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  1. 1 hour ago, FTBuzzard said:

    i think this is a bit exaggerated, considering that we have 20+ tracks, and codemasters has certainly not spent the last 20 years just for designing tracks.

    While yes, I agree that i'd think it is a bit of hyperbole and it doesn't necessarily take 1 year to make a track, the logic you're explaining is slightly off.

    For them to take 20 years to make 20 tracks, it'd imply that they're doing them all sequentially one after the other. I imagine they'd able to do them concurrently and that'll trim the time off substantially. 

    Last year, they introduced Vietnam and Netherlands so that would be two tracks a year and that managed to fit in a year. This year they're doing Jeddah, Imola and Portimao and they cannot fit in in a year and it'll be a late release. So, we can estimate the 'magic number' of tracks you can create would be 2.5 a year. 

    Miami is coming next year and that's the only new one so far, I believe. So one new track and two amendments could fit the magic number of 2.5 tracks for next year.


  2. 25 minutes ago, DutchRacer87 said:

    But what is accurate about hardly any retirements so backmarker teams never score points? In real life, last season Alfa Romeo and Haas managed to score points because of that. In the game a race always has just one retirement, two tops. 

    I think it stems more from the AI driver behaviour that there is a lack of retirements. 
    There are on average one to two mechanical blowouts a race in the game and sometimes, on a lucky day, you get three mechanical issues. 
    However, in real life, there’s accidents that either rule drivers out on the spot, or hinder their speed (floor damage, drag, etc) which gives the aforementioned opportunities to Alfa and Haas to sneak points.  However, the AI in the game has a tendency to drive on rails behind each other and not even attempt to make a move unless they’re considerably faster and can pull it off.  This lack of consistent collision damage is where the lack of retirements and handicapped vehicles to give alternative teams some points stems from. 

  3. On 6/10/2021 at 8:20 PM, alexstuff said:


    This came up in my mind, but what about if a person (that can chosen by the host (the host can choose himself)) is the race director and can decide when for example a (virtual) safety car is deployed? 

    The race director has the power to deploy the VSC or SC (maybe decide how long it will be out by clicking a button to indicate that the VSC or SC is about to end?), hand out and remove penalties. etc. I can't think of more to be honest. 

    I think this is a good idea because leagues might find it better to decide for themselves rather than the game doing it for them. But also open lobbies can be stewarded and can give out penalties for dirty drivers. 

    I like the general idea.  I do feel that it’s something that would sound better on paper and would crumple a little in practice when the system gets abused by people finding loopholes and favouring certain drivers and penalising others heavily for little indiscretions. 
    It does help inclusivity for those who want to be involved but aren’t as quick as other races. 
    An intriguing idea that may work with tweaks and regulations. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Exasperated said:

    Absolutely totally understood , I've said it endlessly on here myself. .........he replied to me , I replied to him. Its a shame our views are different on the matter but you will find that in life not everyone holds the same view. Its just a fact of life , Personally I don't care about it being inclusive as a game , of course I understand why the game is like it is and it is not to make it inclusive its to make as much money as possible ; obviously , F1 IRL is an Elitist Sport ; not everyone can participate. So what would be so odd about a game about it not being accessible to all , People on here waffle on endlessly about this is not real and that's not real ( While driving in T-Cam on a wheel) LMAO how about making the F1 game more real by making the F1 part as near as a simulation as it could be ( You can't make a simulation of F1 for multi platform use it is impossible) given the limitations of the Hardware that gamers can afford and take Devons butler and stick him in a more appropriate place like the F2 part of the game and while we are at It transfer 'the pits' pass with all the nonsense Elton John deck chair helmet and car paint jobs( JHC you kids/Kidults) etc and then youngsters and Kidults can amuse themselves to their hearts content in the F2 class which is perfectly suited to being more Arcade like because the cars are equal, It is after all the feeder series into F1 so youngsters could prepare their race craft in F2 in an arcadey type game before moving up into a simulation type of game that F1 would be , NO ITS NOT GOING TO BE A FULl SIM I understand that , I have already said that , but it it could be a lot more like real life F1 ........., " but its going to cost lots of money "whimper whimper .  The games already unbelievably cheap for what you get , Don't make me larf.  Anyway that's my "I've got an idea " sorted ..........Enjoy.

