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  1. If Palestine IS a country! Depends whom you're asking! In response to the question, I would very much doubt it. I remember someone a year or two saying the Puerto Rico one wasn't in there and somebody once said something about Egypt, Algeria and Morocco meaning Northern Africa wasn't well represented. I believe there are 90 flags (or around that figure) so I imagine alot of other countries have similar gripes of non-inclusion. Maybe it only has flags from areas that have had a driver before, or have a high percentile of people playing the game. Must be annoying especially sin
  2. I mean, they were right if they were 100% sure a year ago. We didn't even know it'd be on this seasons calendar until about March this year so they could only have been talking about including it in last years game... and it's going to be approximately a year and a half after that. So they couldn't have been more correct. The question did discuss about whether we'd want it in the game and, I guess it's a moot question. Everyone either wants the track in because they'll drive on it, or they don't care because it's not one they'll drive on. Nobody is going to actively NOT want something to
  3. Yes, unequivocally yes. I wouldn't overly care if it wasn't a 2021 Turkey track and was based on older ones. I know the track layout is the same, i'm just talking about run-offs, scenery and stuff like that being older. Obviously would be fantastic if it was in the game and was the modern iteration but I am not holding my breath about it. 😩
  4. Well, that's a terrible argument if you're trying to get the flag included. I know what you're trying to say but it could easily be construed as saying "just because people think Palestine is a country, doesn't make it a country, nor is it factually correct to claim that it is a country". That's the exact problem they have. They think they're a country, the US and Israel and others... don't. I could create a country called BigBumLand and according to your principle, i'd be entitled to have my flag of a big hairy backside in the game just because I think it is a country. Now, obviously,
  5. Well, that is kinda the point.. They don't see it as a country. If it was seen as a country by international diplomacy then CM would have the green light to include it and there'd be no need for this discussion. Whether you're in the right or not, and I imagine there'll be alot of people that agree with you as it has been a political issue for a very long time and was even thrust into the international news spotlight a few weeks ago, they can't include it until it does become recognised as a country. Regarding the part in italics, this really isn't the place to discuss semantics
  6. Yes, you're correct that anyone should be able to race under the flag of their choice. I'll get that in before anything else. However, regarding the political backlash part, a flag is not 'just a flag'. A flag is a symbol of political identity and to include it would recognise the autonomy of the state. A state that the US and UK, and other countries, do not recognise as member status. Such controversial matters are far beyond the remit of inciting discussion than a company like Codemasters can reasonably be expected to be able to account for. They've included non-country flags to c
  7. That was my initial assumption too. The only caveat was that with Spain and Australia, the circuits are already in the game just not remodelled to this year. So it's a "it's not the end of the world" approach as there's something there. It's the number of tracks that I question. It's a 23 race season so I guess Singapore and China will replace Turkey and Styrian grand prix. However, until Jeddah, Portimao and Imola arrive, you'll have to do circuits a few times to fill the numbers. I would be happy if it was literally just the same track dimensions as the early 2010's. Just to
  8. Little graphical things like this are seen as lower-priority. They usually release the game, wait for feedback on gamebreaking bugs and issues and resolve them. Once the snag list has begun to filter down, they start looking at graphical issues like this so, if they are to be included, it's usually later. No news if it will be looked at or not. Guess it is dependent on other issues.
  9. Turkey is back apparently. Is that likely to be reincluded? It was on the calendar and was going to be included apparently. Then it was removed from the calendar and hence removed from the game. Now it's back on the calendar, is it too late? Potentially later DLC if it is halfway there (using old layouts) as it's definitely not going to make Day One. I'm not sure if it'll need more work than expected as the cars are vastly different to when they last raced there on a game so behaviour will have changed dramatically.
  10. Pretty much confirmed that F2 is the only feeder series. There's no F3 or W Series that have been announced for this year. I would expect F3 will come in a year or two. F3 is two/three rungs higher on the development ladder than W Series but I expect them to be introduced at the same time due to diversity. People have also asked for FE too but I think that's basically a whole different formula, even if governed by the same body.
  11. Just when debate on here about how easy/hard it is and how quickly/slowly tracks can be implemented in the game was dying down a little... they make another change. Talk about poking the bear and fanning the flames. It's fairly obvious that this won't be implemented in this years game. If Spain and Australia weren't (not sure about Baku's castle corner) then the one that has come even later than them, definitely won't be. Whether or not that's 'acceptable' as it is supposed to represent real-life is now irrelevant really as it is what it is. They won't be there and no amount of criticism
  12. Sometimes, I think the changes take a while to implement. I brought a whole raft of Ultimate upgrades in across departments for Baku and in Baku, Canada and France, the speed was only marginally increased. Then in Austria and Silverstone, we were miles ahead of our previous pace and I hadn't put any other upgrades on. I know they're slightly different track requirements but the AI had upgraded in the interim yet we're now faster. In terms of drivers, at the end of Season 4, I had Mick in the car and there were to be no regulation changes. He was getting anywhere from 5th to 9th usually w
  13. Generally when Codemasters make updates to the game, they say that it does affect existing saves. However, with something this big, it's possible you may have to start again. Usually in the trailers, you get a hint of something new coming into the series and the fact there were no glimpses of the new tracks makes me think they're not coming until quite abit later anyway.
