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  1. 1 hour ago, ScaredDuck said:

    See.  Have a little faith

    I'm not sure what we're supposed to have faith in. 😂   I presume the fact that the easiest possible cop-out they could have done was what they went for?   That's not faith, that's expectation.  Faith would be them doing something surprising.  If you want an example of them doing something surprising then it would be making it work like it should. 🤐

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  2. 1 hour ago, Liaveil said:

    Does this stop driver retirements do we know?

    Logic would say yes. In Driver Career only.

    If driver transfers don't exist then there's nobody to transfer to replace any retirements. F2 drivers won't progress. Stats won't evolve/devolve. Retirements won't happen. 

    The only real variable that will affect grid order is Team improvements and the standard variation of good quali and bad quali / traffic on hot lap. Teammate balance will stay the same, you'd assume. Good for Kimi and Alonso! 

  3. The fact that there'd be just a desire to have on/off on Driver Career makes me think nothing is happening with MyTeam transfers.   Why make the effort to turn off Driver Career transfers if you were going to provide control over transfers in the next update anyway?  So it's back to 2018 which, for those that can count, is 3 years backwards.  That's not just lazy, it's anti-progressive.  The game is literally going editions backwards to avoid going forwards. 

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  4. 27 minutes ago, Chromatic said:

    What's the story with the 2021 F2 cars? I assume they will be added with a specific track something similar to what people eat on christmas day. With their veg a large bird from north america.  

    I am enjoying the constant Turkey remarks throughout the topic.  It does pen them into a hole where they cannot include Turkey but still irritates people enough to roll their eyes at seeing the comments with that little bit of hope. 

    I think F2 will be out in a fortnight or so. Along with Qatar 🤩

  5. It said November so I'd expect it within the next fortnight.  Probably the following Wednesday to Monday if I was a guessing man. (like 9-14 days away).

    It can only be hoped that there'll be another medium sized update coming which involves controlling driver transfers through MyTeam. Oh, and fixing save slots.

    Then at at that point, it gives you 6 months to actually play the annual game you bought 6 months ago. 😂

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  6. Doesn't affect MyTeam at all, which makes sense as that mode relies on transfers to function, so indeed just Driver Career.  

    I think it's basically back to 2018 and before where drivers don't move teams and they don't really improve or decline in terms of stats.  Just the player dotting around the teams replacing the respective driver in the new team they choose.

    You know what they say! There's nothing like going 3 years backwards to avoid going forwards!   I'm sure they say that... somewhere. 

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  7. Well, boooooo.


    Jeddah finally arriving, good. Red Bull going back to normal, also good.   People probably happy about equal performance in Grand Prix mode but the better drivers are in the better teams so I don't imagine it'll change the order much.

    Now, guaranteed one more update at least (for F2 drivers). But yeah, still missing F2, plus the driver switch on career fixes absolute jack on MyTeam still being weird and there is still no change to save slots, etc, etc.  Just look at the comments on every one of these patch update and it's people saying "they still haven't fixed..." and it's always the same issues that aren't fixed. 

    It's just the same things every month that people campaign for and those are the same things that don't get resolved so they carry on for the following months.  I know if they did resolve the requested issues then people would find something new to complain about but not expecting much in the way of updates post new-year so this is probably about as good as it'll get... 

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  8. They did say they were going to reprofile it and it's still in plenty of time for it to be included for next year (providing they let CM know what it'll look like).

    It's usually around February that it begins to be a little late for small changes. Maybe January would be the deadline for the bigger ones.

  9. I doubt they'll retain the Turkey/Japan one as an additional option neither. Thankfully.

    I'd imagine it'll be when the Jeddah/F2 update is which is expected to be this week (but no confirmation as of yet). 

  10. They say "No news is good news!".  Unfortunately that adage does not apply in this case as they're previously said there are no plans to expand anything to do with the icons. 

    You won't be able to use any of their personal effects (faces, helmets, etc) nor will they be able to go to other teams than yours. 


    So nope, you will not be able to use the icon avatars. 

  11. 4 hours ago, ScaredDuck said:

    As we have had a new track in each month leading up to December.  I’d think it would be a awesome gift, and a PR win if  cm.  did make turkey surprise update on Christmas Day.  

    Assuming the boss knows his/her job and i expect he/she does.  He would know turkey is a track players want.  And as it was raced on this year.   And as it’s turkey and December.  it’s to good off a opportunity to miss.  


    That's the spirit! Keep stirring that pot!  


