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  1. 29 minutes ago, Marko4455 said:

    somebody should make poll...which tracks we want..I am sure many people would vote 😁😁😁😁

    Seemed like a half-decent idea in terms of at least providing evidence for which ones would seem popular so I chucked one together quickly. I'm not expecting it to 'take off' or anything but i'd certainly be curious to which ones would get the most traction. 

    Hopefully, even if it only gets 20 votes or something, if it highlights a significant comparative volume of which ones are popular then that may be a track(s) they'd look at including if/when they go down the line of further circuits. 


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  2. 6 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    Does your username relate to a premonition about the upcoming festive season?

    In that the Turkey delivery chain is collapsing and people are eyeing up the ducks for a Christmas Dinner replacement?  I'd definitely be a little nervous too!

    12 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    I am all knowing 

    Us mere limited mortals cannot compare to your foreknowledge of track-based matters! 😁


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  3. 7 minutes ago, Ultra3142 said:

    I got Turkey last night. Hasn't it installed for the rest of you yet?

    Mine is just installing turn 8 right now. Excited! 

    Imagine if they do give everyone a Christmas Turkey and it looks like there are some real prophets in this group who knew all along. 😂

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  4. 27 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    I agree with the last part for sure but i dont think that in the long run the engineers will be that different in skill, not taking Adrian Newey into account that guy is insane lol, but lets take 2009 as an example, you would agree that Ferrari and McLaren and maybe Renault would have the best engineers as they had the best reputation and yet the teams that got the ground breaking idea of double diffuser were Toyota and Brawn. Again im sure it will have an impact (reputation) but its not gonna be as bad as the past, engineers usually stay pretty loyal to their teams but we will see how good it will workout😄

    Can't argue with the Newey praise.  These days you usually get people who are specialists in their field and competent at the other aspects of engineering.  It's rare to find someone with such understanding of so many aspects of a cars development. 

    It's possible you're right.  I'm not saying that the best will all go there and the rest of the teams will have people who suck as all of the people involved are all exceptionally bright, plus you can only have one 'Lead' and you'll probably have a few highly competent people that will end up being exceptional leads for various teams, just that the cream rises to the top usually.    

    With so little information on how well the teams are getting on with development, it's all guesswork as to how close it'll be but i'm, at least, glad it was delayed a year as this has been my favourite season since 2012. 

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  5. 6 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    I think you overplay this lol and biggest costs are not the staff in F1 but the development and as they also limit wind tunnel testing its quite likely to work a lot better than anything in Football.. Of course there will always be gaps because different minds have different ideas but its not gonna be as bad as the past 10 years in the long run

    I'm not really concerning the costs of the staff (such as their wages) but the knowledge they have. The 'better' ones will end up migrating to the bigger teams (as expected) and they'll find ways to discover loopholes faster than the other teams and thats when the gaps will form again. 

    The wind tunnel testing thing is an excellent idea as it balances risk and reward but may result in yo-yo teams. Like Haas have a sensational 2022 and finish, say, 4th. Less development time means they'll struggle in 2023 and finish 8th. Then they'll have more development time and finish 4th or 5th again in 2024. Less development time the following season and return to the back.   The bigger teams will be able to do more with the limited time so won't be as affected. 

    I'm not disagreeing with you, nor what they're doing, as I think it's a step in the right direction. I just don't think it's all going to be sunshine and rainbows forever more before it falls apart because the bigger teams have found exploits. 

    I wouldn't be overly disappointed if a team was dominant for just one season as long as it was someone new.  If, say, McLaren were dominant and it was Norris and Ricciardo then it'd still be fresh to see someone but Merc/Red Bull up there. Like 2009 with Brawn is remembered okayish as it was a one-off (and barely lasted half a season) whereas Merc aren't as popular as they've been consistently good for 8 seasons that it's strangled the sport. 

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  6. 45 minutes ago, pashabotceps said:

    I never got any crazy driver moves in 2020 game and 2021 game as well.I hardly even get driver moves, only when i move teams or when someone is retiring


    Do you play MyTeam or Driver Career, or both?

    I don't get too many odd things happening on my Driver Career but MyTeam really has its moments.

    It does have things that happen across a few saves though. Alonso seems to go to Alpha Tauri alot and Russell frequently ends up at Alpine. Raikkonen has often gone to Aston mid-season 1 before retiring at the end of Season 1.   So I have a definite pattern of events that occur regularly. 