    Some salient points in here, yeah. 
    I think F1 being an elitist sport is a very important factor… just in the opposite way you’re implying.  The fact that the Average Joe cannot be a formula one driver in real life is negated that, due to the game, they can pretend to be. That’s part of the appeal.   Making it a full sim (or close to) takes that away from them if they aren’t competent in a sim format. 
    I agree with your derision towards the podium pass items. 90-95% of them weren’t anything that remotely appealed to me. However, I wouldn’t want to take them away from the people that did like them as there’s no need for me to be selfish about something like that. 
    If money is the issue then it’s just how much you’re willing to spend. Codemasters want the money, you want the game to be more realistic.  If they’ve alienated the casual part of their fanbase then equalling that out by charging their sim fanbase more means everyone wins.. except the kids with no money. 
    I get your points and they’re valid. I just think the aim of the game should be about bringing such a unique sport to the masses and giving people an opportunity to step into a world they never normally would.  Ostracising them for not being comfortable with Sim racing is the antithesis of the business model. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, AndRe5550148 said:

    You can sell the game on pegi 3, and on steam you can get confirmation that you are over 18 to be able to see these ads and that there would be no problem 😛 Players are happy and the game would still have pegi 3 😄

    Possibly.  However, advertising on tobacco is very stringent in some places. 
    There’s whole legislation on this in the UK, where I’m from, where the advertisement of tobacco is restricted into only certain methods. I imagine other countries may have even tighter regulations. 

    Alcohol would be simpler to get in as they’re not as strict on the advertising of that but tobacco is probably a step too far, which is a shame as I’d much prefer the logos on the cars. 

    Rules are rules, I guess.  We’ll see if it changes down the line but I’m not expecting it to. 

  6. 9 minutes ago, AndRe5550148 said:

    hmmm...What could be the reason why you cannot use the original Ferrari and McLaren liveries? After all, it's an advertisement for them, as in real life, I do not understand it.

    As previously stated, it affects the age rating of the game to have tobacco based advertising. 
    All stakeholders involved agree with the final cars and that is the way it is. Not really much more to elaborate on. 

  7. 11 minutes ago, petro1319 said:

    Ahh, sorry; I forgot about the slight adjustment of T13 and the other minor adjustments widening corners.  Still, it's not like we're remaking half of the track here.  I stand by my comments of there really is no excuse for the F1 2021 game to be released without these adjustments as long as they've been known about.  We're not reinventing an entire circuit here.  Again; I do believe that the 3 new tracks should be there for launch as well; but I can completely understand that's an immense amount of work compared to the changes at Spain and Melborne.  I can defend them on the new tracks as much as I don't like it; but the adjustments to spain & australia.  Nope; sorry.   Should be done; just like the game should ship with the F2 2021 roster/cars; not last years.  I'm actually quite surprised that with EA's muscle behind this now (albeit early in that process) that they would be ok with releasing it without those adjustments.

    The game is meant to replicate the season.  Again; I can understand the new tracks issue they weren't exactly announced well ahead of time for this year; but small changes to the two existing circuits should certainly be in.

    I still think you're massively underestimating consequentiality. 

    For example, i'll randomly choose a corner that is being changed in Australia but I could do it for any of them that are changing. 

    Old Turn 9/10; 

    You come around the curve of turn 8 and (hypothetically)  are travelling at 160mph and usually you'll stick to the left of the track and you'll be braking for turn 9 while halving that speed, putting g-force and loads on parts of your car and driver under braking, putting wear on the tires and heating up your brakes. Then you'd turn right and the load would change to the inverse side of the car. That would then be immediately followed by turn 10 where, by turning left. the load is completely flipped to the reverse side. Then you accelerate towards turn 11 as your brakes cool to lukewarm and you reach it at about 190mph before you need to brake again. 

    New turn 9/10.

    You come out of turn 8 at 160 mph, you head towards the new turn 9 and you don't brake but you drift over to the right hand side of the track to minimise the corner. You just keep accelerating and your brakes keep cooling since the last time you braked. You accelerate all the way to turn 11 (now turn 10) at 220mph with cold brakes. 


    That's one corner that has changed and it's affected the behaviour from the corner before and the behaviour to the corner after as the car will now behave entirely differently when you approach turn 11. Your brakes are colder, your engine is hotter due to constant speed behind the car ahead, no airwash from the change of direction in the 9/10 chicane. no tyre wear under braking as it's been constant acceleration, the fuel usage has changed as you're not coasting, or accelerating in lower gears. Those changes affect your approach to turn 11 which immediately has turn 12 so if you screw up 11, you've ballsed that one too. You'll struggle down to 12 which is another radically changed corner. Every change they make feeds into further down the circuit.

