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  1. I've not been in the Haas myself to manually look at their facilities in later seasons but by at least season 7, everyone is over 900 on the R&D scores which is only possible when they're doing the Ultimate upgrades of level 3. It's possible it happened way before then but i'd have to go on the game to see when they started to look promising.
  2. I was just pointing out that Japan is known for similar things happening. 😁 At least if it is having an impact on performance then it is doing its job and it is a graphical issue and not an AI one!
  3. I like to attribute it to not being as 'gamey' as I used to be (and therefore just out of practice) and not a dwindling lack of natural skill. However, comments on my actual driving are unfairly harsh and may imply i'm not 'all-that'. I quite liked the Rome Total War series and I think there was a Lord of the Rings one that was pretty decent. I just wish I still had the time that I used to have!
  4. Eventually they'll all be level 3 for everything. I'd assume that, yeah, the better your performance, the more money they receive, the quicker the upgrade. Like in MyTeam, you get a bigger reward for finishing higher and I imagine the same system lingers in Career but in the background. No guarantees they'll actually spend it in a timely fashion but eventually they'll all go to maximum.
  5. Japan's first corner is notorious for weird collisions and spinouts like these. The shadow of the front wing post-wing loss is also a thing they'll need to look at eventually. It depends if there is any actual loss-of-performance though, or purely aesthetic.
  6. I've never done well at Australia. I used to be really good at Britain but that has slowly ebbed away over the years and now i'm sub-par. I do like naming all the corners as I zoom around the track while missing all their apexes. I don't enjoy Singapore. I think the surroundings at night are the most beautiful backdrops in the game but the race is too long and not always exciting if you're not directly racing anyone. Monaco is a hit or miss. When it goes wrong, its incredibly frustrating and you hate the place. When you get it right, it's far more rewarding than any other track.
  7. I went with 93 this time around. It's how old I feel so seemed pretty apt. An alternate explanation would be that I have the enthusiastic smiley persona of Daniel Ricciardo (3) and the spinning ability of Nikita Mazepin. (9). Put them two characteristics together and that's 93. I was 23 until Albon swooped in and took it away. He really was never in my good books, poor Alex. Hence why I wasn't disappointed to see him crash and burn at Red Bull, metaphorically speaking.
  8. I have a similar issue when it comes to F2. Campos is Orange and Prema are Red. Nice and easy to tell the difference... but then MP come along with their weird shade of tangerine and it becomes nigh-impossible for me to tell which driver is where between the 3 shades at first glance. No idea why. I think McLaren will now stick with Papaya but if they went with a different colour then i'd be quite enthusiastic to have an orange liveried car.
  9. I went with the boringly obvious Smoky Atom Racing with a horrible purple livery for the first quick run-through the first races while I was waiting for the game to be patched to kinda work. Then went with Team Lotus F1 for the two 10-season sim sessions. The livery was black with yellow detailing and I thought it looked okay...ish. My actual My Team when I start it will be RenauIt F1 (the L has to be a capital i for it to work). The primary colour will be yellow and then alternate colours will be sponsor dependant with some black thrown in. That's unless I have an epiphany a
  10. In the announcement for the new tracks, alongside Imola, there was abit for Sports Update (or something like that) which was car liveries and overall updates. It's not too out-of-the-realms of possibility that alternative liveries will be available for certain teams. White Red Bull, whatever the Alpha will be, 007 Aston from Silverstone, Gulf McLaren, Italian Alfa. So when you choose the teams, you have options of Livery A, Livery B, etc. Could do a few older ones too. Silver Merc, Mugello Ferrari. Then again, I guess the question for if they'd do it would be 'why?'. Particularly
  11. In a unsurprising turn of events, I’d recommend that you follow your own advice and read my post again, yourself 🙂 My post had absolutely nothing to do directly with yours, just a reflection on Marioho’s comment that the community has a habit of setting its own deadlines and being disappointed when they’re not met. That’s a reflection on multiple incidents across various posts (hence running scenario), not on a sole isolated event of your stating whether an update may or may not include something. If it was, I would have quoted your post. I have re-read my post and I cannot see you quote
  12. This is my favourite recurring scenario on here. Event A is announced/expected without a datestamp to happen. Forum Community come up with loads of ideas about what it will be and/or when it will be by. Time goes past and people are outraged that a deadline that they themselves set wasn't met and they didn't receive exactly what they expected despite no prior announcement to say what/when it will be. We do alot of that setting ourselves up for disappointment and we never learn!
  13. Indeed you would be, yeah. There'll be 24 tracks to choose from for Season 2 onwards (post-Jeddah) but the season will only be 23 tracks long. The fact the real season is now 22 races long won't be taken into account, thankfully. I usually change the one I get rid of for China. Singapore is my least favourite to drive but my favourite scenery. I think the sheer length means i'll skip it the most as 23 races is already a long time!
