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  1. I do like the tyre pressure idea.  A lot of suggested car handling changes tend to favour the more hardcore driver and alienates the casual gamer but these changes shouldn’t impact someone just picking up a controller and driving around in a competitive-ish manner, while providing further functionality for the more serious gamer. 
    The visual idea you had is okay as it’s always nice to have variety.  I find the most common issue when people suggest changes to the aesthetics is that it would take a fair effort for them to implement it for something that not every gamer will notice and will be generally bypassed. The Cost-Time-Effort vs Reward isn’t always the most flattering for non-essential aesthetic improvements. 
    Regarding the part about qualifying, it makes logical sense. Every driver has their usual average and then they will have a really good weekend once or twice a season. Conversely, they’ll also have a weekend where they’re not quite on it and underperform.   I guess that’s what the focus stat is supposed to be representing… but isn’t.  Something to bear in mind is that some drivers and cars are more suited to certain tracks than others so that might be why they have, or appear to have, a better weekend in one place over another.   If it’s only a marginal percentage increase anyway that gains them a tenth or three then that is enough to get them up the grid a place or two without shooting them to pole position.  

  2. On 9/30/2021 at 4:42 PM, BigRedMnstr said:

    I think the best option would be to let us manually transfer the drivers. Also swap with F2 and retire them. I don't see it a big problem you just have to add the option for the function that is already there. Just let players decide everything. I can imagine some great 'what if's?' if I can control it.

    That’s exactly what I’m hoping for.  People don’t tend to sabotage their own saves so there’s little drawback. 
    I do think some option for people that don’t like the idea should be retained (such as transfers off or end of season only… or even if it’s just relaxed/realistic/off). I think providing more autonomy to choose whom is where is the option that will cause the least discontent. 
    There’s no point them including just an option to turn driver transfers off as it just means there’ll be a new ‘call’ raised to include player control over transfers. Just changing the problem, not providing a solution. 
    I guess we’ll see soon enough if it is with developers! 

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  3. 10 hours ago, FTBuzzard said:

    No, because with a licensed contract, they have to do everything, regardless of the motivation.

    I agree that with the fact that they have to fulfil the terms of their agreement, regardless of whether they’re motivated to do so.  For example, they agreed to provide the calendar specified by the cut-off.  They may not have wanted to include certain things but had no choice but to do it, or vice versa, they may want to have included things but couldn’t because they couldn’t get it agreed.   Fundamentally, yes, they agree what will be required and then have to input that into the game regardless of motivation. However, the fact they have a license to do something doesn’t mean they are obliged to do so. It just means that they are able to legally do it without infringement.  The license isn’t the mandate, the agreement with the powers-that-be is the thing they have to adhere to. 

    Furthermore, my point was predicated about motivation, or lack thereof, of going above and beyond the aforementioned SLA. For example, they may have the license to do Turkey/Qatar/etc, but not the appetite to include it if it isn’t needed. There’s nothing mandating from the powers-that-be that says they must be in the game, so irrespective of licensing, they don’t need to include it if they didn’t want to. 

  4. 12 minutes ago, PJTierney said:

    While discussing the circuit isn't a big deal, that thread started with a question, a link and a giant troll face.

    I don't think a discussion was the intent of that thread 😉 


    The only tracks we've communicated as coming post-launch are the ones in the pinned thread:


    Only ones we've communicated, eh?   The lexicology of that would make people think there are going to be ones coming that you haven't communicated (yet)! 😜


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  5. 38 minutes ago, FTBuzzard said:

    They cant add tracks with licensing aside. Its the most important factor i guess.

    32 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    Id say time is equally important lol

    I'd say motivation is the most important factor!    if they don't particularly want to do it, then they won't.   Regardless of whether licensing is a pain or whether they have time constraints, if they don't want to divest any resource into something that they're not actually required to do then that'll be the biggest hindrance to their inclusion. 

    Of course that may not be the case and they'd want to include it if it was practical but it's never really suggested that sometimes game designers don't cater to the every whim and fancy of their audience. 

  6. Well, it does happen.  If we exclude temporary circumstances such as last season with Covid and any injury replacements (Gio at Sauber in 2018), one-offs (Button at Monaco in McLaren), illness (di Resta at Williams) then it has been sparse for a while, i'll admit. It seemed to be occasional in the 2010's though?

    Gasly and Albon switched mid-season was the last permanent change.

    You had Gasly and Hartley going to Toro Rosso and Sainz to Renault at the end of one of the seasons (2017, I think?)   Max and Kvyat swapping before Spain 2016. 

    Ocon started mid-season, as did Ricciardo. You had random drives for people like Rossi, Lotterer in some seasons.

    2000's was a similar story. Kubica and Vettel both got their starts mid-season, if I remember correctly?  De la Rosa and Wurz also have done similar where they've come in mid-season. 


    It's very rare, i'll admit but it's not unheard of.  It should probably be a once or twice in a 10 year thing and not every season and if it could be predicated on performance being under-par then it'll at least make sense.   It does get a little frustrating in the later seasons when, say, McLaren has Gasly and Alonso.   Gasly is motoring along at around 150 points whereas Alonso is on like 30-odd points because his pace stat has dropped to mid 70's.   They would ordinarily be battling for the constructors title but Alonso is so pants that they're off the pace, so it'd be natural for them to bin him off mid-season to get someone more competitive so they'd have a chance.     