    And that is only on one particular AI difficulty as they'll do different things (speeds, braking distance, defending and attacking) on each setting. It's also in one weather condition as you'll have to do different things for each weather situation. It only concerns one track/air temperature setting as this has a massive effect on how the car behaves.  You have to model behaviour when you're following a car and when not following a car. You have to change behaviour of the AI when you're side by side with them as you go around the curve so they don't just punt you in the wall by following their old line. You have to factor in how much tyre wear you already have. Taking the corner with 1% tyre wear is different to 30% tyre wear which is different to 70% tyre wear. So many factors affect behaviours.


    That one corner has changed your fuel usage, your tyre usage, your flow of the race and every other aspect of your race. Hell, it's even affected the amount of gear changes you'd have to make and that gearbox wear could affect whether you'd need a new gearbox or not further down the line if you're doing it throughout a full-length race. So, when one corner out of 7 can effect so much, both in a race and in a season, i'd say it's pretty important to get it right. 

    By the looks of it, there's alot less heavy braking as you're maintaining more speed through 1, carrying a little more through 3, braking a medium amount for 4 and then a tiny amount for 8 unless you're brave. By the time you've even approached turn 9/10, the car is already behaving differently to what it did on this iteration of the game.


    You say "it's just a few corners" but it's not. It's really not. It's basically a whole new track for Australia as every miniscule change affects the rest of that lap.

    Spain is easier to change as it is only one corner that is pretty much negated when you get to the chicane but that will still require a fair chunk of behavioural changes throughout a race.

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  8. 1 minute ago, jpr3324 said:

    Turning F1 into a simulation would be nice and from what I understand from reviews F1 2021 has improvements in tire wear that are more realistic and damage to the car .  From the last few updates it appears they are slowly heading in that direction, EA may or may not continue in that direction, we shall see.  Like Barry said up thread the game is for a worldwide audience playing on multiple platforms so change is slow.  I also agree that tracks should be upgraded faster, which is do able, but totally depends on how tracks are implemented in the code, if the code was not written from the beginning with the ability to easily change tracks, then it just takes longer to implement, which is most likely why we do not get track DLC's too. 

    If the worldwide community of F1 players want more simulation than game, they need to go to the top and express their desires, the top in this case is Liberty Media Formula One Group.  They own the license to the game and if enough people contact them direct and complain then it will happen.  A media company own the brand and they want that brand expanded as much as possible, especially in North America, which is why in the USA F1 is Live on ESPN without commercials, which means it is basically free if you have cable TV.  Sim Racing has exploded in the last year worldwide and Liberty Media wants to capitalize on that and most likely they do not know what the community wants in its game product all they see is how much money the game brings in licensing fees.  At a minimum a Liberty Media Group Suit will ask the EA Suit "*** is going on with this game, why are the users complaining to us? Fix it." 


    Yes.. and no.   You're completely right that things should be resemblant of an official season and with more support from EA coming next year, it's possible this is the last speedbump in the road and next year is much more aligned with realism. You'd prefer that. I'd prefer that. Codemasters would prefer that. 

    However, he general aim of what Codemasters seems to do is to straddle the line between casual players and expert players. They want it to be fun for a total newbie to pick up a controller and be able to just drive around reasonably well. They also want professional eSports people to be able to ramp it around a track and feel like the physics are on point.

    Improved levels of simulation are where it is creeping to, but without alienating the casual player. It's a 3+ game, i believe. A child isn't into simulation and just wants it to be fun and enjoyable, not with an intrinsic reflection on realistic scenarios. 

    In regards to going to Liberty Media. Interesting idea but I think it'll be scoffed out the park. 

    Hypothetical scenario;

    Dave, 25, from Sunderland, UK. - Sends an email saying "I want my game to be better.".

    Liberty's executive assistant to the VPs. - *reads email* "Oh, they should tell Codemasters" *send email to junk*  "Oh, this next email says Singapore have cancelled their Grand Prix. Damn, best get on that."  They have far bigger priorities than whether the game has updated tracks or not. 


    You've already bought the game. You'll buy next years game. You'll buy the one after that. Liberty wouldn't care too much about whether it's the perfect article of your enjoyment, just whether you'll come back next year.  Until a true competitor to Codemasters comes out, this is all you have as a licensed representation of F1 al and if they alienate the casual player, the game sells less as people buy more relaxed racing alternatives. Liberty and EA see the drop in sales and complain to Codemasters, threatening to pull funding. The next game reverts back to a balance of simulation/casual play with no drive to deviate from that pathway again. They have no choice as they'd have no money to invest without funding if they stay on the simulation path and the game will die without financial input within 5 years. You've just killed F1 2025. Boo. 