  14. I had considered that as my primary answer when I first saw it but the car at the head of the trail was the Red Bull who had stopped while pressed against the wall and then shot off across the path of the Alpha when able to move which is unlike any fail procedure i've seen for an engine failure where they usually roll into the run-off zone which would be directly ahead in this instance. The acceleration, along with the lack of any visible smoke, by the Red Bull at the end made it unlikely to be an engine failure. It may have failed around turn 7 and been caught by the car it tangled with at
  15. I find it more surprising that i'm not surprised. Not sure what the excuse is for this one as it's not time-based for a change. I can't imagine them saying it's because nobody would care if it was or wasn't included so I can only assume it's because Championships mode is no longer a thing so it doesn't have to be indicative of the actual season as it isn't F2TM. Maybe it's in the confirmation notice that you'd have seen. I haven't seen it (yet) so no idea if/what the reason stated would be.
  16. Two options; The least likely - Looking at the tyre tracks when the video begins, somebody has done a 180 handbrake spin. I'd then assume that somebody (assume it would be the Red Bull) has gone around the previous corner and maybe got too much kerb and spun the car around. Then cars have ploughed into it and dragged it down the track as at 00:03, all the cars are single file. Then the Alpha sized battering-ram comes in and frees them from their captivity. The more likely; - The Red Bull and the car slightly further up the hill (around 00:12) have tried to go through turn 8 together w
  17. TL;DR - F3 is a fair inclusion. F4, not so much. W Series, not too fussed either way. I'd have no issue with F3 being implemented if they stopped at the premier class. I don't think they should go as far as F3-Asia and other regional based ones, although I think it's the same drivers anyway. For example, Guanyu Zhou won this years F3 Asia and Daruvala was third. The year before, Mazepin was dovetailing with his F2 season too. I do wonder if F3 would be used often enough to make its inclusion viable but i'd like to think so. Particularly if they're added to the driver pool for M
  18. Maybe it’s just an oversight they can slide into an update to resolve. 🤷‍♂️ I think my main disappointment is the deluxe edition hasn’t quite been as deluxe as I’d expected from it regarding things like this and the icons. Bit anti-climactic.
  19. It used to on the suit when I started back in July. At some point, it stopped. I haven’t touched that save for a few months (as waiting for the new tracks) so no idea when it stopped but I’d assume an update side-effect. I thought it might be because it’s non-customisable but the Braking Point suits and Intergalactic allow them so it’s literally just this one which is one of the more aesthetically satisfying to me. I guess that’s the point as it’d be too much of a nice thing to have a decent suit and sponsors. 😂
  20. On the contrary to other answers, I think it will be the three race format. Not mandatory obviously as it’ll give you options to just do a one-off feature race or the 3-race full weekend. They may leave the old format as an option but no obligation to do so. It’s supposed to represent the real season so you’d assume it would do the actual format at least, otherwise they could have just done a livery and driver update and got it out waaaaayyy earlier. What’s happening next season has no relevance on what happens this season as it wasn’t announced until a fortnight or so ago anyway so t
  21. I find that the less information available for something then the more will be written about it as there’s more to speculate about. It’s one of the more interesting discussion paths on here when people suggest various reasons why things aren’t available, as opposed to the usual “waaahh, this sucks, that sucks, everything sucks, why don’t they fix it?” with no context. Obviously it’s better to have the actual answer but people learn new things from the speculation anyway so I don’t see the harm in discussing it in the interim? I imagine people have more awareness of how licensing can
  22. Entirely randomly generated. The same driver very rarely has the same number twice. For example, in my 4 saves so far, Dan Ticktum has chosen 2, 53, 86 and 41. Generally the same numbers get chosen but by different drivers. So it’s just pot luck really. I imagine there’s some way to ‘guide’ the algorithm by changing your own driver number though?
  23. When I first started my MyTeam, I went with the Deluxe suit as it was one of the nicer options. At the time, it allowed your car sponsors to be on it. Or, at least, mine did. Now, you can’t and they’ve vanished off them. Yet you can now have them on the three Braking Point driver suits. Is this intentional to remove it or just an unintentional side effect of an update? If so, can they go back on as it looks inferior without them. Not the biggest deal breaker as I won’t be starting a proper save until Jeddah arrives but it’s part of my planned mode so would be nice to see i
  24. I do like the tyre pressure idea. A lot of suggested car handling changes tend to favour the more hardcore driver and alienates the casual gamer but these changes shouldn’t impact someone just picking up a controller and driving around in a competitive-ish manner, while providing further functionality for the more serious gamer. The visual idea you had is okay as it’s always nice to have variety. I find the most common issue when people suggest changes to the aesthetics is that it would take a fair effort for them to implement it for something that not every gamer will notice and will be
  25. That’s exactly what I’m hoping for. People don’t tend to sabotage their own saves so there’s little drawback. I do think some option for people that don’t like the idea should be retained (such as transfers off or end of season only… or even if it’s just relaxed/realistic/off). I think providing more autonomy to choose whom is where is the option that will cause the least discontent. There’s no point them including just an option to turn driver transfers off as it just means there’ll be a new ‘call’ raised to include player control over transfers. Just changing the problem, not providin
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