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  12. On 11/6/2021 at 10:26 PM, Chromatic said:

    China has been retained until 2025 Chinese GP deal extended to 2025 despite missing calendar again | RACER I don't know what track will be dropped. Personally it's doubtful any will. Codemasters need to seriously start thinking of circuits beyond the calendar. Since the pandemic I don't think track announcements will ever be predicable again.   

    The rumours were that they were aiming for 25 races in a season with 3 USA based tracks. So the addition of China and Vegas (presumably) fill the last two additional from next years 23 races. Obviously something will end up getting dropped eventually as more tracks show interest in hosting a race but currently they don't need to in order to get 25.  I worry for tracks like Brazil unfortunately. Also means tracks like Portimao, Turkey and Germany still aren't considered. 

    I think 25 races might be too many tbh. Alot of triple headers and ridiculous costs of travel and repair will really hammer the less financially able teams.  In terms of the game, I think as long as it's not drastically different calendars then they should manage, although we'll be on Next Gen by then so that may require some work on a new game engine to get it looking perfect as opposed to a current-gen port. 

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  13. It's basically two different games entirely. I think the only link between the two was you could pre-order F1 2021 while inside the F1 2020 game and you'd get a mini-discount. 

    There's a few liveries making a resurgence (although they look marginally different and you have to 'buy' them) but other than that, nothing carries over. 

  14. On 10/29/2021 at 7:08 PM, ScaredDuck said:

    Especially when some one bumps it

    One off half a century now so it did alot better than I expected it to!

    I think the pattern is pretty evident of the six that people would want (Portimao, Turkey, Sepang, Mugello and the two German tracks).  The two Germany tracks have been an exciting race of each other getting a one-point lead before being pegged back and now they're completely level.  I was curious to which one would be peoples favourite German circuit (i'm preferable to a Hockenheim myself) but both level-pegging hasn't cleared it up to which one people like more! 

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  15. It would make a little sense, say, four to five years in if Bottas was beating Hamilton as you could say age has caught up with Lewis but it's odd when he does it right off the bat.

    I am finding the teammate balance isn't that close on the 8 'lesser teams' currently but it isn't just second drivers winning.

    For example, im now at Russia in my 100% race length 22 race season (take two). 

    Hamilton and Bottas are close on mine. Hammy leads Bottas by 12 points due to a DNF for Bottas in the last race, otherwise Valtteri would marginally lead.

    Max leads Perez by a long way in the standings but Perez has races where he demolishes Max. Like miles up the road.

    Norris is trouncing Ricciardo. I guess a little like the start of this season IRL although Riccy is back on pace lately and I think he's beaten Lando since the midseason break (also just like real life). 

    Leclerc is in another league to Sainz. I'm abit of a Leclerc stan tbh but, even so, while he's considerably faster than Sainz in real life, he's not that much faster that he's coming around to lap him which has happened twice now. 

    Gasly has made Tsunoda look like he's still driving his Carlin.  He's SO far ahead every race. Gasly is the only driver who seems to always get points and Tsunoda hasn't even got one.

    Vettel making Daddy's Little Prince look like a chump. Stroll has one point he kinda lucked into. Vettel is almost 40 points, I think.

    Alonso has taken Ocon back to school. Ocon did finish 6th in one race but that's the only race he's finished in the top 12. Alonso is always 9th or 10th. 

    Raikkonen started off by destroying Gio but it all changed around Canada and he hasn't beaten him since. Both pointless though.

    Latifi occasionally beats Russell in the races but usually George is ahead. Their qualifying is the odd one where I think it's 8-6 to Russell which isn't resembling real life at all. Russell has Williams' only point though. This is the only teammate dynamic other than Merc that seems closeish so I think George is a tad underrated. 🙄

    Schumacher spends every race nearly lapping Maz. I really thought he was going to do it at Belgium but he was only approaching the bus stop when Maz finished. Singapore is a possibility it'll happen as the race is so long.

    I have Shwartzman as my teammate in season one as he's the best of a bad bunch of F2 stats and he's done... okay. I've only level 1 for Personnel so it's +5 on everything but the car is a shambles so he's not doing that well. He did get one point at a wet-dry-wet race where front-runners pitted every lap for soft tyres though so he's got that under his belt. 


    So something is definitely affecting the stats somewhere and not just a particular 'second' seat.  I get the top drivers have a ceiling they're hitting so you'd think they'd be similar but it's not happening too often for me outside Merc. 

