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  1. I fear this is nothing but disappointment ahead for you (and the rest of us who like F2).

    It's going to be nothing more than a paintjob, probably.  Literally just changing the liveries and drivers of the cars and little more.   There were rumours they weren't even going to include the weekend format but it's hard to say at this stage if that's truth or gossip. 

    However, the strategies tend to be set at what the AI thinks is the fastest way to do the race so commonly you'll see them all on the same strategy as that's the fastest.  Like, hypothetical scenario, why would Lundgaard starting 18th decide to start on Hard-soft strategy (race time - 41 minutes and 32 seconds) when the option for soft-hard is 41 minutes and 56 seconds.   In real-life, sure he'd take that gamble as he's faster than the other backmarkers but in the game, he's not.

    In terms of the procession that the races tend to be, that also probably won't change.  In the game, there are two factors that generally control overtaking, namely the car performance and the driver performance.  In the F1 mode, some cars are over a second faster than others so they can make that move. In F2, they're all around the same, give or take a few tenths.   The drivers in F1 MyTeam after the first season or two range from mid 90's to mid 70's so the discrepancy there also means there is a potential for overtakes.  In F2, they're all around the mid 60's on average.  The combination of similar cars and similar driving ability (such as their low racecraft meaning they don't go for moves too often) means that they just follow each other around. 

    In terms of the standalone mode, I doubt it.  The only potential saving grace would be that all 23 (24 if you include China) tracks would be available now so they could reintroduce Championships mode and have the full licensed season (or the pre-covid change version of it) and they may import the mode.   I think that's a long shot but it's a glimmer of hope. 

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  2. I think the whole post-race cutscenes and all that jazz need reinvigorating anyway and just merely adding the anthems over the top of the existing scenes is painting a wall that is already crumbling.   I just feel the scenes look a little dated now, particularly in comparison to the Braking Point cutscenes.

    If the whole thing was revamped then sure it'd be a nice edition. However, considering how alot of countries don't even have flags then it's even less likely they'll be motivated to import the correct music for each individual nation.  Like, there's barely any audio names, so I don't see them going big with audio for nations! 

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  3. I think the express purpose of trying to take you out when you're faster is to win races and the annoyance is more of a side-effect they're not bothered by.  People like to win and making friends along the way with fair driving isn't a big concern. 😞    I just find it more odd when you're battling for like 8th or something and it doesn't really matter and yet they're swiping all over the road.

    I do enjoy when cars try to take you out and fail though. Always a little highlight to watch it go wrong. 

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  4. I like the idea of additional tracks coming to 2022 but I don't think it will happen in these Covidy-times.  On average, i'd say three tracks a year is what they would be stretching for, and that's knowing what they'll be aiming towards calendar-wise.

    They'll have most of next season's tracks already and it'll be Miami and the changed corners of Spain, Baku, Abu Dhabi, etc.  Then they'll be hesitant to go all-in on extra tracks that won't make a revised calendar as there's more than a realistic chance that the calendar will change again before their cut-off deadline. Turkey is probably the most likely to stand in if things go wrong again so maybe they'll have that on the backburner if there's enough notice.

    Once things normalise a little, I think that's when these 'extras' may be included. 

    In terms of paying £20 for 6, that's probably going to be out of most people's wishlists.  It's important to remember that alot of players are also younger who save up (and also beg their mothers and fathers) all year and then requiring them to pay another £20 to get things that their more financially-viable friends would have isn't popular marketing.  It's about being fair and balanced to those who have money, and those who don't. If they had 3 extra tracks for, say, £7.99 and had 1 million people take that up then that is nearly £8m.  If they market it at £20, then yes, they'd only need like 400k people to take it up to make more money but is it really worth pricing out some of your demographic?   That'll be alot of dev work that less people would be enjoying, and it's not overly fair to the developers neither to make them work all that time and then price it out of reach. 

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  5. Jeddah was probably the track I was least excited about out of the three new ones but i'm actually feeling quite positive about it now.  Of course, the track itself might be an actual dud in real-life racing but I think the representation of it from the game will actually be quite good, which is the least you can ask for really. 

    I assume it'll be coming with the F2 update simultaneously around mid-November so hopefully it will be a good finale to the three. 

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  6. 12 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    Or let people decide the ratings who not only go by the end results😂

    Idk if it is really possible to make them changeable for players.. If the lines AI take are hard coded its impossible

    If people do completely take liberties, then I imagine it will cause issues but then that's their own fault if they're lowballing drivers.  I feel if you sabotage your own game to be petty to a fictional interpretation of a real life person (for example, giving Hamilton 1 pace) then it's your own fault.