    The game sells. That's the bottom line.  Until it sells less than expected, they won't change it too drastically. 

    In regards to people complaining about the game, people will ALWAYS complain. About whatever they can. Players have a dislike and they complain. The company resolves the complaint. Players finds new things to complain about.  It's the cycle that has always been. It's the cycle that will always be. For the company, it's about choosing which complaints to resolve, and when, as the next one will be just around the corner.

  9. 1 minute ago, FTBuzzard said:

    I think 30 faces is more than enough, but they could add more female faces.

    Definitely more female faces, yes.

    My main consideration is that we're in a period of inclusion, diversity and unison. Every player should be able to start a game, go to the player creating section and be able to design somebody that they identify with. I am more than aware that it's nigh impossible to create someone who looks exactly like you, but there should be enough so that everyone who plays the game feels they have the adequate amount of representation.

    Is 30 faces enough? Maybe, maybe not.  I suspect that, after a while, people just like when things are freshened up. You know, change for change's sake. So I suspect within the next 2-3 iterations, there'll be alterations. Moving to next-gen platforms will probably accompany this. 

  10. 5 minutes ago, kalamazoo123 said:

    Ok, so it’s 2 turns rather than 1, but they’re hardly “extensive” changes!

    I can see 7 turns affected in that picture alone... including an entire removal of a chicane. 

    Plus it's the butterfly effect. You make one small change (widening a corner by 2.5m) and you have to change an awful lot of AI behaviour. Then propagate that change across 6 other corners, including a lot higher speeds through 9/10 affecting braking for turn 11.  It's not just a graphical change. 

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  11. I think in 2022, maybe. With the cars themselves getting a radical overhaul, maybe they'll chuck in a radical player overhaul.  I think, in general, it'll be the same as last year. 

    EA won't have much input into player editing for this version of the game but, for next year, even if they adopt the exact same models as FIFA where you can microchange little things then at least there'll be some variety there. 

  12. 51 minutes ago, Wynterdust said:

    I mean, hopefully they're just in anyway without being advertised? It's possible since they have been in previously, but definitely concerned about it.

    I'm also concerned about whether or not we can actually hire all of them from the start of season one. Are they free to hire or do they have a salary? If they have a salary can we start with enough to hire all of them?

    If I cant use most or any of them at the start of season one and they're models, helmets etc. aren't useable for the player, then it leaves the question what's the point in getting the deluxe version?

    Would be nice to get confirmation on whether we can or not. And if not, then I'd like to make the suggestion to make it possible.

    They do have a salary, yeah. 

    • Prost - 11m
    • Schumi - 13m
    • Senna - 12m
    • Button - 6m
    • Rosberg - 6m
    • Coulthard - 4m
    • Massa - 4m

    So they're... affordable?   You can't start enough to hire any but you'd have enough for the first 4 possibly by mid-season. You could get all of them by mid-season but your facilities probably aren't good enough to get them. I'd say they're probably a season 2 onwards thing. 

    In terms of why you'd bother getting the deluxe version; they are ONLY available for the deluxe version. If you wanted to play alongside them at all then you'd get the deluxe. If you didn't want them as a teammate, you'd get the standard. However, it's going to be more annoying if you don't get the Deluxe and then they change their mind and you CAN have their facemodels. You'd be unable to use them.  

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  13. Now, I know the first game back was 2009, and the first real attempt for multiplatform was 2010 but that only helps the idea i'm promoting.

    It'd be the 13th Edition of the F1 games since Codemasters took the reigns, so I had a lousy idea,

    I think by the end of this year the charm of the funky Podium Pass offerings would have begun to wane a little bit. So for the 2022 edition, change the reward system!

    There are twelve months in a year, as most people will be aware. And 12 years of Codemasters.

    So each month is a chance to earn/pay for (to cut the grinding) a respective years, or years, worth of rewards.

    So, hypothetical;

    Game comes out in July. 

    First podium pass is based on 2009 Season. By advancing through the levels, you could unlock playable Cars (such as the Brawn), helmets worn in that season like Button's unique one and Hamilton's yellow one. Usable driver facemodel of a driver (for example, you could make your guy look like Button)

    At the end of the first month, that pass finished and the following month 2010 content is available. This year, you unlock cars such as 2010 Red Bull, helmets such as Button's British flag one and Senna's helmet. Facemodel of someone like Kovalainen and Turkey could be the track.