    I think it does serve a use if it has logic behind it. Arbitrary movements mid-season are indeed something none of us would really want though. The sudden nature of it doesn't appeal to me neither. Like a driver is turning out for Ferrari one weekend and the next he's at McLaren, for example, with no build-up.  It'd be nice if there were 'news stories' with paddock discussion of who goes where throughout a season and possibly contracts are signed as the season goes on so you'd have to sign whom you want early enough to not miss out. You do get a hint of paddock rumours in the Claire interviews in Driver Career where she asks if you'll move to another team as there is talk, but it's never expanded beyond that. 

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  7. 1 hour ago, Ryne said:

    Why would it be in 2022? F1 won't race there next year because of the FIFA World Cup.

    It would make sense for it to be in F1 2023, as that's when the contract officially starts for the 10 years. And it seems like it would be a different track especially made for the length of the contract.

    IMO, I wouldn't expect this track to appear in any F1 games unless CM starts doing DLC. This one seems like a one-off for this year.

    Pretty much this. I expect this to be like Mugello.  Used out of convenience in real-life for one year but then swept under the carpet never to be used in a game. 

    The only pathway I see it being included is if the Qatar GP track of 2023 isn't ready and it has to host one more emergency track but that's a long shot as they wouldn't know they couldn't manage to host it until far too late in the 2023 game cycle for them to start making it. 

  8. 6 minutes ago, Meza994 said:

    I can live with that lol mistakes have nothing to do with pace, that would go into Awareness😉 Well the regs aim for reducing the dirty air, how close the cars are is not affected by that so we can only pray they are as close as 2012 and 4 car title fight can be very close and tough, if its well balanced😉

    Thing is Hamilton is just making mistakes, he is faster in the race (might be the car being set up for the race) but his pole record "just" (dont mean it disrespecting) from worse teammates and the best car. Rosberg was his only real challenge in the past 8 years except for 2018 where Hamilton performed extremely well. This year he makes just too many mistakes but of course has still great pace. Alonso might be in competition with Verstappen regarding race pace but thats mostly it, Räikkönen in his prime would have been close but thats long past.

    Yup i think the realistic (not overdone) list of ratings would be: Experience, Consistency (how consistent a driver delivers e.g. how much his lap times can differ 0.2 for Hamilton/Verstappen, 0.6 for Tsunoda/Mazepin), tyre wear, Aggressiveness (defining how aggressive - how often and at every chance given - a driver is at overtaking and defending), Awareness (how clean a driver races so Mazepin had high aggressiveness and low awareness), race pace and quali pace.. That would be 7 skills and aggressiveness kinda being racecraft i just feel like racecraft is too flabby lol but you could still call it racecraft haha

    Yeah thats the problem that Codemasters make the gaps between drivers too big, probably to emphasize the skill of Verstappen and Hamilton but tbh given a neutral car they wouldnt be 1.2s faster after the F2 drivers got used to F1 cars.. Making the F2 drivers gain more stats would be another way to do it too but i really doubt that if Hamilton or Verstappen were to race in F2 now that they would trash everyone lol its just a getting used to the car which could be also simulated by a low focus stat at the start for F2 drivers.

    I just think Hamilton looked so good in 2019 and 2020 because Bottas is a midfield driver.. He is overrated by many and carried by the car, 2017 Bottas did well & Hamilton had a fairly bad season, yes winning the title but the car was much better but Bottas was only 58 points behind at the end which he never came close to after. 2018 was the only season where Hamilton truly had to show -  and did so - how much skill he has but then Ferrari and Vettel also helped him in the second half lol but up till then he did amazing anyway.

    Actually shorter cars have an advantage at Hungary, 2017 Ferrari, 2019 Verstappen pole although Mercedes was the best car. Yes Hamilton likes it but even Bottas was fast there so its also the car just being better/Verstappens engine possibly trash because of 51g lol. Its good for the sport agreed!

    Well some things could be a lot better and Codemasters have done it before but i grant them that Covid might have made some things harder, but e.g. the car performances being that far off was not hard to balance right😝

    They dont even get space with 10 teams so its not much worse with 12 haha but i know what you mean. I agree with Haas and Alfa tho, too expensive atm and not enough done to close the gap between teams. I dont like 3 drivers per team. It would also make the cost cap ridiculous, say Bottas crashes out 3 Red Bulls it would be up to 30 Mil costs if all 3 would need new engine etc... Also it would possibly lead to only 3 teams getting consistently points as if they were the clearly fastest 3 like Ferrari, Merc and RB were 2015-2019 theyd always take the top 9 spots..

     I remember 2010 and 2012 quite fondly but that era gets a bad name because it was single-driver dominance for 2 our of the 4 years, rather than team dominance. The start of 2012 where like 7 different drivers won the first 7 races is the closeness i'd like to see again. I'm fine with some cars being ahead at the start but preferably not for 7 years again before the next team catches up.

    I do wonder if perception of Hamilton will change in a decade or so. Like Schumacher was unpopular due to his success but people liked him more after he wasn't at the front anymore. Now (maybe due to the accident) he's generally looked back on fondly. Maybe fondly is an overstatement but more positively at least.  I think when Lewis is gone, people will kinda miss having him around.

    I get that.  We'd want more options/categories for them to be judged by but it shouldn't be information overload where there are so many different markers where it's hard to tell what is causing an issue (SuperBottas, for example).  I do feel racecraft should be split into offensive and defensive and then further into styles.  For example, Alonso's defending against Hammy in Hungary was exemplary but there's nothing to showcase that in the current scores really.   Regarding the styles of offence and defence; offence - some drivers go for tactical switchbacks for the quickest exit whereas others dive-bomb the apex.  Defensive - alonso places the car beautifully whereas mazepin is a late mover to curtail momentum.   It's not essential but giving the drivers more personality is where i'm aiming with it. 

