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  1. Including more drivers is something I think a significant amount of people could get behind. I'd like to take Hulky to a first podium, I always feel Kmags was better than his results show and Kvyat always seemed fast but his biggest flaw was that he wasn't Max Verstappen. Anyone of those you suggested, except Albon who i've never had any interest in, would be someone i'd much prefer having as a teammate instead of Mazepin, Latifi or Gio so would be suitable for low-mid fee (as you wouldn't have to do the buyout from another team) without having to have an F2 driver you already know you w
  2. It's pretty hard to argue with that and the post on remodelling turn 10 is highly informative. However, my main question for you would be; Say they announced F1 2021 was coming out and there was no real gameplay developments. A few things here and there like collision damage, R&D tree and the like. However, there was no new Braking Point mode and most other introductions hadn't come neither so it was basically like last years game. However, every track was updated to be correct. Is that enough to tempt you to buy the game? It's a genuine question as it'd probably take alot of
  3. Unless the gameplay is radically different, I doubt it would really get much traction. No pun intended. You get some comments when a new game comes out where 'nothing really changes and it's the same game as last year'. If the game mechanics hadn't changed and the liveries are literally last years then there genuinely wouldn't be any express purpose in buying the game. So including the 2020 cars wouldn't really be be worth the time and resource expenditure when they can play F1 2020 which is dedicated to them.
  4. My first F1 game was 1999 on PS1 and it bred my intense dislike for Damon Hill. That has kinda waned now but I think seeing him in a Jordan will give me flashbacks. Then F1 2000 on the PC where I just drove around as Jenson in his Williams and barely won anything as I was useless on PC. Then F1 2001 on the PS2 and I loved being Irvine in his Jaguar. Burti was the worst teammate ever. Imagine losing consistently to Marques. Then I had a few years where my mother would no longer buy me any as she didn't see why there needed to be a new one every year. The Fool! So the next one
  5. Giovinazzi is bound to have low stats. Probably the 5th lowest in the F1 field so would make more mistakes statistically than other drivers. If they've ran thousands of hours of testing then that could have been the only spin or it could have been one of many. Hard to say at this stage. Hopefully the Trulli train has left the station and they make more concerted efforts to pass but i'm not expecting them to make too many overtakes as they'll only be a tenth or two faster than the car ahead and won't risk a wing so you'll get the DRS trains again. Slipstream is slightly more effective this
  6. Ah, that's cool. I prefer the longer seasons but I do agree 23 might be a little too much. 20 to 21 was probably my maximum preference. With such a wide array of players with different preferences, it does highlight the need for continued ability to customise the game for our respective preferences. The more variety available, the more people will be content they can arrange it to their liking.
  7. In an ideal world, i'd personally would want loads of playable tracks. I'd want about 30sh in the game. The 23 that are actually in the plan for the season then places like Hockenheim, Turkey, Nurburgring, Malaysia, etc. That way I can mix up different seasons and stop it getting stagnant by doing the same ones over and over. I get there will be some issues as China/Canada/Singapore/etc were supposed to be in the game anyway so could be classed as licensed whereas those that were never intended to be would have less chance. Still, it doesn't hurt to hope for bigger changes to happen wit
  8. You're not fundamentally wrong. There are issues with accountability once companies have monopolised a market as they tend to get lax with some things. I do think Codemasters are making concerted efforts to continue improving (such as adding new game modes, more customisation) but I agree that sometimes the playerbase can be quite divided on which avenue to focus on. In an ideal world, i'd personally would want loads of playable tracks. I'd want about 30-40ish in the game. The 23 that are actually in the plan for the season then places like Hockenheim, Turkey, Nurburgring, Malaysia, etc.
  9. Makes logical sense. It's surely more effort to remove it from different modes than it is to just carry it over. People that don't want it there can probably choose to exclude it from their season if you have an option for custom/reduced season. At least it'd be available for those of us that do want more flexibility.
  10. I've just had another think and I remember seeing an Alpha Tauri touch the Wall of Champions in the first 30 seconds of the video when they're going through Braking Point introduction. It could be that it is just Braking Point content like China is potentially. It could be included in the trailer more often but I just remembered that happening. However, it is definitely in the game!
  11. I know people want a realistic season so would want some tracks binning off if they don't appear but i'd rather they all stayed as the more, the merrier. China is definitely in as it features in Braking Point so they couldn't cut it out without redoing the story. It's whether it'll appear in the other modes that is questioned. You'd assume Grand Prix and Time Trial at least but I would expect the option for My Team and Career if it's actually in the game. Singapore was cancelled far too late for them to cancel it so might as well keep it in, I think. It'll most likely be another COT
  12. I think it's purely Braking Point storyline only as Ocon appears prevalently in that mode by the looks of it. Ocon is known for playing the game, as is Norris and with the pandemic meaning they were twiddling their thumbs for a while, i think it gave them opportunities to assist in a faux-interview environment. I don't think this will carry over into Career and MyTeam. I think Interviews are the same as this year where Claire asks pointless and annoying questions and rolls her eyes at you when you say No Comment.