    At the end of the second month, that finishes and the 2011 season becomes available and it looks like Pastor is back in business as his facemodel is ready to use!  Also can play as the Lotus Renault and the track from this year could be Nurburgring. 

    All the way so at the last month, stuff from 2021 edition such as some of this years helmets, faces of drivers who leave at the end of the year, etc.


    I know it's not going to happen as that's alot of things to include for such a little an area of output. The main benefit I had with this was that you don't need to 'create' anything as you make it look exactly as it did back then so, for example, you don't need to include track changes made since then.   I get that you can't just pick up one thing from that game and import it into another game and expect it to work seamlessly but there'd be a year to get it working. 

    It'll just make unlocking things more interesting and makes playing through more of the year even more beneficial as if you wanted to unlock Vandoorne (for example), you'd have to play in the 8th month (February, I think) to get 2017 when he comes along.

    The helmets would look more realistic if they're based on ones that drivers actually wear. Particularly if they came logoless for those that want MyTeam sponsors on them. 

    The cars would only be certain ones. So there'd only be 10-15 'classic cars' and a wide spread of different teams.

    The tracks could be really popular. Especially if you could put them into a career mode. Tracks like Malaysia, India, Hockenheim, etc.  

    if the facepack idea isn't useful enough, then the option to have them as your teammate is another option. 


    I am aware there are lots of potential pitfalls and flaws, but that's for minds brighter than mine to come up with workarounds for. Just an idea for something different that can only be done for one year because the maths works out. 

  14. 9 minutes ago, kalamazoo123 said:

    Have to say i disagree with this.  Tracks being correct (and present for that matter) is absolutely fundamental to the official F1 2021 game in my opinion.

    Again, my opinion only, appreciate others may disagree, but i think they absolutely should have diverted resource and “under developed” other areas (such as fictional story mode) to get the fundamentals correct and included for launch.

    That's fine, we're all entitled to our opinions and bound to disagree on some things. I don't disagree that it would be better for everything to be perfect and up-to-date but that's in a utopian world that hasn't come to pass. 

    However, from a company brand reputation point-of-view;

    • Option A - Don't update the tracks but invest in a (hopefully) exciting new mode with smooth storyline and functional gameplay. The tracks themselves still work, but aren't representative of a real life season. (In which the game doesn't reflect anyway). Promote your new mode heavily and intrigue the fanbase into perceiving this as a step forward and reason to purchase your product.
    • Option B - Perfect the circuits to reflect real-life, while praying they don't get taken off the schedule. You're introducing a new storyline-based mode but you know it'll be buggy, anti-climatic and abit of a damb squib. However, that's okay as you'll brush it under the carpet and heavily advertise the fact that your tracks represent this year's track layouts and hope your fanbase think a few corners here-and-there is a reason to shell out £50-70 (varies per region) for your new edition. Meanwhile, you're hoping you've not introduced other bugs into the game to do it. 


    I definitely can see why they went with Option A.

    However, I accept you have perfectly valid points from a gameplay viewpoint. Braking point is 6 hours of gameplay (that you'll play 2-3 times a year, at most. Probably). The tracks are things you do in Grand Prix, Championships, Braking Point (possibly), My Team, Single player Career, Two-player career and Time Trial. In terms of time invested in each Option, utilitarianism implies Option B is a more feasible choice. 

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  15. 4 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    I would have thought career mode is probably the only place we'd really want this?

    Maybe Championships mode?   You know, if you want to do the season as an actual driver.  Otherwise, I can't see any other scenario where it'll be useful. 

    Grand Prix is usually used for one-off races and the daily weekly events for the Pitcoin Pass so it'd probably frustrate people if they get close to one of the achievements and a random engine blowout means they have to start again. (Although I guess you could turn Player Failures off in the settings, but people forget).

    Time trial definitely wouldn't have it as that defeats the purpose. 

    Career/MyTeam and the Championship modes are the only logical places, but I guess it's a case of everyone wants every customisable setting available for every mode. 

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  16. I remember in F1 2001, you could move the grid around and I'd always put Schumi in 22nd, Montoya in 21st and Hakkinen in 20th. Marques would always start at the front and he'd get absolutely mugged by 2nd place starting Button. (I really liked Jenson back then). As Michael was so much faster than anyone else, he'd tend to win the full-length races anyway.  

    I could see it happening in a "Spectator Mode" where you're basically the TV Director, but I think it'll be a few years off when they run out of other exciting things to include. 

  17. 34 minutes ago, FTBuzzard said:

    Does F1 20 advertise with Schumacher's audio call name?