    If you're only tweaking them by a few points here and there then I don't think it makes much, if any, difference.  During MyTeam/Career, their stats are fluctuating anyway so little changes here and there don't break the game.    The only issue I can think of is that you accidentally make someone purely dominant by accident but you could always tweak their stats again if they're winning by a country mile. 

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  7. I can't remember the last one of these that I thought "hey, that's not a bad change, actually!". I always notice things I disagree with... mainly, everything they change. Or don't change.   

    Your noting of the changes is helpful though! 

    I can agree that the only reason why Max is dropping is to fix the car balancing issue. I get the whole Monza incident but Lewis has been involved in alot more incidents this year. I know it looks like i'm doing the usual internet thing where you try to pull down one to make the other look better, but it's not intended that way.   Those two are in a league of their own so can only be compared against each other. I think the Merc has finally understood their car post-Silverstone so they've improved, particularly in the last few races. It's not like Hamilton has got better, or Max has got worse. Just that the Merc has and it needs to be balanced without improving Merc too much and another Bottas wins every race scenario. 

    Mazepin -1 pace (65) - wont make any big difference and was ok before   - I really don't think anyone will complain about Maz demotions. 😂   Mick has once again surged way ahead in the last few races in terms of performance. Completely justified. 

    Latifi -2 pace (71) - Actually improving his pace compared to Russel.  - Completely agree. Russell is in the form of his F1 career (in particular, qualifying) and Latifi would always look bad in comparison. I think he's doing okay without being outstanding. 

    Russel +1 pace (85) - still far too low, dont balance it team intern but overall, the Williams car performance is ok just Russels pace needs a buff!   - Cannot agree more. At least it's his last season of this as he'll be minimum 87 rated at the start of next year and slowly improving (if he understands the car enough to look like he's the same gap off Lewis that Valtteri is)

    Tsunoa +1 pace (77) - its ok considering his recent form - He was dismal since the first race but he has made Q3 and did okay in wheel-to-wheel against Hammy. 

    Giovinazzi +1 pace (83) - considering no quali pace its ok to have him still lover than Räikkönen but getting closer is good -  Unfortunately I think the last two races have doomed his career so it's nice he's going out on a sort-of high. 

    Ocon -2 pace (79) - same as with Latifi... - he has faded since his win but I think that's effect, more than cause. The anomaly of Ocon winning a race means he's suddenly being held to a higher standard but he's performing to where the car is at. It's Alonso who isn't. 

    Gasly -12 awareness (87) - a bit much no? - I get the Monza incident where he lost his wing was clumsy... but not worthy of a 12 point demotion. So it's the contact with Alonso that wasn't actually his fault. I think a little harsh, yes.  Although, 99 was always a ridiculous score for awareness. 

    Leclerc -1 pace (90)..... ***? - Not saying  too many more words about the travesty that is their perception of Leclerc's ability as it's just repetitively criminal.   He did well at Turkey until the same poor strategy call that also affected Norris. Also battling at the front at Turkey..   What more can he do in that Ferrari?!

    Alonso +1 pace (89)... Alpine 3rd best car on the grid or what? should rather be like 92 pace seriously  - Alonso is bringing it.  That Turkey incident has cost him awareness too but Alonso is in his boss-mode again in terms of what he's doing with an inferior car.  It's a shame he declines so quickly in career mode and has like 78 pace after Season 4 so I don't think it'll change much in career mode, just Grand Prix. 

    Norris +1 pace (92) - thats fair IMO -  Getting your first pole should result in this. He's been really good this season. 

    Ricciardo -1 pace (86) - also fair - Hard to really argue. Even his win wasn't really on outright pace over Norris. 

    Perez -1 pace (87) - Turkey was good but overall its okay  - I agree he did well at Turkey. Maybe.   I think he should have been doing something similar every race beforehand and finishing minimum top 5... but it's hard to sound like i'm not Perez bashing.


    I've just got to the stage where I think individual driver ratings don't particularly matter. It's all about balancing the driver/car performance balance with little tweaks.  I did think them granting control over ratings to the player would help balance the game more but I think it's actually for the best that they didn't. I imagine they're doing it for a reason and that us giving drivers the ratings we think they deserve will cause the balancing to go all out of whack. 


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  8. On 10/14/2021 at 9:20 AM, RaymondSmits said:

    Since this update, we have the nice one off Redbull Design. I find it hard to understand why Codemasters/EA replaced the original livery with the one off new one. And why you didn;t do this for the Mclaren Livery in Monaco? 


