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  1. I can understand and partially agree with the Leclerc/Norris/Russell opinion. I still think Leclerc is the outright fastest in a race and joint with Russell maybe over one-lap but if I could hire one driver then i'd choose Norris as he's good at both and doesn't really make many mistakes in comparison to the other two. He made one at Spa which I really don't think was his fault as he was just the first over the line. One at Austria which I thought was a little harsh but got a 5 second penalty and the Russia tyre choice which I think was just a bad call and there's no rating for that. I just
  2. As much as I enjoy, as much as the next man, a conversation on toilet roll. do we know at what point in October yet that the Imola track and (I think its livery changes) will be dropping? I'm assuming around the middle but didn't know if there was any confirmation, or even whispers of a time most likely? Also, i'm further assuming the career season length will go up to 22 races? I can't imagine it'll go up to 23 with China as a placemarker til Jeddah as "it's not indicative of the real season" <--- Ignoring tracks like Singapore, Japan, Canada, etc.
  3. I agree the awareness stat is flakey. No driver should ever be in the upper echelons of the 90 bracket as they all make mistakes. Plus who doesn't enjoy a nice driver mistake once in a while! When it says 'weighted to recent results', I assumed it was referring to an annual basis. For example, results in 2020 and 2019 will hold significantly more prevalence than what they did from 2015, for example. What my point is that the changes themselves only cover the last 3 races. I can accept that the stats were wrong from the very start of the season and these are drastic attempts to remedy them
  4. I think F3 will be the next step if they were to include another one and this will probably be capped at the premier version of F3. They won't go as far as F3-Asia or any of the regionals. F4 chassis covers a fair few disciplines and nations actually and I think the investment really isn't worth the effort as I don't think it'll be played all that often by a vast subsection of the playerbase. I'd never expect it to go down to this level of motorsport. W Series is the other bandied about one due to trying to be more inclusionary with diversity. Presumably as a standalone mode? F
  5. We have completely different opinions on the Leclerc - Sainz dynamic 😂 The only race(s) I can think off the top of my head where Sainz was better than Leclerc was France and one of the Austrian races (the one where he went really long and Leclerc hadn't hit Gasly). Other than that, I cannot think of a single race where Sainz has been more impressive than (or within 5 pace points of) Leclerc. I'm happy to discuss this in more detail as Leclerc being underrated is a hill I would happily die on. I concede his awareness is his downfall as he's involved in too many incidents but i'd have him a
  6. It's classed as to the end of the Monza race. Regarding the changes, I.... was not impressed. Russell is still below where he should be. I get it's for driver-car balancing to make sure he's not doing too well in the Williams but it usually means he sucks if/when he moves teams. For example, he moves to Aston against Vettel and Seb destroys him. That could be a one-user experience and he's good on other peoples saves though. I can only imagine whomever does the ratings has it in for Leclerc. Either he didn't respond to their fanmail or their partner has a crush on him and they'r
  7. It's quite an important point as you'd not want them to create two different games as that'd take even longer for issues to get fixed if there's another platform to support. So you'd assume they'd keep the game the same between PS4 and PS5 until the next-gen crossover which still looks over a year away tbh. It's way too early for them to commit to F1 2022 being PS5 only as they'd lose so many sales so we can pretty much rule that out. Therefore the game will be hamstrung to the lowest common denominator (PS4) so won't have all the bells and whistles it would do when it goes to prioritis
  8. I don't think this is overly important. There are many reasons why W series is on normal tv and F3 is on Sky. That wouldn't even matter to the millions of people who don't even live in the UK as why would someone in Zimbabwe have any interest in what British people can watch on one of its smaller channels. The W Series is an extremely low level series that is three levels below F3 on the feeder chain. That's a whopping five below F1. It's only 1 chassis difference (that I remember) but, in terms of prestige, it's bottom of the barrel. I'm all for including diversity and wouldn't be o
  9. I went through it to the end and thought it was okay. Like, I wasn't expecting to like it so it's not a big disappointment that I found it abit meh but it's always good when new things are at least offered. Hopefully, their next big idea is one that i'd find more exciting but at least they're not just settling for what they've already output and capping it there. On the flip side, though. It depends what we had to sacrifice in order to get Braking Point. Like, classic cars, the smaller tracks and championships have gone. It doesn't necessarily mean they were curtailed for the inclusio
  10. Just playing devils advocate, but it's only really been poorly received on here. I highly doubt this forum was really the target audience for this mode so the feedback from this tiny corner of the internet probably won't deter them from persevering with this mode. On other forums, and general feedback, people seemed to like it. It's possible that a fair few people on here liked it but don't comment saying they do as they see the amount of negativity it gets and don't really want to argue against the hordes. People on here seem to have different preferences to the mode but it may be a
  11. Is there any indication of their inclinations towards this? I am 95% sure it'll be a brush-it-under-the-carpet approach of just having an on/off option which would be pretty pants. I guess relaxed (where anything goes) / realistic (where they're sensible) / off (nothing happens except driver team and then just a switch between your F2 driver choice and the replacement if you chose a real driver) is probably where people would be hedging their bets. I'm still crossing my fingers that they go the extra inch and make the transfers controllable, even if there are acclaim restrictions. (For
  12. Even ignoring the odd-looking white part of the actual helmet; it looks awful in comparison to the modded one. It may be the sponsors that make it look better but the DLC one just looks shiny and kinda cheap and tacky to me. Makes me kinda want to get a PC just for the improved customisation possibilities that look like they fit in the paddock.
