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  1. I think it's just a badge, isn't it? I don't think there are any super-secret prizes behind the doors?
  2. That may well be the video that I was referencing, yeah! I think one of the bigger complaints is that it's all a little too safe now. I don't mean in terms of drivers not having monstrous accidents as nobody wants to see that, but more along the lines of there's so much run off that you're not punished for mistakes. Some tracks are decent but there is a sense that it's basically the same cookie-cutter that's doing them all. That being said; some of them have rather beautiful scenery. Others are limited based on geography but I think he's generally done an okay job with what he's g
  3. You could say that Tilke has only ever designed one track in his life. Every track he's done after that has off-cuts of that track. Long straight to snail section to arching corner to medium straight, etc. There's a video on it somewhere. That being said, there are some decent combinations of his go-to characteristics that make a half-decent track and you have to say that the hospitality parts, and the safety, of the tracks are alot better nowadays compared to more 'traditional' tracks. There are positives and negatives to all of his tracks but most are bearable for the most part.
  4. I'm exactly the same. There was quite a bit of promotional material on things like Real Season Start and Icon Drivers that have turned out to be quite anti-climactic. I can understand they had a different interpretation of Real Season Start in that I thought it'd be a Championships kinda mode and they envisaged a career mode so that's just conflicting ideas. Icon drivers, however.. that seems like a slam dunk opportunity to make the most of utilising the icons while you can and it's turned out more along the lines of unfulfilled potential than different concept. They started down the pat
  5. It happened when you hit 188mph so I thought it was motion blur at high speeds and I quite liked it. Then patch 1.05 came out and it disappeared so I presume it was unintentional and has been 'fixed'.
  6. It's an odd one as it seems to be more of a regression of stats than a recalculation. You can tell from the experience stat it is definitely from this year (for example Hamilton's is higher than last year). So it's definitely 2021. However, it seems like an early working out of stats for some of the drivers, like F2 drivers for example, as they've got less experience than drivers that have never driven in F1 whereas after half a season, you'd have expected exponential growth so they've be in the 40's. Leclerc is definitely in the bad books of somebody if his rating has dropped. He's
  7. The whole legends part of it has been abit underwhelming as you can't be them, and you can only utilise one at a time so the others just sit on the shelf. Something to make better use of them would be so appreciated. If we can't be them, then having the option to control Driver Transfers and making them available for other team would be desirable because as long as you can control who goes where and when then it'd a really useful idea to actually make use of having them in there. Otherwise, with their high stats and acclaim, they'll probably just gravitate to Mercedes all the time and t
  8. I get that you're trying to help your teammate by hovering in front of him and giving him the DRS so he can keep his position but I don't think the game is that sophisticated. To poor Lando, he's just being defeated by his teammate every week and that does put a dampener on your mood. If I was Lando and my rookie teammate has won 4/5 races in his first year and then he's saying how well i'm doing, i'd see it as patronising more than supportive. Akin to Lewis repeatedly talking about how Bottas is a massive challenge when he's finishing 30 seconds down the road from him and everyone rolls their
  9. As long as you can control who goes where and when then it's a really useful idea. With their high stats and acclaim, they'll probably just gravitate to Mercedes all the time and that would be less interesting. The whole legends part of it has been abit underwhelming as you can't be them, and you can only utilise one at a time so the others just sit on the shelf. Something to make better use of them would be so appreciated.
  10. I first saw the idea and was sceptical but thinking about it further and it makes more sense as an option to expand the story mode. I imagine they would say that they couldn't do 2007 and 2008 as they didn't have the license to produce games for those seasons, but say they did, you could really expand Braking Point. Instead of having a small window on a Single Player tab for the story mode, you have a whole tab for Braking Point. A Classic Section, if you will. So you can use all the cars from every year in like Grand Prix and Time Trial. The downside to this is that you'd have up
  11. You'd think it would be a simple fix, wouldn't you! Experience tells us that getting through even the smallest change can be excruciatingly painful. They have to get approval to implement it before they can do it as they can't just slap things onto it willy-nilly, even if it reflects reality.
  12. Poor Jeff! Fired and unable to support his family now 😞 I think the key thing to remember is that; even if you fired Jeff and replaced him with a Katie, an Abdul, a Sebastian or whatever, they'd still say the same thing and you'd just dislike that person too! Although, I guess it would be progression if you had 5/6 possible race engineers and one (say Jeff) was useless and as you progress, you can obtain better ones. So, like hiring backroom staff.