    It was abit of a golden generation of the best rookies I think from 2015-2019 rookies. I think it may have been a short spree as I do feel Piastri, Pourchaire and maybe Vips/Lawson/Shwartzman are the only current ones who may make some splash but I think Oscar has to wait for Fernando to leave Alpine (2023, maybe) and Alfa Romeo are seeing how Theo's F2 season pans out. If he rockets like he did at the end of F3, he may get a sniff of this year with them giving him a lenient year of low expectation for 2022. Otherwise he's also 2023.  I know Zhou is the early favourite but I can't see them hiring him (or a similar rookie like De Vries) for just one year?  Vips is in a shootout with Lawson for one 2023 Alpha seat.  Gasly to be promoted to Red Bull for 2023 (either way he won't be at Alpha) and Tsunoda to probably stay if he's better next year. That leaves one seat left. I don't think Hauger/Doohan are on the level of Vips/Lawson yet so only one of the V/L duo would have a shot at Alpha in 2023 and I think 2024 is too long for the other to wait so they'll move to a different motorsport class and Hauger will get 2024 Alpha.  I think Shwartzman may have missed his F1 boat as he was the Ferrari prodigal son but Mick took the spotlight last year and Robert hasn't stormed to the Alfa/Haas seat like people thought he would. He's good but his qualifying has let him down. Ticktum is also a good driver but I cannot see where he fits in anywhere now Williams have dropped him too.

    I do think Bottas is a good driver. Not great, but good.  I do feel he's just an upper-midcard driver who got lucky. Rosberg dropped them in it last minute and most drivers had already signed with a team so Toto went with 'his boy'.  Once he was there, he grew into the role but never exceeded his natural talent cap. If Rosberg didn't leave then he'd have been a Force India / Renault team leader interest after Williams declined, not a top teams primary option. 

    I'd rather have three drivers per team than only 18 drivers but ideally there'll be more teams coming in with the budget cap and regulation changes and it'll be a moot point. Regarding the damage costs, i'd have a regulation where damage is paid by the team to which the blame has been apportioned. For example, Bottas takes out Max. The cost to repair the car is invoiced to Mercedes. If it's a racing incident then it's up to luck but each team pays for their own damages. The main downside to this is first corner bowling. Bottas took out several cars in Hungary and that's alot of money they'd have to pay back. Haas couldn't afford to pay back 3 teams for an incident like that too often.  It also doesn't fix the engine limit issue. You'd still have a penalty for taking a new engine as it's unfair to other teams if you don't. If you've had an engine that's done 5 races and you're allowed to replace it because someone took you out, then you're getting a free change.  It'll need tweaking but it's a start.   I mentioned before that only the top two drivers from each team would score points.  So, if Merc score 1-2-3 then they only get the score of 1-2 for Constructors. Say Red Bull finished 4-6-7, then they'd get the points of 3rd and 5th.  It'll be confusing at first but people will get the hang of it quickly.  It'd also create a rookies championship but I don't think that'd matter too much as the best teams third driver would always win. 

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  9. 1 minute ago, Meza994 said:

    As far as i understand it its trying to find the average of each driver over the course of this season and the past 3 races just have a bit more weight in this to reflect better in the game but for anything 100% wed have to ask Codies haha

    I just dont think Leclerc is in any way better than Russel or Norris this season, would need them in the same car to get the details (e.g. who is 98 pace and who is 97) but to me each could beat the others on a given day, which makes it very spicy next season haha Sainz just a bit slower. And yeah thats what im saying here all the time the driver ratings dont work properly in career mode.  The stat bonuses and Focus additionally distort it but e.g. Bottas and Perez outperforming their teammate is impossible in GPmode where the ratings work properly.

    Actually since a few seasons Hamiltons strength is the race, not quali.. Even Button declared that. But still gonna be interesting next year

    Agree on Ocon, just a bit better than now and not the next best driver to Tsunoda lol

    For Perez is the quali pace/race pace dilemma the problem, quali pace would be 80 and race pace (including his good tyre saving) about 91, gone into more detail in the previous post.

    Agree with the F2 drivers being rated too low! Thats a problem but Again in the last 3 races Mazepin was at least 0.5s slower than Schumacher in quali, thats the same gap as start of the season.. Its just his race pace that improved which is the problem with the current ratings

    Yeah personal bias is always tough! Hard to rate Hamilton without his car😂

    Could be the tracks but Hungary isnt a Merc (straight line speed) track and they were in front but the broken engine of Verstappen might have helped.. IMO they are at least equal to Red Bull the past races and only the tracks decide who is faster. Actually the point of Red Bull is now, Turkey, Mexico, USA and Brazil all suit them more with altitude and much downforce needed so its gonna get interesting!

    Of course it wouldnt be a problem if the ratings were right from the get go haha thats would it should be anyway but we have the situation now sadly.