  7. On 10/23/2021 at 9:54 PM, Meza994 said:

    That i can fully agree on, the budget cap is the best way and longterm quite likely to minimize the gap between teams

    It's definitely a first step but these people are some of the best and brightest and it won't be too long and they'll find loopholes and the gaps will increase. 

    To revert back to the football analogies that have been bandied around. Bayern Munchen/Munich (whatever name you prefer).   The rules of the Bundesliga mean they can't massively overspend like the Oil countries but they don't need to. The allure of their name means they get players/staff for less money, if any.   Players seem to run down their contracts and then they sign for Bayern for peanuts.  This doesn't happen every time, obviously, but is a recurring theme that the better people go where there is a higher chance of success. 

    The budget cap will bring things back in line for a while but eventually that too will be circumvented because that's just how the world works.

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  8. A switch to have transfers off just doesn't work with the logic of the game, at least in MyTeam.  MyTeam requires driver changes and if you can't change drivers then there's no point to the mode.

    If you get beyond season 5 with Alonso still knocking around then he has around 75 pace, which if you turn transfers off means Alpine would be pants every race as everyone else is in the 90's so will be faster than him. Merc would have the problem with Lewis and Alfa with Kimi.   If you stop declining stats then you have to simultaneously stop stats increase too which means Russell/Mick/etc will be underperforming the entire time. 

    Driver transfers have to be a thing so turning them off just doesn't work.  It just needs to be sensible, which is subjective, or give control to the player. 

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  9. On 10/22/2021 at 3:12 PM, Nuvolarix said:

    And what about to introduce the Sprint Qualifying format? Once Formula 1 seems oriented towards maintaining the format, and indeed increasing its use. Possibly at the user's choice.


    I do wonder what the general consensus of Sprint Qualifying is amongst the fans.  I like the fact it means there's another session that means something but i'm not a fan of the winner getting 'Pole Position', nor the format in general.   

    I went to Silverstone and, despite what they were saying on the commentary when I rewatched it... it was dull. Alonso was the only bright spark and most of that occurred the other side of the track to me as I was near Abbey.   Italy was better but that was because Hamilton fell backwards and it was him trying to catch up, otherwise again it didn't feel magical but did make the 'normal' qualifying appear alot less important. 

    It's going to be at 8 races next year, I think?   Not a fan of the half-assing it by making random weekends different from each other but I expect there are loads of people that love the idea.  It just feels like a change for changes sake so they can say they're 'freshening things up'. 

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  10. It's with the developers. That's all I can say about it really as there's no news on what they intend to do.

    I'm hoping it's to allow control over Driver Transfers to allow it to work as it is supposed to, but people keep asking for them to be turned off completely which seems like the cheap way out so as a quick-fix, they'll probably throw that in and say it's another job done successfully.

    I had the same issue in Driver Career where Larsen (I think. It's a Danish female classic car driver) joined Mercedes and I just lost all enthusiasm.  I was doing 100% races so it was an especially painful kick in the gonads to not want to continue with it, so I feel your pain. 

    Fun fact; in 27 seasons of F1 2021 (mostly simming or 25% to Podium Pass Grind), Leclerc is the only driver on my game who has never moved team nor retired. He's been at Ferrari every season. 

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  11. 11 hours ago, Sector4 said:

    I hope they put the 2021 F2 drivers in the driver market. There's like 5 drivers I'd really like to hire in My Team. 

    Off-topic but I am curious to whom the 5th one would be. It'd have to be someone who wasn't on this iteration of the game.

    Now, Piastri, Pourchaire, Lawson and Vips are pretty much givens, surely?

    I can only assume Deledda isn't top of the wishlist, despite his mercurial talents. 

    Verschoor - Seems fairly handy without being too exciting.

    Zendeli - I think his helmet makes him more appetising. Although I imagine that novelty would wear off and you could just be him in Grand Prix.

    Nannini - Bring the name back to the grid?

    Beckmann - He's driven for two teams so far and I very almost forgot he was on the grid. Means he's not one i'm thinking it'll be.

    Boschung - Was on last years. Maybe hired him on that and had a sentimental attachment?

    Petecof - If he's even in the game then he's the only one statistically worse than Deledda so maybe a bottom-of-the-barrel to the top-of-the-tree story?

    Viscaal - A race to get a Dutch driver to the title before Max?  I would assume Verschoor would be better for that though. 

  12. 16 minutes ago, GoSuarez99 said:

    My dream soundtrack would include Diary of Jane-Breaking Benjamin, This is how I Disappear-My Chemical Romance, Crush-Pendulum, and some more 

    Ah, i'd be all over this.  Late 00's music may be a little outside their preferred time-range but some absolute bangers would be possible.