  14. I get the general idea would be to do driver career and then flow it into a MyTeam experience. However, all AI drivers would then be 20 years older by the time you finish your MyTeam series and every single driver from F1 and F2 would be retired. Kimi would be 61! So you'd be racing against fictional characters which I imagine would take away the enthusiasm from those who like immersion.
  15. It is exceptionally rare and I'd say more of the accidents occur from player interactions (following them closely and forcing them to make a mistake or a late defensive movement when they're trying to overtake and forcing them to react in lower downforce) than from either self-inflicted loss of control or from AI vs AI incidents. It does happen occasionally on long straights like Vietnam, but rarely, and it's not been race-ending issues. Of course, it's possible that things are happening to the AI when the player isn't directly around. For example, the player is at turn 1 and the AI are makin
  16. Literally nobody has said any of that highlighted in bold. It's all well and good debating your point but it doesn't really count if you're combating an argument nobody has made. It takes forever - It doesn't take forever, it just takes longer than people expect and resource has been divested elsewhere. It can't be done - There is a strong implication it'll be done for the following edition. That means it can be done. It's nigh-on impossible - It's perfectly feasible and could be done if they had chosen to do it as a priority. They didn't choose to but the possibility is more t
  17. You’re completely correct about all of that but I asked the question poorly, so I apologise for that. I am fully aware it requires different skillsets for the different tasks but that’s if you’re looking at it from a timescale point of view, but I meant in terms of financial resources. You’d only hire the extra people whose expertise you require so they’d not hire the same group of people. For example; You have £1m budget for staff. (Hypothetical figure) Option A - 500k on Story programmer team. 500k on 3D track team. Option B - 1m on 3D track team. if you’re
  18. I've mainly seen this on long straights with walls. Vietnam and Baku when they're on the long straights and they move to one direction to pass and then a defensive move causes them to erratically swing from one side to the other in the lack of downforce. I've not seen it at China which has a long straight so not sure if the walls are required? I did have Alesi in F2 car going wide at Netherlands by doing this at the end of the straight and heading off into the gravel but put that down as a normal AI mistake. Getting two drivers to do it off the start is unexpected though. Doesn't
  19. I haven't watched his video so can't fully confirm an answer. I'll probably watch it later and update an answer. I can only assume it was a miscommunication or misunderstanding. The general point is that you can't do a career as one of the official drivers so I would be surprised if you suddenly can. It obviously wouldn't work in MyTeam as you can't have a real season start including a team that doesn't exist. So it could only be normal career mode. Then it wouldn't make sense for it to flow over to the next season as you can't have a real season start for a season that doesn't exi
  20. I totally get that. A problem with F2 drivers is that they're not as good as F1 drivers... at all. Understandably. However, this means that they usually won't progress to replace them until there is a retirement. Last year, Grosjean and Kmags would retire whereas Schumi and Maz won't, so that's already two less variables so I think it'll probably be worse for you this year. Even including F3 drivers wouldn't help unless you were doing a whole Franchise through F3, F2 and F1. Either a driver move customiser where you can choose who goes where or massively updating the li
  21. Including more drivers is something I think a significant amount of people could get behind. I'd like to take Hulky to a first podium, I always feel Kmags was better than his results show and Kvyat always seemed fast but his biggest flaw was that he wasn't Max Verstappen. Anyone of those you suggested, except Albon who i've never had any interest in, would be someone i'd much prefer having as a teammate instead of Mazepin, Latifi or Gio so would be suitable for low-mid fee (as you wouldn't have to do the buyout from another team) without having to have an F2 driver you already know you w
  22. It's pretty hard to argue with that and the post on remodelling turn 10 is highly informative. However, my main question for you would be; Say they announced F1 2021 was coming out and there was no real gameplay developments. A few things here and there like collision damage, R&D tree and the like. However, there was no new Braking Point mode and most other introductions hadn't come neither so it was basically like last years game. However, every track was updated to be correct. Is that enough to tempt you to buy the game? It's a genuine question as it'd probably take alot of
  23. Unless the gameplay is radically different, I doubt it would really get much traction. No pun intended. You get some comments when a new game comes out where 'nothing really changes and it's the same game as last year'. If the game mechanics hadn't changed and the liveries are literally last years then there genuinely wouldn't be any express purpose in buying the game. So including the 2020 cars wouldn't really be be worth the time and resource expenditure when they can play F1 2020 which is dedicated to them.
  24. My first F1 game was 1999 on PS1 and it bred my intense dislike for Damon Hill. That has kinda waned now but I think seeing him in a Jordan will give me flashbacks. Then F1 2000 on the PC where I just drove around as Jenson in his Williams and barely won anything as I was useless on PC. Then F1 2001 on the PS2 and I loved being Irvine in his Jaguar. Burti was the worst teammate ever. Imagine losing consistently to Marques. Then I had a few years where my mother would no longer buy me any as she didn't see why there needed to be a new one every year. The Fool! So the next one
  25. Giovinazzi is bound to have low stats. Probably the 5th lowest in the F1 field so would make more mistakes statistically than other drivers. If they've ran thousands of hours of testing then that could have been the only spin or it could have been one of many. Hard to say at this stage. Hopefully the Trulli train has left the station and they make more concerted efforts to pass but i'm not expecting them to make too many overtakes as they'll only be a tenth or two faster than the car ahead and won't risk a wing so you'll get the DRS trains again. Slipstream is slightly more effective this
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