    Can you place add a function, that we can select the Original Blue livery for Redbull or the white? 

    Playing devils advocate, the game came out after Monaco had raced, right?   The publicity stunt of including a one-off livery wouldn't make as much impact months after the fact when the team ran the livery. 

    I'm really not a fan of the white Red Bull and i'm actually glad it's only a limited time edition thing. However, I do agree it would have been preferable to have the option of choosing which one you'd want as your active default livery. (After all, you may not be racing AS the Red Bull so you wouldn't be able to change it when you'd choose to be driving around as, say, a Williams). Other teams having special month-long liveries as well as Red Bull would have been nice but I don't think any other team other than Alfa Romeo at Italy have had a notable one since the game was released.  Most are just a sponsor here or there. 

    However, the fact it is a temporary thing means they probably won't be looking to include a switching option at this time. 

  9. Can't believe Caesers Palace isn't on anyones shortlist yet. 

    I'd probably avoid nations having multiple grand prix tracks under the same nation.  I'm aware Miami and Austin will be on next years which ruins that straight away but i'd like to have more nations.

    So Indianapolis and Magny-Cours are out.  If Germany was to have one then it'd be Hockenheim OR Nurburgring but not both.  

    No idea if Qatar this year might be any good. If it works really well then i'd not mind it for next edition but what would be the point in creating a track that isn't going to be used ever again in reality. Not really a massive fan of the Sakhir track but it's technically different to Bahrain, even if they have the same flag. I thought Yeongam was dull and weirdly proportioned in terms of sectors and the pit exit was odd so not fussed about that one. 

    So, (dis)honourable mentions for ones I wouldn't roll my eyes if they said they'd be including but not on my list; India, Magny-Cours, Kyalami, Estoril, Mugello, Jerez.



    Germany - It feels like a long time since Nurburgring has been on the game so maybe that'd be more effort to modernise but I think it would be more interesting.  Hockenheim was always a decent track for me so I can't complain if they included that one.

    Turkey - Surprisingly positive feedback for a Tilke track.  It seems to be one that the drivers like and generally has okay racing. The fact it has appeared two years in a row and seems to be the primary standby track means it also makes sense to prepare it.  However, a track that may be shoehorned onto the actual calendar before the cut-off date would be one less 'extra' track if it was to be included in the actual calendar and replaced something else. 

    Malaysia - Rumours it was actually coming back were quashed and Petronas seem to be edging away from sport so it doesn't look like it's coming back anytime soon now. Therefore opportunity knocks for a crowd favourite.  Plus it was always one of my stronger tracks so it's a little favouritism. 

    China - It's already basically there and people seem to use it alot on multiplayer. I admit it isn't 'fresh' but providing the easier ones for the first batch might entice more commitment from their side to really invest in the idea.

    Portugal - I prefer Portimao to Imola, weirdly.  It's vibrant, fun and worthwhile to race around.  I do struggle to overtake sometimes but I think that comes with the fact that it is new so I haven't got the same 'tricks' that i've accumulated on the other tracks over the years just yet. I would have gone with Estoril as it has more history but Portimao is literally there. 

    On a side note;

    Frankenstein - I just wanted to mix it up with something different. Codemasters to come up with a hybrid track of just the best parts of other tracks.  (I guess that's the Tilke approach to track-making where you just use the same cookie-cutter for every track) but a time-trial only track where there is limitless potential. You could have turn 8 of Turkey, Parabolica, Maggots and Becketts, Eau Rouge through Raidillon and down the Kemmel Straight, plus other highlights of other tracks and somehow mesh them together to get the best, or worst, track of all time. 

  10. 2 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    Im afraid it will likely be only Red Bull but one extra for every team would be amazing, especially Mugello 2020 or Silver Merc would make great variety

    Cannot agree more. 

    I think it'll be just the white Red Bull or there'd have been more 'hype' for other teams.   I can see a few livery updates for Sponsors (like Aston and Peroni on the fin) and driver helmet / team overalls updates.

    Nothing to make us go "wow, that was a surprising update that they've gone above and beyond on" but it's still going to be better than nothing. 

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  11. 1 minute ago, GoSuarez99 said:

    What about the Williams Bahrain Murray Walker tribute and the Monaco 750 GP car?

    The Murray Walker one is a nice decal thing. I'd hope that would be in one of the podium passes for the MyTeam car to use as it's a touching tribute, as opposed to used on one car in Grand Prix.

    However, if I was Williams and the sum total of my super-duper livery update was having loads of names on my halo, while other cars get nice alternatives.... Not exactly a selling point for an update.  However, it does make sense that it was something that happened this year so makes sense to be included. 