    Not in so many words. However, it did advertise that you could "BE the Seven Time Champion Schumacher" with helmets, livery, facemodel, etc.

    The new game is more "play alongside 7 icons" so I think the wording leads down a different avenue to last years advertising. 

  18. 6 minutes ago, FTBuzzard said:

    sentences like this or "it's easy to do" always make me wonder how people know this, are they game developers themselves or where did they get this info?

    I always think the exact same thing as you. 

    You'd have to configure weather, ai racing patterns, racing lines, kerb behaviour, tyre wear, fuel usage, impact models, etc. All of that stuff, plus undoing the previous layout and making it obsolete, is bound to introduce bugs. It's definitely not a few hours work. 

    I know it's a highly skilled team but they'd be the first to get the complaints if they divert resource to that and a different part of the game is underdeveloped.

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  19. 12 hours ago, AndRe5550148 said:

    3. On tracks in Spain or Australia, it is enough to update 1-2 turns, it's not that much and they can do it after the game's premiere, unless they are so lazy and don't want to?    I'm not sure it's laziness, but they did say they're prioritising other aspects of the game, in particular the three new tracks.  They'll probably be in Patch 8 far later in the year and I imagine at that stage, it'll be bug-fixing on this game and focusing on next years so the Spain/Aussie tracks won't change. 

    4. Is it true that there is a slipstream in F1 2021?   It is true, and it is powerful judging by the early preview builds. Obviously it will be track dependent but in Baku and Belgium, at least, it seems to be really powerful when combined with DRS and ERS Overtake. Obviously early preview builds are not entirely reflective of the finished product but something like that probably won't be removed at this stage, although it could be nerfed if it is overkill. 


  20. Are we allowed to predict what Overall ratings the drivers would have, or does that run the risk of potentially starting a flame war where somebody criticises a driver and says they're overrated and it just spirals off?


    It's been a suggestion since the rankings came in last year for a driver editor where you can change the ratings of a driver to reflect how you see their performance. So I was wondering what people would rate the current F1 (and F2 2020 if you're feeling adventurous) as, and then what they think CM will actually rate them. <--- I based that prediction on before this season began. 