    I'd agree they should just bin off the permanent changes for the AI and maybe just have a baseline performance they have and then occasional good and bad races throughout the season where they fluctuate from that baseline. 

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  16. I thought I saw them when they first came out but now I think back, it's a little fuzzy.  I wasn't overly interested in them in the first place and then I played Braking Point and I had even less desire for them.  Butler and Jackson aren't entirely unreasonable 'normal' names so wouldn't have been surprised if they'd have been included anyway.  Akkerman is the anomaly and if he's not there then that makes sense.

    I do think it needs alot more variety in the audio names but I guess you have to get Croft, Davidson, Jacques and Valsecchi to provide them all and that's not easy.

  17. Some of them are 'okay' if you spend time trying to get the colours and shades right but none of them look like something i'd expect to see on an actual formula one car. I daresay you could make any of them work if you tried hard enough, but not a massive fan of the majority of them.

    It feels bizarre to say it, but i'd actually like less customisation. Just hire a graphic designer to come up with 10 really good car models and you can choose from one of them instead of dozens of combinations of the same circles and stripes that people just ignore. Quality over quantity and all that. 

    And the sponsors in like 11 places makes the car and overalls look cheap and empty even when you're maximum acclaim.   It should at least have the engine badge or the Pirelli logo on the nose.   I wouldn't mind if you could have say 20 sponsors but they paid you less each so you can dot them around the car.

    I feel you could go with the whole customisation thing being a little anti-climatic as I was interested in the Victory Phrases but they're player-only and they're worse than pants. They're absolutely awful tbh.   I'm hoping next year is a revolution instead of an evolution of the customisation but I get it's hard to get enough high-quality things shoehorned into a quarterly 50-60 item podium pass. 

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  18. I think it'll be around the 15th or 16th for release but not too bothered on the exact date. I think there'll only be two 'big' updates for this years edition and then it's just monthly fixes and tweaks.  When I say 'big' for December, I don't mean it'll be anything amazing for the general player but maybe the eSports thing people hammer on about and online support. 

    In the promotional video before Portimao, it said it'd be the Jeddah track and F2 so you can reasonably expect those in 1.13.

    Hopefully the reversion of Red Bull to the traditional livery. 

    Ability to control driver transfers is something i'd like but if it doesn't arrive this month then I wouldn't expect to see it at all this year. 

    The usual little fixes and stuff like that.

    Maybe more sponsors but the majority of those should have been last month. 


    Then a few days later 1.13.1 with Turkey, woo!   Totally happening! 

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  19. 12 hours ago, DonBlanko said:

    Exactly this! 

    This is where my idea in a similar thread belongs to.



    I'd have no problem at all with the system you've designed being implemented.  The only concern i'd have would be that everyones game would be a little... 'samey'. Like you'd always have the same people going to the same places in everyones game so it takes out the unique aspect. (although I suppose you only play your own game so aren't too bothered by whom is going where in somebody elses unless you really like the 'popular' content creators for some reason)

    If some odd moves had a realistic in-game story-based explanation then i'd be all in.  For example, Alpha Tauri is an obvious one.  Gasly gets fed up with waiting for his Red Bull chance and a news article is in your feed saying "Gasly to leave the Red Bull umbrella to join Alpine". Joining the Red Bull Academy will be *unaffiliated F2 Driver*.  Would be nice if they had helmets too that worked with each respective team. 

    I'd be happy not having control if the system made sense, such as Championship leaders not changing mid-season, Latifi not always ending up at Red Bull, etc.   I just don't think I'd have the utmost trust in their revised system working that much better 😂   At least your idea has logic and structure (multiple acclaim levels required per team and financial/team boosts to driver acclaim dependent on team) so it would work if implemented successfully. 

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  20. I'd have liked a different way of control in MyTeam as I think the logic of the owner/driver thing just really doesn't work. I know their reasoning they give is that it is a driving game and not a management game but that's not what I mean.

    I'd like to be the created owner, as it is now, as that's the purpose of the mode.  However, i'd not want my fictional created character to be a driver. I'd want to be able to choose two different real drivers, say Piastri and Pourchaire and you hire them both to your team and you can choose which one to be on any given weekend, but you have to drive as one of them, obviously. (or just sim if you don't feel like it).

    I get that some people have more attachment to their created driver so would want to be them still, so by all means, keep the option to be an owner/driver in the original set-up. 

