a promise to fix it, instead of just immediately refunding.

    On individual cases, you have to have barely played it and yet still have strong evidence of the issues. You can't just get refunds because you have buyers regret.   It's obviously quite hard to provide significant evidence AND have barely touched the game. 

    Also, there's very limited context on why you want/deserve the refund. Depending on your reasoning, there'd presumably be a few avenues to strengthen your case. 

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  14. I, personally, do not expect to see them added. They weren't last year so I wouldn't ordinarily expect a change of tack in that regard.

    There were rumours that it wasn't even going to include the format for the weekend when they added F2, so if you're expecting them to go above and beyond... 🙄

  15. It could be free and I still don't think you'd get your money's worth out of the upgrade. 😂

    It feels weird racing alongside the icons but that you can't 'be' them. Also the fact that you can't have sponsors on the Deluxe liveries/overalls is pretty pants too.

    It could have been really good, which is probably why i'm a little bitter about it. 

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  16. 11 hours ago, zuluulu said:

    Hi guys. I got F1 2021 on PS4 and before I started a new my team career I turned those stupid driver transfers off as it has newly been added in the latest patch. But I still have those stupid transfers happening... Verstappen from RB to alpine . I had signed Schwartzman from the beginning in order not to fiddle with the whole transfer system and yet it goes crazy again.. can somebody help me here ? How is your experience with my team ai transfers turned off? Is it simply a bug I have ?


    It's Driver Career only.  You're still getting them by design.

    MyTeam requires driver transfers so it's something you'll just have to work around until if/when they do something to remedy it like provide control / make it sensible. 

  17. I'd imagine they'd be more common in longer seasons but if you did a 16 race season with 10 seasons then i'd expect the elders would still be retiring and a few would shuffle around. 

    Depends how many seasons you're using for your experiment. If you're just doing the first season then no guarantee anyone is moving. If you are doing 3-4 seasons and not a single transfer/retirement then something is weird. 

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  18. It should be impossible to have transfers turned off in MyTeam as the entire mode relies on being able to choose your teammate.  Therefore, either the mode remains broken for all eternity or they do something sensible like provide access to control it ourselves or, like DonBlanko says, make it work as it should if people don't want control. 

    9 hours ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Driver transfers can only be turned off in player career and not my team.

    However there is a workaround posted by @DRTApophis

    The workaround is good, but isn't it only if you want them to stay at a team they're currently at?  For example, if you want to force various moves simultaneously, the system doesn't work?  For example, say I wanted Gasly to go to Red Bull, Schumacher to Ferrari, Daruvala to Alpha Tauri, Russell to Mercedes, Bottas to Alfa Romeo, Shwartzman to Haas, Ticktum to Williams, etc.  There's no way of leading the system into making that exact scenario, as far as i'm aware? 


  19. They did say it was coming in November. However, there are still 12 days left of November so there's no promises broken yet.

    While they did say it would be November for the Jeddah and F2 2021, they never said it would be at the same time. 

  20. 43 minutes ago, Liaveil said:

    It's better than a lot of the designs we've had in the past where the designer clearly has some weird obsession with zebra stripes and asymmetrical nonsense. 

    But I agree, these would have been great if they added their driver models in. If they're going to add real drivers helmets in I'd rather they do iconic drivers like our current seven icon drivers, Hakkinen, Hill etc. Or drivers that tend to retire early like Alonso, Kimi and Seb. (Driver models as well please?... Could even add driver avatars on to the podium pass to unlock)

    I think you could probably hodge-podge a Hakkinen likeness. Look for the Character model that is the most Finnish looking, commentary name would be Makkinen, a helmet should be similar enough to get the multiple shades of blue, black and white.  

    However, yes, it would be so much better if you had it all there ready and waiting for you.  Even if you couldn't customise the real-life character models themselves.  Say you could choose from two categories. Official Drivers or Created Driver. 

    • The created driver is the current one where you, well, create your own driver. Full customisation like it is now.
    • An Official Driver would be any of the current lineup plus additionals like the Icons, Braking Point Characters, etc. These are set characters. So, say, you chose Hakkinen. He has a set character model, a set helmet and it just had the basics (Mika written down the side and your team sponsors). These cannot be customised so you can put a character model with a different helmet. Then obviously their commentary name and all that is also hard-coded in. 


    I'm not a personal fan of the current Created Driver as there's so little customisation available so i'd rather just drive as an official driver anyway. 

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  21. On 11/16/2021 at 8:11 PM, NicoTheJoker said:

    How would you know? If EA didn't rush out the game, maybe Codemasters would've had enough time to implement the three new tracks, work on handling and AI, as well as on this year's F2 championship. Codies cares about community, EA cares about money. It's just a fact. 😉


    I get that opinion but I think delaying it would be counterproductive to sales. People are less likely to buy something that is already over and having it in the middle of the season renews interest in the product.

    Weirdly, I think the game comes out too late as it is. The real-life season is halfway through and i'm still zooming around with last years liveries and drivers so it doesn't feel authentic and I lose interest. If it was any later for a release date then the real life season would be over before the game even began! 

    The problem with it how it is currently is that the game came out like 5 months ago, and for alot of players, it's still not finished. If they do one more sizeable batch of improvements (expected with the F2 2021 update) where they include driver transfer control and other improvements then that leaves 6 months of time to play the game you paid for and then intended to play months and months ago. For most people, that's fine but I find it less immersive post February when i'm still trundling along with drivers I don't care about (like this year with Albon) instead of those I do. <--- I'm aware Albon is actually coming back for the next edition and we'll lose Kimi so that's a kick in the gonads so less fussed if it takes a long time to update the lineup this time. 