    For example,

    • Hamilton
      • My rating - 93 - I think he'll still be the best on the grid. There's no reason for him not to be. He was 93 last year and he's not that different.
      • CM Rating - 94 - He has the same number of titles as Schumi and the whole GOAT talk might be awkward when he's less than Senna and Schumi. Rating him the same circumvents that.
    • Bottas
      • My rating - 87 - I think he's a good driver, but mainly in qualifying. Therefore his one-lap pace would be good but race pace drops off.
      • CM Rating - 90 - I think his score will need to be this high in order to get the 1st to 3rd results consistently. Whether they see him as that good, the car is and him being down lower would take away realism.
    • Verstappen 
      • My rating - 92 - His experience stat is the only reason he's not higher. His individual stats are probably the highest for pace and racecraft. 
      • CM Rating - 92 - Less than Hamilton but enough to pacify the people that would be disgruntled by a low score. 
    • Perez
      • My rating - 87 - I think he had a good season last time out where he was rated 85 but nothing that we didn't already know he was good at. A win nudges his score up by 1 and extra experience. 
      • CM Rating - 89 - He's moved to a bigger team. To balance out the performance level against Bottas, he'll be just below him so he'll average 4th place.
    • Norris
      • My rating - 83 - It was between 82 to 84 as he's still young. I think he's got to be less than Riccy but high enough that he'll actually beat him sometimes. 
      • CM Rating - 84 - I think they love Norris. I think they have a high opinion of him and that they'll give him a good score.
    • Ricciardo
      • My rating - 87 - If he was still at Red Bull then 89 to 90, easy. However, the years at Renault (and the start of the McLaren years) have highlighted issues when not the last of late brakers.
      • CM Rating - 88 - I think he was either 88 or 89 last year and I don't think he's done anything to change that. 
    • Alonso
      • My rating - 86 - His experience stat will be like 98 (less than Kimi as he missed two years). That'll nudge his numbers up but I think his overall pace will be less than early 2010's Alonso who would be 92.
      • CM Rating - 88 - If it was taken at the start of the season then everyone thought he'd be raring to go. I think they'll compare him against Kimi's 87 from last year. 
    • Ocon
      • My rating - 81 - I think he came on strong at the end of last season without really setting the world alight.
      • CM Rating - 82 - I think another year of experience after being away and signs of his improvement from last year where he was like 80. 
    • Leclerc 
      • My rating - 91 - I really rate him.  He does make a few mistakes here and there but I think he's definitely the third best driver on the grid.
      • CM Rating - 88 - I don't think CM are all-in on him. Not sure why but he wasn't rated sensationally last time neither. 
    • Sainz
      • My rating - 85 - I've never really bought into him as a TOP driver. Good driver, yeah. Top driver, nah. I think he's better than Norris but less than Perez.
      • CM Rating - 87 - Not unreasonable but I think they will rate him higher than I do.
    • Gasly
      • My rating - 85 - I think he's done wonders for his career renaissance. He's the type of guy now that you could put in a decent car and he'd be right up there.
      • CM Rating - 84 - Not sure if him being mid 80's would affect the development table too much as he'd have to not bring Alpha to the forefront of the midfield.
    • Tsunoda
      • My rating - 73 - I think he's popular and there's youthful exuberance but I also think he's abit hot and cold. Pace stat would be good, the others less so.
      • CM Rating - 77 - People love him, it balances out the Alpha in the midpack and seems a realistic score they'd give him. 
    • Vettel
      • My rating - 86 - He's declined, probably due to confidence. There's definitely a good driver still in there. 
      • CM Rating - 87 - He's still a good driver and the stats do have to reflect that, particularly in the era of icons. 
    • Stroll
      • My rating - 81 - I think he's improved massively over the last 2 seasons and deserves to be at the midfield level.
      • CM Rating - 79 - He's not as good as other drivers in the midfield like Norris and Gasly. The stats have to nerf him a little behind them.
    • Raikkonen
      • My rating - 83 - I think he's done and dusted really. He's still very decent on racepace but there's only so much you can do with the Alfa. When he retires and becomes an icon on his mid 00's stats, he'll be 91 to 92.
      • CM Rating - 84 - He still has some race pace and his experience stat will be in the roof. Last year people said he was too high and I think they'll listen.
    • Giovinazzi
      • My rating - 73 - I think his qualifying is good. His starts are good. His race pace is.. meh. He'll finish ahead of the Haas and Williams but never looks like he belongs in the pack above.
      • CM Rating - 76 - He's improved and I think they'll take pity on him. 
    • Schumacher
      • My rating - 74 - If there was a stat on growth then he'd be perfect. However, he's been good in junior series without being dominant. Better than Tsunoda, i'd say. 
      • CM Rating - 71 - He's an F2 champion but that didn't do wonders for Russell. I think they'll keep him low to keep Haas at the back.
    • Mazepin
      • My rating - 68 - I think he only quick in parts last year and the Hitech team was more aligned to him. He's struggled this year to reiterate that point. 
      • CM Rating - 69 - I think they gave him 60ish last year (as his previous ART season was average). He had a better season last time and he made it to F1 so that'll boost him up. 
    • Russell
      • My rating - 82 - He should be higher. If he'd come out of F2 and went to Williams for a season and then moved up to Racing Point (for example) then he'd be 86, easy. He's that good. However, it's hard to give him great stats when he's only ever had a good car once.
      • CM Rating - 79. Less than some of the midfield but if he's too good then it makes the Williams seem closer to the midfield than it is. 
    • Latifi
      • My rating - I think he's not too far off Russell sometimes. He isn't the best in the world but I think he doesn't seem like he's too out of place anymore. 
      • CM Rating - 75 - They did him real dirty last year when he was somewhere like 68. I got that he was compared against De Vries who did beat him but he stood out as really low.  


    It's intended to be some harmless fun to see how useful a Driver Editor would be to people so i'm hoping it doesn't degrade into a "I rate Hamilton 70 because it's just the car". 

  21. 1 hour ago, Monzie83 said:

    It’s interesting and possible I guess - even though the r&d tree might not change, perhaps the base level of the car could be better to start with somehow?

    I guess the only way to find that out is to start multiple MyTeam season at the same AI, pick the same engine supplier, answer the question differently in terms of team rivals, run qualy and see if the car starts further up the grid? 

    It's a decent start to a hypothesis. However, it only works if every other variable is the same.

    • Other AI cars have to be at the same performance level in each save to compare against. 
    • Other AI drivers have to have the exact same stats in each save to compare your perfomance against them.
    • All your upgrades you apply have to have the same success/failure rate. 
    • Your engine supplier has to bring upgrades at the same rate. This is something you can't even control.
    • You have to nail your lap in the exact same racing line.
    • Other AI cars have to presumably do their laps at the same time in the session in every save. 
    • Weather conditions and temperatures have to be the same for every race in every save.