    6 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Last Williams livery I liked had a red 5 on it

    The old Mansell blue and yellow Canon one?   I'd not mind that too much as an alternative but it might be waaaayy too old for the youth to 'get it'. 

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  12. 7 minutes ago, AllenB2609 said:

    I hope we will be able to use the alternate livery(s) in career mode. Otherwise it will be useless for me.

    I think the most i'd hope for is every team gets an additional livery, maybe.   Even that is a massive stretch.

    Mercedes - Silver Merc

    Red Bull - Honda Livery

    McLaren - Gulf Livery

    Alfa Romeo - Italian GP One

    Aston Martin - Extra sponsors added 

    Alpha Tauri - I can only assume it'd be last years or Toro Rosso blue 

    Ferrari - Mugello 2020

    Haas - Maybe last years. I think Rich Energy livery would be contentious. 

    Alpine - It would have to be the black and yellow Renault. Wouldn't even mind if it was 05/06 Renault. 

    Williams - I don't think they've had a decent one for a while.  Maybe 2003 as that was a relatively iconic one. 


    Now that the dream sequence is over, that definitely won't happen. 

    Now, I think even that is optimistic to have one for each team.  I think it'll be a few select ones from this year (Red Bull, Mclaren and Alfa) and will only be useful for Grand Prix mode.

    The rest will be like Peroni on the AM. Then helmet updates. Like Leclerc unfortunately going to his completely white one, maybe Schumacher going to his dad's old one.  Then little tweaks here and there. 


    I really don't think it'll be revolutionary for an update and I don't think it'll impact Career/MyTeam as that will be image rights mandated by the team. 

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  13. 18 hours ago, GoSuarez99 said:

    Even Haas facilities will be level 3?

    I've not been in the Haas myself to manually look at their facilities in later seasons but by at least season 7, everyone is over 900 on the R&D scores which is only possible when they're doing the Ultimate upgrades of level 3.   It's possible it happened way before then but i'd have to go on the game to see when they started to look promising. 

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  14. 28 minutes ago, CS21 said:

    It has an impact on Performance. In the aftermath, Hamilton was holding up the whole party until the back straight. (I noticed that because the gap behind me getting extremely big out of the sudden.) But this wasn't japan. This was China. Sainz was exciting the pit and Hamilton ran straight into him. The shadows of the front wing are indeed a bit disturbing.

    I was just pointing out that Japan is known for similar things happening. 😁    At least if it is having an impact on performance then it is doing its job and it is a graphical issue and not an AI one! 


  15. 1 minute ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Definitely notice I’m not as great as I once was... As I only have console it’s nice to see turn based strategy games are making an appearance this year.  Be awesome if total war series released console versions

    I like to attribute it to not being as 'gamey' as I used to be (and therefore just out of practice) and not a dwindling lack of natural skill.   However, comments on my actual driving are unfairly harsh and may imply i'm not 'all-that'.

    I quite liked the Rome Total War series and I think there was a Lord of the Rings one that was pretty decent.  I just wish I still had the time that I used to have! 

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  16. On 10/7/2021 at 4:40 PM, LH44Wilson said:

    Ah okay ! So the teams just purchase the upgrades themselves based on good performance ?

    Eventually they'll all be level 3 for everything. I'd assume that, yeah, the better your performance, the more money they receive, the quicker the upgrade.   Like in MyTeam, you get a bigger reward for finishing higher and I imagine the same system lingers in Career but in the background. 

    No guarantees they'll actually spend it in a timely fashion but eventually they'll all go to maximum. 

  17. On 10/7/2021 at 10:40 PM, CS21 said:

    Get in there Lewis. 


    Japan's first corner is notorious for weird collisions and spinouts like these.   The shadow of the front wing post-wing loss is also a thing they'll need to look at eventually.   It depends if there is any actual loss-of-performance though, or purely aesthetic. 

  18. I've never done well at Australia.  I used to be really good at Britain but that has slowly ebbed away over the years and now i'm sub-par. I do like naming all the corners as I zoom around the track while missing all their apexes.  I don't enjoy Singapore. I think the surroundings at night are the most beautiful backdrops in the game but the race is too long and not always exciting if you're not directly racing anyone. 

    Monaco is a hit or miss. When it goes wrong, its incredibly frustrating and you hate the place. When you get it right, it's far more rewarding than any other track. 