    There would be downsides to releasing it earlier as it'd be nigh-impossible to have all the tracks ready to go and the car performance would be questionable. However, considering those are things they don't fix until November anyway every year, is it really that much of a problem? 

    I can understand the calls for a subscription based service for the game but that'll make more sense after the transition to next generation.  I'm not a fan of subscription models myself but would possibly work for a game like this.

  22. 21 hours ago, Hagedisboy said:

    Ok so almost everyone that plays this game loves F1, so you already have a loyal fanbase. This game has so much potential, but I'm afraid I have to see it doesn't live up to that potential - for me at least. When the game got released, I think I played for multiple hours every day for two or three weeks. Then it got boring, and I stopped playing until the new tracks and performance update got released. I played for multiple hours every day again, for three weeks and then I stopped again because it's just not possible for me to have a long-term driver's career mode that stays fun for multiple season. What was the straw that broke the camel's back for me was when Max Verstappen (who won the WDC in season 1 with Red Bull) replaced me at Alfa Romeo (the second worst car) when I went to Ferrari. Leclerc also went to AR so you might think Sainz was the other driver at my team. Nope, that was Tsunoda who got replaced at AlphaTauri half way through season one by Giovinazzi, probably because his performances were terrible. 

    Now, the weird driver transfers are the main reason I don't have fun with this game anymore. I think it would be great if there would be the option to change everything about the drivers and teams yourself, like in FIFA. Why not give us a 'customization' option, where you can edit everything you'd like before you start a career mode. Like the driver's stats, which team they race for and maybe even their number. Turning off driver's transfers is not the answer because even though it's better than the very weird stuff you see when the transfers are on, people like Raikkonen, Hamilton and Alonso will decline a couple of seasons in and they can't be replaced, because de transfers are off. Hell, even 'driver's transfers off, only replace a driver who retires' would make the game so much more fun.

    The driver transfers are something I could harp on about for days so very little point getting too involved with that as you're completely right that they break your enjoyment of a game. 

    21 hours ago, Hagedisboy said:

    But that's not just it. Why is it that the AI STILL doesn't get out of the way when you are in a hotlap in qualifying? Why is it that the AI almost never crashes theirselves? Every race in real life, there are at least one or two retirements. I can't say that that is also the case in F1 2021.

    The AI do crash on mine so I think that's a variant to different players based on different unique variables relevant to each individual player. Although oddly, it's Sainz and Alonso who spin without pressure the most and Ricciardo who is involved in crashes <--- I think that's probably a result of a last-of-the-late-brakers trait you'd assume he'd have.  It's one of the things I can't complain about as the 21 other drivers are all better than I am at driving in real life and don't make that many mistakes... even Mazepin these days. So one or two odd moments a weekend across a field of 21 other drivers isn't unreasonable.

    21 hours ago, Hagedisboy said:

    Why is it that in most of the career mode I've had for the last few years, Bottas wins more races than Hamilton? And why is it that the AI drives like I don't exist? They don't give you space at all and that was not the case in F1 2020. It looks like we went backwards, not even sideways.at.

    I do like the idea of the AI being more defensive as a year or two ago, they'd back out of any confrontation and just wave you through.  However, sometimes they do close doors that were wide open.  I'll admit sometimes peoples moves are a little optimistic (see the quantity of the "who is at fault in this video?" videos where they're clearly at fault) but I'd rather have them being aggressive than passive. 

    21 hours ago, Hagedisboy said:

    I may sound a bit bitter but I'm just saying this because I love F1 and I really want to have a game that I can play for a whole year without getting too frustrated by all the 'bugs' after just a couple of weeks. Maybe instead of focussing on stuff like Braking Point, you should focus on getting all the minor bugs out of the game. Because trust me, a lot of loyal customers would really, really appreciate that.

    Completely get that.  I don't mind Braking Point, per se, as I don't think it is a terrible idea to bring more people in and have more fun. However, i'd also bin that off in exchange for a basic game that would do 90% of what i'm looking for.   The problem is that people (like me) end up buying the game again the next year anyway hoping it'll be different so it never really changes. 

  23. On 11/16/2021 at 8:36 PM, FTBuzzard said:

    That Jeddah track is insane, what's your experience with it?

    I like it. It's perfectly made for time trial, I think.   Short races are okay enough but i've not done a long to full one yet to see how that fares.

    Not sure how it'll actually play out in an actual real life race though.  People thought Baku would be lousy and but that's traditionally gone quite well and it's similar to that in general feel (to me, at least), except faster.  

  24. It's... nice. But, that's it. If anything, it's inconvenient.  I'd say the Russell and Ricciardo were taking 8 slots (2x helmet, livery, gloves and overall) away from other designs but considering most of the designs for customisation are pretty pants, it's hard to say it's detracting from anything so it makes no difference if they're included or not. 

    Regarding the helmet, I'm not George Russell. It makes no sense for me to wear it. It's got his name and number plastered on it so would work as an alternative helmet for him but is next to useless on my character. If it could be edited so the name was the same colour of the background (the number isn't insurmountable detailing as you could pass it off as something different to a 63) then it would be okayish... but, alas, like any half decent item, it cannot be customised to improve it.. Surprise, surprise. 

    While I agree it looks nice, I don't see the point of it. I get that some people will like it, but it's not for me.

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  25. 15 hours ago, Yindi said:

    Yes and that is why we need an option to turn it off.

    Off for me and on for you then that makes every one happy.

    Evidently not 'everyone' in that i'm not content yet as it's still broken for MyTeam and for those that want transfers in Driver Career but for them to not be absolutely pants. 🙄

    So it's made... two people.. happy. So far, at least. I'm sure there's more that are happy than that but I can't imagine it's a great hit ratio of those satisfied by the change to those still unsatisfied by the change. 

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