    Yeah i thought about Latifi after and he has improved.. Probably even better than Tsunoda atm. I like that affinity idea but thats impossible to do properly, you cant predict a driver unable to perform in a car he has never driven before. Just too much guesswork and will make players cry out much more

    Yeah its bad that we have only 10 teams, 12 would be much better for young drivers.. Maybe in 5 years after engine change lol

    I can understand and partially agree with the Leclerc/Norris/Russell opinion.  I still think Leclerc is the outright fastest in a race and joint with Russell maybe over one-lap but if I could hire one driver then i'd choose Norris as he's good at both and doesn't really make many mistakes in comparison to the other two.  He made one at Spa which I really don't think was his fault as he was just the first over the line. One at Austria which I thought was a little harsh but got a 5 second penalty and the Russia tyre choice which I think was just a bad call and there's no rating for that.  I just hope the regulation change for next year means the cars are close and all three teams (four including Red Bull) could battle closely. (although that may make the game less exciting as it'd be easier to win a title).

    I was literally thinking that about Hamiltons pace. He was up against Alonso (who's fast but mainly in a race), Kovalainen (who was never on his level), Button (again, okay at quali but definitely a race guy), Rosberg (first true quali challenge), Bottas (who seems really good usually at Quali). The fact he had so many poles was my basis but i'm thinking he wasn't challenged by his teammates as much, in comparison to races.   In honesty, the guy is just great at what he does in both quali and race, but it's refreshing to see him under pressure as it's showing he has weaknesses too, particularly in races. Can any other driver on the grid hang with Max right now?  I think a few could challenge him for most of a race and a season but I think it's only Lewis who is both wily and quick enough to be consistently his equal.  Others will get there very soon though.

    If they had more criteria to judge then it would work. Perez is a tyre man, like Button.  There's nothing really to measure that as it's not racecraft (how often you overtake) or Awareness (mistakes he'll make).   There needs to be a division of the pace stat for both quali and race, a tyre conservation score, etc.  You could really go into lots of detail such as how they manage under pressure, their loyalty to a team (Stroll being basically 100 for Aston so he rarely ever leaves), etc.

    I'd accept the F2 drivers being low if they grew exponentially to being F1 level within a year or two... but they don't. Shwartzman spent 10 years on the grid and went up to 73. Piquet spent 8 years and went up 4 points.  I get it's not a massive deal but these guys will fill your grid by the latter seasons. For example, in one of my sims, 9 drivers retired by the first race of season 10. That means 11/22 of the drivers were non-F1 level and it also meant the same 10 drivers were scoring points every race (excluding DNFs).

    Hamilton is a great driver but we'll never really know how good he was. He's obviously declining now so it won't be his peak stats from now on. But from 2017 to 2020, was there really a challenge to him long-term?   When he was younger, he was involved in a surprising amount of incidents and he never really dominated a teammate except Heikki. Rosberg was always good but until 2014, he wasn't seen as one of the top dogs, until he had the car nobody could challenge. If say, Alonso at his very best stage of his career when he was both fast and wily, was his teammate at 2014-18 at Merc and followed by Max when he'd calmed down a little, I don't think Hammy would have had near the amount of success in the last 8 years and he'd come across as an amazing driver but not really in GOAT talks.  He was lucky to have a team so dominant that he never had to go to his true limits... until this year. 

    Hamilton has always been very good at Hungary and the Mercedes have always gone well there. I think the length of their car generates downforce there that really works for them so it ends up being a decent track for them when you don't think it would be.  It's so refreshing to have two teams that you think have a realistic chance of winning that I don't really mind who is faster as long as they're both around the same ballpark.

    Alot of ideas always sound great in theory but end up being alot trickier than you'd imagine to implement. It's lucky that it's up to CM to do it and for us to complain they're doing it wrong even though they're doing their best 😂

    12 teams did seem to make some tracks quite difficult to get space in the early 2010s but I think they can have a maximum of 13 teams according to the agreement?  I know an Asian team were supposed to join in 2021 (and delayed for Covid) but i've not heard anything for a fair while about that. There are rumours of more german manufacturers in the coming years, even if only as engine providers. They seem to be waiting to see what direction the regulations are going.   I do worry we may lose a team (like Haas or Alfa) more than gaining two at this point. However, it does bring in an option for a third driver. There'd be 9 teams and it could be mandated that you have your normal two drivers but your third driver has to have competed in less than a certain number of races so it gives chances to the next generation.   Obviously it does mean that expenditure increases for the teams to cover driver salaries so it may cause more pay drivers and 27 cars on a track is tricky. To cover one-team domination, only the results of the top two drivers are added to the Constructors championship or a Merc 1-2-3 might be super-dull! 

  10. As much as I enjoy, as much as the next man, a conversation on toilet roll. do we know at what point in October yet that the Imola track and (I think its livery changes) will be dropping?   I'm assuming around the middle but didn't know if there was any confirmation, or even whispers of a time most likely?  

    Also, i'm further assuming the career season length will go up to 22 races?   I can't imagine it'll go up to 23 with China as a placemarker til Jeddah as "it's not indicative of the real season" <--- Ignoring tracks like Singapore, Japan, Canada, etc. 

  11. 8 hours ago, Meza994 said:

    Ok so to start of it does all the season, "they’re weighted more towards recent race results and driver performance." Thats literally what they say, if they were solely the last races almost every driver would need 99 awareness lol It would also always completely change the balance between drivers if 1 driver had a few bad races which is not helpful in careermode.. And after all even when they say they are weighted more towards recent results, it rather behaves like an average of the season..