  13. I imagine there’s someone who can help. Or at least provide a reason why it happened. There’s very little context to go on, I’m afraid.
  14. I struggled with a few of them in season one. In particular, I could never do minimal tyre wear challenge in tyre management, even if I was Barney the Dinosaur purple. There are some that I find okay like Clean Lap/Sector, but Racing Line is a pain in the bumhole when you’re flying around a circuit and Giovinazzi has parked his fat backside on the line and won’t shift. On the whole, practice is a lot less interesting than last year where it was tricky, but manageable. Now it’s just a chore.
  15. I agree with all of these, but it does highlight something deeper afoot. Like Gasly is rated like 90. If he gets much better then he’s going to be Prost/Senna level. Max is already the highest rated driver there is. Increasing it even by one means he’s the best driver ever seen. It’s not their ratings that’s the problem, it’s either something behind the scenes or the car ratings. You’d think it’s easy enough to fix Gasly/Tsunoda. Raise the car and lower Tsunoda so it equals out for Gasly. But then that starts off a chain where you need to raise Aston, Alpine, Ferrari and McLaren to
  16. I completely get the point but I don’t see them re-writing everything because you’ve begun to struggle when you can just turn down the difficulty as a workaround. I get that you shouldn’t have to keep finding out what difficulty you should be, but you are whatever difficulty you can manage. It’s just ego that’s going to keep you trying to be what you used to be and that’s not going to win any brownie or sympathy points on here unfortunately. 102 still isn’t shabby, so kudos. Find out what difficulty you find comfortable and that’ll provide you more data of how much you had to drop to m
  17. The best way to get this is to save up all your overtake and then as soon as the car is pointing in a straight line have overtake on full-blast. You should have enough speed to get it and it instantly pops up. However, there are bugs where it thinks you've already done something and therefore it doesn't give you the challenge completed. Just doing the challenge again will resolve that. The one i'm having trouble with is tyre wear in the tyre management challenge. I could be the purplest purple and nothing... I can get it whenever it comes up in race strategy but never in tyre manag
  18. I wouldn't say it was 'fixed'. They just put in an option to turn them off. That's avoiding a problem by creating another one, not solving it. It just creates problems for those that do want transfers, just not bizarre ones that make no sense and/or game-ruining ones.
  19. A little, but I think you naturally learn to adapt after a little while. There’s significant talk about reducing lap times so I expect the easiest way to do that is reduce engine power and increase drag, so it’s possible your issue will fix itself if they do patch in slower lap times.
  20. Jeddah is the one that I think is the bottleneck. I think, after the track is built, that they do testing on it to make sure that it behaves as expected. That’ll provide them the data they need to confirm expected lap times and car behaviour. You know, fix little things or they’ll have “we do lap times that are 10 seconds faster, this kerb is too high, etc” I imagine they’re all pretty much on schedule but no idea what the schedule actually is!
  21. F2 update usually coincides with the end of the F2 season so that'd be December. Obviously that may change. I'd expect the tracks are more of a priority so they'd be sooner. Presumably pre Jeddah but if I had to guess; Late October? Literally just guesswork so would be nice to even have a ballpark window.
  22. Sound like Crofty in real-life when he's talking about them reacting to other teams' race strategy. But in answer to your question, in all 4 career modes i've started, they've started off averaging around 7-10th for Charles and 11th to 15th for Carlos. They always improve by the end of the season so Charles can get a podium or two and Carlos sneaks into the points. But yeah, marginally a little slow as they're up there with McLaren at the front of the midfield and clear of Alpine and Aston.
  23. He has two moods. Constant smiling and overly aggressive like he’s inviting you outside to ‘clear up the matter’. I’m much less nervous of him cracking his knuckles.
  24. I’m sorry, but I’ve had to change my position on this matter after the true horror that was David Coulthard winning a race.
  25. With the amount of new posts every day, it is increasingly likely that things like this will fall through the cracks. There should be one overarching Pinned Post that has all the suggestions on them with links to the individual forum post. Might stop the same things being raised several times. So you could have one for Icon Avatars Driver Transfers New Tracks (this has one) It's one of those changes that you would want inputting before starting your career save. So would be nice to know if it was being looked at.
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