    It can make a game memorable. For example, there was a game called Driven to Destruction and I still remember it now simply because it had Hoobastank - Same Direction on it.  That's like 15 years since I played that so music can make a game stand the test of time.

    Would be interesting to know what kinda music people would be interested in having but I imagine there'll be wide variety of genres. 

  13. 5 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    Its not the driver ratings that make Bottas OP.. Its the stats bonuses.. the make him exactly the same as Hamilton stats wise..

    The facility bonuses are an issue. There was a period a few months ago where they were turned off and it was kinda working in terms of balancing (except your F2 MyTeam teammate was pants and wouldn't grow).

    Whenever they're active, every driver gets a 10+ or 15+ and it's like they're all 99 rated for the most part.   It's a particular scenario where you could have a 4m Gasly and he'd have the same stats as £20m Lewis... so nobody would ever choose Lewis for 5x the money. It seemed to affect second drivers more than first drivers and it was most evident with Bottas as he's the most obvious barometer of comparison. 

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  14. 23 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    2020 Merc was not only statistically the fastest car, it is the fastest car by a lot, even in Monza it was 0.7s faster than the best time of 2004 which is quite much considering its the track most suiting 2004 cars (lightweight through the slow corners, highest top speeds and acceleration) and on the opposite kinda track -> Hungary 2020 cars were 5s faster and 2s quicker in Nürburgring quali which was after the engine mode ban so probably at least another second if they were using party mode.. so if they would go for a time trial version of the W11 that has party mode going it would be possibly even 7-8s quicker than 2022 cars, i doubt it will happen but it would be cool

    I have absolutely nothing against the idea and it has a purpose of including the fastest car ever, rather than it just being a classic car that people generally like! 

    I know nothing about how next years F1 car is going to actually feel when driving but I imagine it's going to feel like a slightly more stable (and quicker) F2 car in comparison to the current F1 cars.  Going from the 2022 Haas (assuming they're still backmarkers) to 2020 Merc would be a hell of a contrast! 

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  15. 2 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    Well yeah China is off which is why i suggested it as a DLC track which players need to pay for, its a leagues classic and a good version in the games so IF they should decide to do more than just the official calendar for a DLC it would be a good pick, same with Portimao.. The goal behind such a DLC is to get more tracks then only the calendar but especially for 2023 im aware that there is quite a lot of work with already 2 new tracks they need to make so tracks already done (Portimao, China, Sepang) are a more easy way to achieve this.

    I dont think theyd keep a track in the game thats not on the calendar (needs extra licence) without extra pay..

    I'm aware that you were aware about China!  I merely meant that if China is coming back the following year then they'll probably think about keeping it on a retainer (such as DLC). You know, make sure that the track works with the current iteration of cars, plan AI lines and behaviour for the different car. So they'd only have to cover one year of performance changing 2021 -> 2022 -> 2023 instead of hopping two 2021 -> 2023. 

    I'd like them to include China (as it's there) and Portimao and Turkey as the most likely replacements anyway. That's three tracks and only one that requires any work! 

    Sepang was last used in 2017, I think. That'd be 5 years by the time 2022 comes around so I don't know how much has changed in terms of their game since then so it might not be the quick fix we'd expect.  It might be a little tricky but it's definitely less work than starting one from scratch!

    I'm pretty sure there'll be nothing 'extra' next year. There'll be a calendar cut-off date around February and that'll be the 23 tracks. If Portimao is switched in after that cut-off date then it can be shoe-horned in but anything they'd have to put in any work, I don't think they'd do it. 

  16. I see, so it's just a time-trial based thing!   That does make sense as people do like speed and it is interesting to note just how fast a car can go around certain tracks.  Like in 2020, the Mercedes is the fastest car there has ever been statistically (although 2004 still holds some records, I think) and it only went around 14 tracks. I'd personally be curious to how fast it could go around tracks that it didn't in real life. 

    Personally, i'm not as fast as Lewis Hamilton so i'll probably never know if I was to try and do it myself but i'd see it on Time Trial as some people are that fast.  

    I wouldn't expect to see it, but I never complain about getting more stuff so not aggrieved if it is included! 

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  17. I've not used it personally, but I did get sent a link a few weeks ago from a friend who said they use the following webpage for all their setup needs.  I'm not sure if it is time-trial based or race-based but I cannot view the page while at work as it is blocked under game-based filters so I can't say.

    Hopefully you find something useful to you on there, but if not, hopefully someone will! 