    I think you are pretty biased towards Leclerc haha which is fine, he is one of the best on the grid, but in no way clear of any of SAI, NOR, RUS. Yes Sainz beat Norris last season in the season, but Norris beat him more often in quali near the end and improved a lot this season, almost 3rd in Imola, 2nd in Austria, Belgium and Sochi performance are proof enough that he is performing amazing as Ricciardo, another top driver, is struggles a lot, so the cars is not easily that much ahead of Ferrari.. In the end it would be very close IMO between Norris, Leclerc and Russel.. I said Sainz is almost on pace with Leclerc, that doesnt mean he is genuinely faster and Leclerc isnt that much faster than him in Qualifying, last time it took the average gap it was within 2 tenths in quali (counting out special occasions). In the game 1 point of pace is roughly worth 0.04s so considering Sainz is closer in the races than in qualifying i think a gap of 5 is already on edge but its ok. The problem is rather that both have too low pace as i would say quali pace for Leclerc should likely be aroung 96 or even 98 (Maybe that for Russel lol a.k.a. Mr.Saturday) but as we dont have that yet we need to find a compromise, id say ~94 is fair, Sainz would then be about 89..

    For Ocon it may be a bit bias on my side because i take previous season too much into account but i wouldnt go higher than somewhere around 90.. as i generally wouldnt give 99 awareness to anyone

    Perez is another case of race/quali pace, quali pace should atm rather be like ~80, race pace quite much higher. I think you dont like him lol yes he is massively underperforming BUT he pulled some really good moves in Zandvoort and if not for the rain he would have gotten 3rd in Russia. He has 4th most overtakes this season so you cant say he has bad racecraft either as his only real bad overtakes were Austria Leclerc which is even debatable on the first one lol. Anyway he actually has a harder than or at least equally hard job as Gasly/Albon, yes 2020 the car was a bit more difficult to drive but it was also slower in comparison.. The faster the car gets the harder it is to get the maximum out of it! But i agree he is underperforming in quali but also had badluck the past races like rain or too late on track in Zandvoort in quali.

    For Mazepin again last 3 races minimum of 0.5s gap.. Schumacher is 85 so 15 points in pace is like ~0.6s slower in quali which would be 70 id be fine with that but he definitely wasnt closer, he is closer in the race tho but again thats the race pace problem codemasters needs to introduce!

    The next paragraph i already answered, its only weighted more (officialy) towards recent results.. There is no sense to completely change the AI behaviour so that, in case Mazepin would have found a way to be good, that Mazepin will beat Schumacher all the time ingame only because he did in the past 3 races IRL.. It would completely ruin career modes if your teammate or rival all of a sudden is much worse.

    Im curious, what would your driver ratings be like?

    The problem is that the performance index is not very accurate, e.g Merc only got declared fastest car in Sochi when it already was since Silverstone.. But i agree its roughly possible and id say ingame they emphasize Hamilton and Verstappen too much as they are 7 pace better than almost anyone which is jsut wrong. Should have rather made the cars a bit slower and the AI a bit faster, then it would also be a challenge to race against Russel in a Williams. But taking a drivers performance must be done on an average basis otherwise the results would vary way too much for each rating update, but i said that enough lol. Especially in the game the car performances are not very accurate, they only aim to get the gaps roughly right, which they are on some tracks but then with completely wrong drag for instance.. balancing the drivers on this is tough, first the cars should be right, then the drivers could be balanced around this and it would be fine without a masters car, but i like your thinking in that regard.. Overall the drivers are not as much apart pace wise as Codemasters rate them, not taking "freaks" like Red Bull into account because no driver performs well in that except for Verstappen since 2019. But If youd put any driver up against each other in a normal car it would be within like ~0.6s of a gap, Mazepin, Tsunoda and Latifi excluded as these are much off of the others and by that all normal drivers would be within 15 pace, best being like Hamilton, Verstappen, Russel, Norris, Leclerc all around ~97 pace and the worst at around 82 pace which would be Stroll (racepace) or Räikkönen (qualipace) who, to refer to you there, still has very good race pace as he proved quite often and i also agree that Giovinazzi should have more way more quali pace than RÄI! And to end it finally, rather have Piastri in the Alfa next year than Gio or Zhou haha

    I agree the awareness stat is flakey. No driver should ever be in the upper echelons of the 90 bracket as they all make mistakes. Plus who doesn't enjoy a nice driver mistake once in a while!  When it says 'weighted to recent results', I assumed it was referring to an annual basis. For example, results in 2020 and 2019 will hold significantly more prevalence than what they did from 2015, for example.   What my point is that the changes themselves only cover the last 3 races.  I can accept that the stats were wrong from the very start of the season and these are drastic attempts to remedy them but it feels abit late in the day to attempt a radical overhaul.

    I guess it is a kind of bias. I just think he's extremely talented but that gets brushed aside as he's involved in alot of incidents.  Norris has come on immeasurably, i'll admit.  Russell was always superior to Norris in my eyes but I think they'll be close next season as they're both supremely talented and could each defeat the other in the same car.   I've never been a massive fan of Sainz so it may come across as i'm being harsh to him.  I thought he was close to the worst version of Max at Toro Rosso, did defeat a despondent Kvyat but didn't come across great against Nico at Renault.  I'd have Leclerc --> Russell/Norris ---> Sainz.    That all stands as a "if they were in the same car" and i'm not saying Russell, Norris or Sainz couldn't beat Leclerc on any given day, just that, on average, he'll outperform them over a season.   In a relevant tangent; I've simulated to Season 10 twice now so that's 20 seasons, and if you're interested, Norris always becomes the best driver on the grid. in the second half of the season at 97/98 rated. In the first round, he moved to Alfa Romeo early in his career and he didn't win anything but he dragged that dog of a car into positions it didn't belong. 