    That way, you could hire Vettel and actually drive as him to the title. I guess that's where the problem lies in that you can pretend to be a real driver in a 'real season'. But.... it's a game, so you know, it doesn't matter. 

  21. Tilke is an interesting character. He's basically monopolised the F1 circuit business so he, and his company, get basically all the contracts.  There are positives and negatives but most people know what they are after seeing about 5 of his tracks as they're generally similar cookie-cuts of each other.  He does have some decent tracks, and then some which are meh.

    I think he's possibly hampered these days by the insistence on more street tracks, more middle-eastern locations and more street tracks in middle eastern locations.  Myself, I've never been a fan of a street track but I can admit a few do produce decent racing but rarely on the level of a fit-for-purpose track.   Also when he creates an idea for a track, I assume he bases the possibilities and capabilities around what cars, and technology, are like at that point.  When he was doing tracks in the 90's and early 00's, I don't imagine he was anticipating the hard-to-follow monsters that we have at the moment so sometimes the tracks can be a damp squib in different eras. 

    That being said, he's done wonders for safety and facilities. Although, sometimes perhaps too much for safety as there's less jeopardy in the excessive run-off areas but none of us want fireballs and death so it's not the biggest compromise to have run-offs everywhere.


    Regarding the poll; I imagine the first flurry is over now and it'll be the occasional odd person here and there who votes but (at the moment it is 38 voters) which is more than enough to see a pattern. 

    • The newer, or more recently appearing, tracks are definitely more popular. 
    • Despite only appearing twice, and i'm not sure with fans either time, Portimao is very popular and joint for the lead with Turkey (which isn't a surprise). Its inclusion this year in the game probably has established it as a favourite for alot of people. 
    • Hockenheim is one vote more popular than Nurburgring but both are quite high so there's still alot of appetite for a German track. I'd definitely like Germany back on the calendar.
    • China only has 14 votes and I thought it'd be more popular than that. If anything, this poll certifies it probably won't be on next years game as a gift. I think it'll be on the real calendar again in a few years anyway though.
    • There were some tracks that started really well and then faded. Sepang being the most evident but I was surprised how well Mugello did, and has done, as it is currently joint fourth. 
    • Kyalami faded quite quickly and is now as popular as Estoril, and less so than Buddh (which I quite liked). 


    Current top 6 -

    1. Istanbul Park - Turkey - 31 Votes

    1. Portimao - Algarve/Portugal - 31 Votes

    3. Hockenheim - Germany - 23 Votes

    4. Mugello - Italy - 22 votes

    4. Nurburgring - Germany - 22 votes

    6. Sepang - Malaysia - 21 votes


    China is down in 7th with 14 votes and that gulf between 6th and 7th, I think, shows that if Codemasters wanted to include new tracks then they'd be the six worth including.  Obviously they can't all come in the same year so it'll have to be spread out over 2/3 years. 

    Miami and a few track amendments for next year mean i'd be happy if they did Portimao (which is mostly there anyway) and two other tracks.

    Then the following year is just Russia currently (Igora Drive). Maybe people will want Sochi to stay?  😂  Otherwise, the other three would be worth looking at.

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  22. 2 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    I’ve clicked brands hatch as it’s my favourite track ever..  but brands can’t host an actual f1 race anymore as pits don’t meet requirements (cough Monaco cough) So shouldn’t really be an option.. but spot on with the rest.. nice selection. And no I didn’t click on all.  About half

    I went with a technicality as extension of belief. For example, in F2, they don't actually park in the pits but they do in the game.

    I presumed, since it's not based on a real track, they could shoehorn the teams into respectively-located garages and make do. 😋

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  23. Just now, ScaredDuck said:

    What he said

    With hindsight, I should probably have put it into the topic header but it's not a mandate as going over isn't the end of the world!   I still think there'll be a general gist anyway of which ones will get the most popularity and then it can be better organised if a further poll is needed.

    This was just to dip a toe in the water and see how the idea would resonate of which ones, if any, people would like to see. I just didn't want 20 tracks all having 20 votes! 

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  24. 3 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    Maybe i should have read this post before making my vote of half the tracks you put up🤔😂

    I did think to just allow everyone to vote for any they'd like to see, but I thought if 20 people voted and like 10 circuits had 20 votes then that'd not particularly clarify matters 😂

    I could restrict it so only one track is allowed to be chosen but could you narrow it down to just one?  I definitely couldn't!

    I don't mind if people do tick all the ones they like as i'd only want about 10 of them anyway and have no real interest in the others. 

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