    F2 Setups - F1 Car Setups 2021

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  18. Just now, Blackbird said:

    Doesn't matter if "should be" is determined by mysterious stakeholders who presumably were in charge of not allowing cheaty Ferrari being slow in F1 2020 and keeping the whole field closer to the top 2 at that time. I don't complain for how the field is represented on F1 2021, though.)

    I had noticed that Ferrari is always leading in every promotional picture i've seen of the games in the last few years.  Wasn't odd a few years ago but seemed bizarre last year, in particular.   I also remember in 2019 that when every car was fully upgraded, Ferrari was the most superior. 

    The teams' having creative control over their brand representation is always going to cause complications but I don't think they've done a bad job of representing them in a fair manner while keeping them on-side. 

    In a probably unpopular opinion, I didn't mind when Ferrari had their cheaty engine as it meant there were 3 teams at the front battling for results as opposed to the pure dominance of Merc of other seasons.   Ideally they could have done it in an ethical manner but I wasn't as outraged as I should have been. 😂   This year has been better though. I'm even having both Ferrari's out in Q2 frequently. 

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  19. It used to have a half-decent one in the early 2010's.  I remember My Chemical Romance had a song on F1 2011 (I think) and I could never get it out of my head. If my velocity starts to make you sweat... 🎤🎼

    So it's been done before by Codemasters but it disappeared at some point around that time.  EA games do generally have background soundtracks so it's possible that'll help with the licensing to use them throughout the game but it might hinder content creators (not that i'm bothered) as they'll have to edit it out of videos and reviews and all that, i'd presume. 

  20. It does seem to be that most of the Realistic (non-equal) performance times at the top of the leaderboard seem to be Red Bull so it definitely used to be Red Bull. 

    In terms of race pace when I do one-off Grand Prix's, Merc look faster.  However, that takes into account the driver performance of the four drivers.

    I guess the only way to be sure is to use Realistic on the same track and try a few laps with each the RB and the Merc. That will incorporate performance bias where you do better on one given lap in a car in comparison to the others but you can generally work out averages of what is faster. 


    In terms of what it should be... It should be different for each track.  Merc are usually better at tracks like Silverstone whereas Red Bull are superior at Brazil, for example. You could even chuck in Ferrari at Monaco. 

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  21. 11 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    Agreed and this is why i came up with only Turkey as a completely new track for 2022, Portimao and China ported into the game would like only be a few sponsors and the AI which of course is still some work but for a 5-7$ DLC i think it would be worth their trouble and its quite likely that there will be a track replaced by turkey. But we will have to wait how things develop, with the current situation in england there is a chance that next year will be a worse crisis than this year😕

    China is already off the grid for next year, yet is expected to come back the following year or two. Qatar is coming in 2023.  I think we'll be going towards a 25 race season soon enough and then that will curtail the desire for extra tracks anyway. Igora Drive replacing Sochi is also going to be more work for them to do as well. 

    Portimao being off the calendar is quite disappointing but there's still chance something else will get cancelled. Street circuits struggle to get the turnaround in these times and Canada is always flaky... but, if nothing drastic does change, I hope they do keep Portimao in as an extra track.  It's a different situation to Hanoi where I don't think F1 will ever race there now. 

    I'm not sure where it will stand as we head towards console crossover in about two years time. That'll probably have an effect on plans too. 

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  22. The tracks are something everybody wants so I think long-term that is something they'll look into.  I can already tell it's going to be one of those topics where you get like 10-12 similarly named separate topics instead of one master post that everyone chips into.  The more tracks, the better... that seems to be the commonly accepted idea. 

    In terms of the Max vs Lewis DLC, i'm not really sure how that'll work.   Is it literally just those two cars?   Like what do you do with them?   If it's competing in some sort of scenario mode, then sure... but you'd have to include the other 18 drivers too.   It could be like what Real Season Start should have been this season where you can jump in at any race in the real season and try and accomplish a select task.  For example, hopping in at this point and trying to take Lewis to his 8th title.  However, opening it up to all scenarios would be good!   Like say starting at a certain point of the season and getting Aston to finish ahead of Alpine by the end of the season, for example. 

    I'd like a scenario mode of certain flashpoints of F1 history but that's alot of work.  Like, say 2012 Brazil and Vettel has spun and you are put into control of Seb and you have to win the title from there.  Or Brazil 2008 and you're Lewis and it's all gone wrong and you have to win the title from there. Or Kimi at Brazil 2007 and you have to win the title from behind.  <---- I forgot how good seasons used to be when they finished at Brazil! 

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