  13. Please do not feed the trolls was something that I used to see on forums all the time. I sense it's repetitive fishing so just don't bite, but it's not just you that is a recipient of it. I guess nothing will be done about it as, currently, there's no reason to explain dislikes. Potentially a way of improving the forum is to have reasons for negative reactions. For example; 'this post was disliked for; (and then you have radio buttons) Misinformation, Distasteful, Etc.
  14. Again, having control over whom is going where is infinitely better than turning them off. Please stop giving them a half-baked resolution of just turning them off as it just creates a new problem instead of fixing the first one. Shwartzman is pants on my game. He usually ends up at Aston but never really gets many points. Although none of my f2 drivers ever do. I've had lower level drivers binned off mid-season? Like at Williams, Drugovich was replaced by Ticktum who had better acclaim. Seeing Bottas replaced by a lower acclaim is surprising though.
  15. Half-expecting a few comments to say that they empathise more with what Norris was doing at Eau Rouge than he was doing than what he was doing at the bus stop. Spinning more than the Haas drivers will probably be a trophy in F1 2022 and poor Norris did it in one corner, but at least he's okay. Watching this qualifying session does highlight the level of skill the drivers have, which the game will always find it hard to replicate.
  16. Friendly warning. Don't finish your 10th season of Career/MyTeam as it wipes all your saves. 😂
  17. There's a mystical, magical cut-off date somewhere in what seems to be January. Providing the race hasn't been postponed/cancelled by that point then it's in the game! That standpoint exists for any track on the original calendar for 2022, with the possible exception of an overriding circumstance like; Hypothetically, the cutoff date is 20th January and there will be 23 races that season. On the 18th Jan, Miami backs out but the FIA insist that it will still be 23 tracks with a replacement announced shortly. It would be up to the discretion of the designers to say whether they
  18. Love me some Cricket19. I'm terrible at choosing shots so I hope you're better than me at it. I'm usually skittled out quicker than India at Headingly in their first innings. 😂
  19. I am literally just coasting until the three new tracks come out. I think most of the little bugs will be resolved by that time and it'll be good to go. I tried going back to F1 2020 but it felt like a betrayal like i'd lost faith. 😕 I did have some competitive drivers in F1 2020. De Vries was always pretty handy, Aitken could do it on a good day and Hubert really shone. I've not seen that level so far as in season 10, Zhou is the only F2 driver to score points... and he got 12... in a Merc which is still the fastest car. The other 8 F2 drivers (and Mazepin) haven't scored one s
  20. De Vries may get his shot 3 years late! (I still think that's unlikely but the poor guy can't do much else!) I don't know if Aitken would have been higher if he'd actually competed in some seasons? I progressed from the end of Brazil to the start of Australia and they've dropped again. Aitken leads with 81, Drugo second on 75 and Shwarty third on 72. No idea why they've all dropped a point. Mazepin is 79 rated as an F1 driver, Schumi is now 90 and Tsunoda is 91. So even in the space of a fortnight, they're going weird and dropping.
  21. With news that Qatar will potentially be coming, Brazil potentially being moved to mid November and Turkey potentially dropping out;.. I hope Codemasters have prepared accordingly for all of these changes to be included by the end of the month or I will have no choice but to be outraged they didn't see it coming back in March 2020 as everyone could predict that this exact scenario was going to happen ever since that first McLaren employee spluttered his first cough in Australia. I'm sure we'll be receiving confirmation that it'll all be in place ready to go by the end of the week. Persona
  22. SmokyAtom07


    I use a controller. Always have, and probably always will. I'm far from an expert neither but i've no intention of being one though. Tbh, you can just use the balanced set-up that you're assigned at the start of every race and that'll be okay for virtually all the tracks on the game even on controller. You can keep trying to find excuses in peripherals but you have to accept, at some point, that the issue may be more internal if you're wanting it to be easy immediately.
  23. It's probably going to be an unintentional side effect but start a MyTeam and just sim everything. I'd recommend changing the Career sliders so your stuff is at maximum and the AI is at the lowest but this isn't essential. For your main sponsor, just say "complete a full season" for the first one or two. Then change to "earn this amount of points" beyond then as your car will be the best after that. For the weekly sponsors, just choose the two that say 'have no DNFs' as you'll get the payout probably 18/19 times out of the 20 race season. Then you can max out your car so the last two sponsor
  24. I know most people won't have got that far by now but i'm two races from the end of Season 10. (i'm just simming every race to show how 10 seasons of 100% races would pan out while waiting for the game to be at the level for starting a proper MyTeam... Spoiler alert, Mercedes dominate still until year 10). Now, I thought i'd have a look at the driver market to see how drivers are getting on as I noticed Alonso was getting trounced by Italian ***** at McLaren every race. His pace stat was only 75 so there is decline in there, as well as Hamilton still being at Merc (still the best team) a
  25. SmokyAtom07


    I'd say that scenario is highly unlikely. If monkeys can write Shakespeare then I daresay that humans can do well on F1 2021 with 0 AI and full assists. Now somewhere between 0 AI and Full Assists and 110 AI and no assists is your playing level and you just have to find it. You're definitely talented enough for the game, just probably not at the level you're thinking you could... yet. Nobody goes from Newbie to 110AI immediately. It takes time, practice and a few aggressive retorts to people saying "it's just a game" when you know it's more than that. Then you get to the level you
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