    I am genuinely curious to how Russell will do in the Big Boy car as he's very impressive on Saturdays which is historically Lewis' domain. The Williams may just be a one-lap wonder car where he can wring it for qualifying but can't maintain it for race.  Hence the Mr Saturday tag possibly not being his direct fault.  Alternatively, it could be that he's a one-lap driver, like for example, Trulli had a reputation for being in the mid 00's.  Russell's junior record implies this is not the case though.

    Ocon is a trickier one as he's definitely quick but he never really 'stands out'.  I mean, yeah he won a race, but it's not like he's ever looked like he'd be the main man of a weekend and I think he has Alonso to thank for that one magical moment more than anything.  I do think he's good enough to be on the grid as a upper-midfield level driver but I don't think his stats should be outstanding. 

    On the contrary, I don't mind Perez. I really liked him back in 2012 when Sauber were taking it to the big teams and looking like a real handful for alot of the races.  I thought he did really well at Force India and the fact that they survived as a team is basically thanks to him so I like him and I think he's a good driver.  However, I cannot take away from the fact that he's not looked that great at any point after the first 2-3 races.  I did have a little more sympathy for him after Russia as Max seemed to struggle making his way up the grid after a certain point and he's faster than Perez.  It doesn't take away from the fact that Perez shouldn't have to be doing all those overtakes by qualifying badly and struggling through.   Bottas hasn't been the greatest wingman this year but he's head and shoulders more useful than ol' Serge.   Maybe I am being too harsh as he's not exactly slow and would probably be handy in a car that meshes better with his style and it's his relationship with the car dragging him down but I have an idea to circumvent that i'll touch on later to avoid score fluctuations. 

    It's possible that Maz was just underrated at the start of the year. He was definitely the weakest of the three that came up but I can't say he's done much worse than Mick after he had that chassis change.   He's not as good as Mick but that's something we knew off the bat, although I do think that people also won't care about whether or not he's scored lowly as he's not the most popular person in the paddock.  He does highlight the issues with F2 ratings though as Ilott is quite abit better, you'd say, and they're around the same score so it's shown Maz is probably the right level in comparison there as he's not better than Callum simply because he's in F1. Yet are Mick and Yuki like a dozen points better than Callum? Probably not.  So there is a discrepancy there.   

    I do have an excel spreadsheet based on what I rated all the drivers of F1 and F2 2020 and 2021 post-Silverstone. I'll have to try and dig them out but I did nerf most the drivers from their current scores. I'd probably change the scores from what I had then if I was to do it again now.   I guess it's hard to keep personal bias' out of it though! 

    I think the tracks recently have suited Merc so they've looked better. It's always been this way where a team like Ferrari would start off well and then you'd get to Europe and Merc would run away with both Championships before a little Red Bull resurgence at like Brazil. I think the tracks will start to come back to Red Bull soon and they'll look quicker again. I'm secretly happy that every career mode isn't just Mercedes winning every race.

    In terms of varying results, I think that wouldn't be too much of an issue as most scores would be accurate from the start if it was done well originally and would only need minor tweaks. For example, Russell wouldn't need to have the sudden sharp increase of pace that he requires at the moment as you'd just nudge him 1 point either way if he performs satisfactorily or whether he performs not so much. 

    I actually don't mind Latifi 😂  I don't think he's sensational but I think he's doing okay against Russell in the races. I do think he'll struggle a little against Albon as he always has, but they're both at their maximum team-level now, I think.   Tsunoda is an odd one as it's not like he's slow naturally. I think it's probably confidence as he was quick when he was pushing it but he was also banging into walls. He's dialled that down so he's not crashing anymore, but he's also scrubbed off alot of the speed.    Circling back to the Perez-Red Bull dynamic; It is possible there needs to be a driver-car affinity rating. For example, anyone but Max in a Red Bull struggles so Max has a high affinity with Red Bull but drivers like Gasly, Perez and Albon have alot lower. Ricciardo struggles with McLaren so he'd have a lower affinity with them but a high one with Red Bull and a medium affinity with Alpine. It'll be alot of guesswork as you don't know how somebody's style will mesh with a particular car though, but they could build affinity with a team over time.

    I'd take Piastri in a heartbeat on the grid!  It is a shame that there aren't more seats and/or less requirement for ridiculous amounts of funding.  There's a fair few drivers who deserve, or have deserved, a shot at F1 but it hasn't come to pass, and some drivers who either got a chance when they didn't warrant it or linger even when they're found wanting. 

  12. I think F3 will be the next step if they were to include another one and this will probably be capped at the premier version of F3. They won't go as far as F3-Asia or any of the regionals.

    F4 chassis covers a fair few disciplines and nations actually and I think the investment really isn't worth the effort as I don't think it'll be played all that often by a vast subsection of the playerbase. I'd never expect it to go down to this level of motorsport.

    W Series is the other bandied about one due to trying to be more inclusionary with diversity. Presumably as a standalone mode? 

    Formula E has a chance as it is under the FIA banner but that genuinely sounds like too much effort as they race on different tracks that aren't F1 friendly really. Plus has it really got that much of a fanbase amongst the F1 diehards?  it doesn't seem like the type of thing to draw more crowds in to playing the game but runs the risk of alienating existing players as they'd have to divert resource from other parts of the game they could improve in order to include it. General rumours are that the E-formula is dying on its backside (not that it'll fold but that it won't grow all that much more in its current guise) 

  13. 1 hour ago, Meza994 said:

    While i agree with Russel, as you could have read in my post, i have to strongly disagree with your Leclerc cheering haha, you cant take the overall ratings as a basis, Leclerc has 5 points more pace than Sainz which is quite a lot for Sainz being almost on Leclercs pace in the race but the game doesnt differ between race pace and quali pace.. And Leclercs biggest strength is qualifying its always been like that.. Ocons penalty is fair as it makes up for the whole year and he just isnt 99 awareness.. It may be a bit much of a drop but he will still rarely crash. As for Hamilton and Verstappen, they got lower Awareness than half the grid so thats ok! Stroll is already on 80 and as you said its end of Monza, Russia not counted in!