    In terms of ones i'm good at; the list isn't sensationally long. Bahrain is a decent one which is unlucky as it starts the season off. That means I can sometimes sneak a point and then my rivals challenge is always against someone better than me. I do enjoy Brazil once i'm in 'the flow'. I can struggle for a few laps and then i'm pretty good once i've got the rhythm.  I find Hungary a little visually grey but always go solidly there. Italy is my main strength though apart from sometimes I overshoot Rettifilo when trying to do the dive bomb and look like an utter pleb. 


    I'm definitely only a medicore player at best though but luckily i'm more into the solo-play than online so nobody gets to witness the travesty that is my attempts at speed around most the circuits.

  19. I went with 93 this time around.  It's how old I feel so seemed pretty apt.   An alternate explanation would be that I have the enthusiastic smiley persona of Daniel Ricciardo (3) and the spinning ability of Nikita Mazepin. (9).   Put them two characteristics together and that's 93.

    I was 23 until Albon swooped in and took it away.  He really was never in my good books, poor Alex. Hence why I wasn't disappointed to see him crash and burn at Red Bull, metaphorically speaking. 

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  20. 12 minutes ago, ScaredDuck said:

    Kinda have a colour issue as my favourite colour is McLaren orange.  Which means my car and team colours are normally this colour. So quick glances at the track map are not so quick when all you can see is 4 identical orange arrows

    I have a similar issue when it comes to F2. Campos is Orange and Prema are Red.  Nice and easy to tell the difference... but then MP come along with their weird shade of tangerine and it becomes nigh-impossible for me to tell which driver is where between the 3 shades at first glance. No idea why. 

    I think McLaren will now stick with Papaya but if they went with a different colour then i'd be quite enthusiastic to have an orange liveried car. 

  21. I went with the boringly obvious Smoky Atom Racing with a horrible purple livery for the first quick run-through the first races while I was waiting for the game to be patched to kinda work.

    Then went with Team Lotus F1 for the two 10-season sim sessions. The livery was black with yellow detailing and I thought it looked okay...ish. 

    My actual My Team when I start it will be RenauIt F1 (the L has to be a capital i for it to work).  The primary colour will be yellow and then alternate colours will be sponsor dependant with some black thrown in. 

    That's unless I have an epiphany about a different team. Last year I had Jaguar and Aston Martin who were both green based liveries.  This year i'd decided on yellow as there's an absence of that.  

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  22. In the announcement for the new tracks, alongside Imola, there was abit for Sports Update (or something like that) which was car liveries and overall updates.  It's not too out-of-the-realms of possibility that alternative liveries will be available for certain teams. White Red Bull, whatever the Alpha will be, 007 Aston from Silverstone, Gulf McLaren, Italian Alfa.  So when you choose the teams, you have options of Livery A, Livery B, etc.  Could do a few older ones too. Silver Merc, Mugello Ferrari.     

    Then again, I guess the question for if they'd do it would be 'why?'.  Particularly for Red Bull and Alpha having a special one at a track that'll never be raced in the game.


    There are hundreds of creative designers who'd love to be able to mock up liveries for teams as well so it'd be nice to see something like that, but I imagine team image rights and consent would be a nightmare to navigate.  

  23. 7 hours ago, CptBalloonhands said:

    Read my post again, I said it MAY come out mid next week (based on what Barry said and how he said it). I didn’t say it will. So I’m not expecting it to come out then but there’s a decent enough possibility. 

    In a unsurprising turn of events, I’d recommend that you follow your own advice and read my post again, yourself 🙂
    My post had absolutely nothing to do directly with yours, just a reflection on Marioho’s comment that the community has a habit of setting its own deadlines and being disappointed when they’re not met.
    That’s a reflection on multiple incidents across various posts (hence running scenario), not on a sole isolated event of your stating whether an update may or may not include something.  If it was, I would have quoted your post.  I have re-read my post and I cannot see you quoted in it anywhere so I view it safe to assume that it holds no relevance in my aforementioned post. 

  24. 10 hours ago, marioho said:

    Yeap, the same post racing game GG picked up for commenting that Imola would potentially be out next week. In the post Barry makes it clear that there is no ETA (other than the October release window), just saying the he would not expect it to be out before next week. I would love to read that as "Imola is going to be released next week" but that's a stretch.

    Anyway, my point is that it makes no sense to get upset when it is us, the community, setting ourselves for disappointment. 

    This is my favourite recurring scenario on here.

    Event A is announced/expected without a datestamp to happen. Forum Community come up with loads of ideas about what it will be and/or when it will be by. Time goes past and people are outraged that a deadline that they themselves set wasn't met and they didn't receive exactly what they expected despite no prior announcement to say what/when it will be.

    We do alot of that setting ourselves up for disappointment and we never learn! 

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