    I'm sure there's more variables but it'd be impossible to test whether your interview answers make any difference just by comparing your lap time against the AI in quali as there are so many things that affect a single lap in one session, let alone 4 laps in 4 different saves. 

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  22. I don't think it is possible to test something non-tangible like if someone feels like they have more grip 7 seasons in or better straight line speed.  For someone to test that, they'd have to do 7 identical seasons with the teams having the same performance.  Hard to compare sailing past a Racing Point who are low in the development table in one save with Pro-Power answers and struggling to overtake them in a different one with pro-chassis answers when they've got entirely different stats. 

    I would assume it's intended to be a mini-boost for the first season but it's possible it changes the default stats a fraction. 

  23. 8 minutes ago, KNT2011 said:

    Did a little digging and it's definitely a new thing for 2021, though details are scarce

    "There is also said to be a 10-year career mode that will let you start from the bottom of the grid in F2 and make your way up onto the F1 grid." - Don't know why this would be mentioned in a 2021 article if there's not something new to see here. 

    Separate article: "The regular single-player driver career also now allows players to start racing in F2 before moving up to F1."

    Hmm! At the moment if you do choose to race F2 first it's literally a championship mode, without any career features or bells and whistles. Will be interesting still to see what they've done with it, if you have access to the career features (as limited as they can be) while in F2, and at the very least your F2 career actually existed once you get to F1 which currently doesn't record anything about it. 

    It did say similar last year and it turned out to be the Championship mode but that does sound like there'll be more this time. It wouldn't be advertised that prominently if it was the exact same as last year though. I do think it'll be like last year but will have some unique points such as "Joining the grid is last years F2 champion/runner-up *Player Name* and he'll be turning out for *Insert team name*" and your results will be recorded under a different tab. Such as, Points in F2, F2 Pole Positions, etc. Kept separate from F1 results, but still visible. Then in the last tab for standings, it'll be there under Season1. 

    It'd be cool if F2 seasons went on even when you're in F1 with visibility of the season progress and you can see who is winning it and likely to be promoted the next year. Although there'd be nobody to replace them in F2 but that's a separate issue.

    I don't think it's going to be revolutionary... but a little step forward. 

  24. I'm the complete opposite. Generic helmets (like the Schumacher, Senna and Prost ones) really don't do it for me.  I'd much rather have him in his Red Bull helmet in a Mercedes than have him in a non-descript bland looking helmet that vaguely fits a Mercedes colour scheme.

    If there was a way to get genuine looking helmets for every driver in the game corresponding to every team, (for example Schumacher's Alpha Tauri Helmet would be the Alpha logo on the side, mainly the green colour with the pattern on top and the German flag on the back) then i'm all in as that would be an amazing feature. However, that'll never be done for every driver as it's a waste of resource. So i'd rather he kept his Haas one as it looks like an actual helmet and not a bland paintjob (where it's blue on the sides, green on top and just yellow, black and red behind).

    It would be good as an option for those on console, maybe. However, i'd be less inclined to play the game if it takes takes a step back graphically with generic helmets. 

  25. 6 minutes ago, KNT2011 said:

    Interesting that he's saying there you can now start a career in F2, because.. eh? Can do that now can't we? 

    If it means we actually start the real career mode in F2 and it's not just a season tacked on, well that changes a lot. That stops the problem of being able to pick any F1 team regardless of how you did in F2, and gives the chance for multiple F2 seasons as well? Very interested in seeing more about this. 

    I imagine it's more along the lines of him making a mistake and not realising you could already do it.

    It would be weird to do an F2 season where hypothetically Ilott wins... and then he is there again in the next season when it is specifically against the Formula regulations for the champion to remain. Yes, he could get promoted but that leaves an empty seat on the grid as he's not going to replaced by someone already in F1 (like a relegation). Unless F3 is there to promote then that wouldn't really work. 

    If there is a method of getting it working then I'd like to see an F2 where they can also be transferred to other teams. For example, Drugovich doing season 1 in MP but moves to UNI or Carlin for season 2. 


    However, it was advertised as being in there last year... and it kinda was. It just didn't have any tangible reason to be as you could bin it into the gravel or walls every race and still get into Mercedes, Deledda style.  Maybe its been improved but I imagine it's exactly the same as it's an F1 game at the end of the day and spending 2-3 seasons in F2 isn't the general purpose so I expect you'll get promoted after the first season but your results will dictate where you can go. 

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