    Regarding Perez its tough because again no race pace in the game and its not meant to only show the last 6 races but the whole season..

    Mazepin is still minimum 0.5s slower than Schumacher in the last 3 races so i dont see him closer lol but i think his pace was ok, no big drop tho..

    Idk what you expect this to be like but they try to change these ratings to fit the whole season.. they dont change them to only fit for the past races! Focus is a career stat to simulate ups and downs throughout a season - for each player a unique experience - well thats what the basis is but we all know it doesnt work properly so lets see how it changes.. I also dont know what your problem is, yes it could be more accurate but then again it never can be accurate as there is no objective measurement between teams only teaminternal and even that is difficult regarding driver changes.. Overall the ratings are much more accurate than at release, could still be improved here and there but no big changes apart from Russels pace (maybe Alonso and Ocon too).. everything else is within ~3 points of what should be.

    We have completely different opinions on the Leclerc - Sainz dynamic 😂  The only race(s) I can think off the top of my head where Sainz was better than Leclerc was France and one of the Austrian races (the one where he went really long and Leclerc hadn't hit Gasly).  Other than that, I cannot think of a single race where Sainz has been more impressive than (or within 5 pace points of) Leclerc.  I'm happy to discuss this in more detail as Leclerc being underrated is a hill I would happily die on.   I concede his awareness is his downfall as he's involved in too many incidents but i'd have him as clear third best driver on the grid. Not even close. I'm not going to do A-->B--C logic where Leclerc is better than Sainz who is better than Norris, but I do think if you put all three of them in the same car (like a Merc they'd never driven before to avoid car knowledge bias) then Charles is waaaayy clear of the other two and they battle it out for second.

    Ocon was 99 before these last three races. He's not been on Alonso's pace so it's hard to judge but I can't remember him being in any significant incidents other than the Vettel-Italy moment.   You can prattle on about how it affects the whole season but you're incorrect. The changes just cover the last three races and I think it's overly harsh to wallop him with a 14 loss for something that wasn't an airplane crash.  The other points were to highlight how bizarre the demotion is in relation to moments that were more severe. 

    Again, Perez has not been quick all season. You give him the benefit of the doubt for the first few races as he's getting used to a new car but he's been worse now than when he was at the start of the season. I'd have accepted him being highly scored at the start and not dropped immediately (class is permanent, form is temporary) but if you're in the fastest car (whether or not it's faster than Merc is irrelevant though), then you should be doing alot better. He has an easier job than Gasly and Albon both had in terms of machinery and he's been more disappointing than either of them ever were (and I really don't rate Albon so it pains me to say that). If that deserves 88 pace then... how?  And 88 racecraft?  He's barely overtaking people and when he does, he's forcing them off the road like in Austria.  But again, the changes cover the last three races and he's been abysmal and he's dropped, what, one pace?   

    Mazepin is indeed slower than Mick. No arguments at all... but he's closer. Alot closer and the game is not indicative of this. In fact, it's the contrary. 

    You say you don't know what I expect it to be like?  Id say that's kinda obvious... I want it to be somewhat reflective of what it is trying to represent.   It's like saying "this is a hammer. Oh, but you can't hammer nails in with it as it's made of cheese".  If it's not fulfilling its intended purpose (in this case showing how performances have changed in reflection to a drivers ability), then what is it actually doing?   I cannot say the folllowing enough. They DO change it to affect the last few races. Why would they say "oh, hey we've dropped Max's racecraft because he went wide in Bahrain" in the middle of October after several other updates have already happened?  Surely that isn't your actual opinion that they just randomly decide to include stuff from 10-15 races ago while the changes only cover three?   

    You don't know what my problem is? Again... obvious.  My problem is they're driver ratings that don't rate the drivers properly. Back to the hammer analogy, it's not doing what it is supposed to. 

    I am not too despondent with the general outlay of some of them. However, others are wrong and brushing them under the carpet to say "objective measurement isn't possible" is not the greatest argument. They have a performance index to rate the cars, to which then you compare the two drivers  performance. Then you ratio the driver performance against the car performance index to get an average of a drivers ability. For example, Russell in a Williams couldn't beat Stroll in a Aston. However, put them in the same car and Russell would have a better chance.   You could even go as simply to say there's a master car and you compare how all the drivers would do at that one car in relation to the car they do actually drive.   However, I think from generally watching races, you can tell who is good, who isn't good, who is underperforming and who is on a real hot streak.   Gio is the only driver I cannot pinpoint.   His qualifying pace is really good. His race pace is truly awful. Kimi is basically a mummified fossil and if I was Freddie V, i'd still have him in the team over Gio for next year as he'd be the most likely to bring me points.  That being said, I'd rather have Gio over Zhou. 

  14. It's classed as to the end of the Monza race.  Regarding the changes, I.... was not impressed. 

    Russell is still below where he should be. I get it's for driver-car balancing to make sure he's not doing too well in the Williams but it usually means he sucks if/when he moves teams.  For example, he moves to Aston against Vettel and Seb destroys him. That could be a one-user experience and he's good on other peoples saves though. 