  13. I think they learned their lesson from last year when they promised stuff would be coming soon and then they were hounded constantly until it was done. People were asking for the Ferrari engine to be nerfed and the Mercedes to be black and they said "it'd be coming in an update soon" and every patch that wasn't them changing those things was hijacked by the fanbase saying it had to be done urgently. If they don't make any promises, then they can't break their promises. Once it's set in stone that there's no issues with the tracks then they'll give a release date but they've nothing
  14. It's possible. Generally the F2 update release is around Christmas and they won't do two big updates around the same time so it'll either be earlier (around October) or later (around February). I think it'll be earlier as there'd be incessant whining on every post they do saying "Portimao NOW" and "WE WANT IMOLA"... and maybe someone somewhere will want "JUSTICE FOR JEDDAH". They'd only be able to handle a month or two before that gets really old. I'd assume they're all in the latter stages of being ready as there is data from other games on Portimao and Imola. Maybe not Jeddah as
  15. While I agree with your general sentiment that the game should be as realistic and based on real-life as possible, I do feel like you demean your point with hyperbolic statements like the Manchester United one (however, some games like Football Manager actually don't include Manchester United due to licensing issues beyond just the premier league not being licensed and even Modders have legal issues by putting them in). If they had took Australia and Spain out of the game because they couldn't update them in time then, yes, your point would be somewhere in the ballpark of being relevant. Howe
  16. I can only expect that it'll ask how many races you want to do at the start and the first season will have like 11/16/21 if you start it before the new track DLC. Then you'll just play that season. The following season, if the DLC comes out halfway through your first one, i'd expect it to say 12/17/23 or something like that. and then you get the options and China possibly gets binned off the list of available tracks unless you're doing one of the shorter custom-track seasons. Any career you start post track dlc will have the option from the start.
  17. It did seem to take a little step backwards post-race last year when everyone now does the exact same thing of standing on the top and jabbing their finger in the air. The second driver has already skiddadled from his car while the third placed one then struggles to get up. Then, it's only the player driver that has a unique celebration on the podium whereas the other AI drivers have 2-3 podium celebrations that they cycle between. Some variety would be nice, I agree. Particularly if it corresponds to the actual drivers celebrations in real life.
  18. I am 99% certain that it won't be any different as they'll both be called Schumacher. They'll never be on the same team so the two Schumacher's will have a different colour next to their name. (unless you've set your colours to the same as a pre-existing team, but then that choice is on you)/ It's actually a much better alternative than this year where you could basically play as Michael and have Mick as your teammate and you'd have two Schumachers in the same car. Furthermore, you could set your display name to any of the other 21 drivers in the season and it wouldn't complain, so you
  19. Strong rumours that there'll be a trailer tomorrow (16/06/2021) regarding Braking Point. Of course, could just be rumours and we only see different features of the game but hopefully it'll be new information on the game regardless.
  20. I agree with this idea. Maybe a two-tone team-relevant colour scheme would be beneficial with different colours for the main icon body and the outline. For example; McLaren would be orange icon with light blue outline. Aston Martin would be Green with Pink outline. Alpha Tauri will be darker blue with white outline. Ferrari will be red with black outline. You get the general gist of the idea there. Just two contrasting colours. One light and one dark so all cars are noticeable on the minimap.
  21. Offt, that's merciless to bin him off mid-season when he's doing well. Some F2 drivers seem to be really good when they start out and others seem to be absolutely pony. No idea why. Maybe it's been tweaked a little this year if you can affect the sliders now and the formulas that go into it are slightly different from last year. Guess we will have to see what happens!
  22. That's quite interesting as I've never had anything unexpected like that. Generally drivers had their level and teams had their level. For example, Leclerc drove for Racing Point when they were top of the performance charts when I don't think he'd go there under normal circumstances (based on acclaim). I had noticed that beyond season 1, Hammy does seem to get done dirty. There's a forum post about how Bottas is overpowered, and while looking at that, I noticed that post season 1 Lewis (in my saves) has only won 2/7 season battles across two different saves. 1/2 against Bottas, 0/1 again
  23. I don't think it'll be that different tbh, just will aesthetically look better. With the new CAD designs, you can physically see what the part would look like which will help educate people on how the cars work. Any learning experience is a good experience! You still have the 3 performance sections and pathways for particular aspects of the car. For example, if you think your car needs rear weight reduction then you flick to the Chassis tab and there'll be a few linear paths for Weight Reduction, Weight Redistribution, Tyres, Brakes, etc You can do the same on this versi
  24. The general principle would probably be; Team Acclaim High - Driver Acclaim High - They'd be able to sign the driver and the driver would be happy to go to the team - Like Mercedes getting Verstappen. Team Acclaim High - Driver Acclaim Medium - Unlikely to happen but an odd transfer if, say, someone retires and there's not many high acclaim drivers available. Red Bull signing Ocon for example. Generally not an expected transfer but possible. Team Acclaim High - Driver Acclaim Low - Generally the team won't look at the driver at all. Like Mercedes getting an F2 driver. Tea
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