    I can only imagine whomever does the ratings has it in for Leclerc.  Either he didn't respond to their fanmail or their partner has a crush on him and they're taking it out on him. He's been undervalued both years and now Sainz is level with him.  A Sainz who, while doing better than people thought he would, still isn't near his level. 

    Ocon was penalised 14 awareness points for moving over into Vettel's path.   How on earth did Russell/Bottas not get worse for Imola then?  Or Lewis for taking out Max at Silverstone or Max on Lewis at Monza.   Why has a small indiscretion like that brought the hammer down on Ocon whereas the others got smaller decreases for more dangerous antics?   Plus Stroll is now a crash-a-race weapon and he wasn't dropped like a stone. 

    Perez has scored like 16 points in 6 races. He's dropped a little but he should be in the toilet for scores if it's actually based on measurable evidence. 

    Mazepin is now alot closer to Schumi than at the start of the seaso, and if anything, he's dropping further back in the scores.


    Tbh, I could pick them all apart but I don't think the scores are particularly remedying anything wrong with the game as it's just someone arbitrarily plucking numbers out their kazoo.   In a criticism of the actual process, it does feel like the scores should generally stay more or less the same but with minor increases and decreases. It's not like a driver wakes up and is suddenly alot less talented than he was the day before. What should change is the focus stat (if that actually does anything) but that seems like it hasn't worked, still doesn't and will continue to not work.    I presume there'll be an overhaul of the scoring system next year so it actually works, and can also make logical sense. 

  15. 51 minutes ago, DAVB12 said:

    Another question that comes to mind is whether the game will remain available to ps4 users or they will already make the definitive jump to ps5. 

    It's quite an important point as you'd not want them to create two different games as that'd take even longer for issues to get fixed if there's another platform to support. So you'd assume they'd keep the game the same between PS4 and PS5 until the next-gen crossover which still looks over a year away tbh.  It's way too early for them to commit to F1 2022 being PS5 only as they'd lose so many sales so we can pretty much rule that out. 

    Therefore the game will be hamstrung to the lowest common denominator (PS4) so won't have all the bells and whistles it would do when it goes to prioritising PS5. 

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  16. On 9/23/2021 at 7:19 AM, ScaredDuck said:

    Also considering w series in the uk is televised and f3 isn’t...  

    I don't think this is overly important.  There are many reasons why W series is on normal tv and F3 is on Sky.   That wouldn't even matter to the millions of people who don't even live in the UK as why would someone in Zimbabwe have any interest in what British people can watch on one of its smaller channels. 

    The W Series is an extremely low level series that is three levels below F3 on the feeder chain. That's a whopping five below F1.  It's only 1 chassis difference (that I remember) but, in terms of prestige, it's bottom of the barrel. I'm all for including diversity and wouldn't be opposed to having the W Series in the games but saying 'because it's on TV' is tantamount to saying you might as well bring in karting because they have that on tv.   It's such a low level that it doesn't cost much to get the rights to host so a smaller channel snapped it up. 

    F3, as an actual FIA product is tied to the coverage of that, and is limited to Sky.  The key difference though is that it belongs to the FIA ladder and therefore makes more sense to be included from a competitive standpoint.  However, there does need to be female representation in the game (as there's nobody since Calderon has gone) but they'd be next to useless as they'd have such a low overall.

    For example, Nissany... sucks and he's 58.  (No idea how Samaia got 62). Yet Nissany would drive rings around the likes Mahaveer who was like 45.  Mahaveer is still better than some of F3 Fodder. Say, Deledda. Who should be about 40-42. (He won't be that low as he'd sue for character defamation).

    So the dregs of F3 when they're included would be mid 30's. Say Sophia Florsch, for example. Not the greatest racer by any means and one who classes herself as way too good for the W Series, and the worst thing is she's not entirely wrong bar one or two drivers.  The women of W series would be in the 20 OVR's at that rate... at best. What would be the point of hiring them. It would take like 5 seasons for them to even be F2 level?  


    I would love F2 and F3 to be included properly in MyTeam and have made several posts to that effect, but if i'm honest, it's probably not worth it for the narrow selection of people that actually would play those modes. It could easily be restricted to be optional to use F2 and F3 so those that have no interest can exclude it but then you're creating multiple game modes to cover those that do use the additional formulas and those that don't so that's already diverted resource.  

    I get those that say "they should fix the game first" but that's not the point. The game should work as standard and this being included is separate. It's about improving the game.  One thing that definitely needs to happen is more drivers.  At season 9, Hamilton, Sainz, Ricciardo, Kimi, Vettel, Alonso, Bottas, Russell and Perez have all retired. That means 11/22 aren't F1 drivers.  I like F2, I really do.  However, I don't overly think driving against the likes of Deletraz, Samaia, Nissany and Sato in F1 is remotely appealing.   I'm okay with the legends but not massively enthusiastic, yet the fact the AI can't hire them is pants.  So, if they could have the reserve drivers and recent drivers in the market pool then that would be good.  Drivers like KMags, Hulky and Kvyat are F1 quality drivers and feasibly should be on the grid. Hell, I'd even love to take Vandoorne as my teammate. Increasing the market pool is something they really need to do.

    Including Reserve, Recent, F3 AND W Series drivers, and their associated series, would be ideal but is there really much in the way of gain there?  That's the question. 

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  17. 21 minutes ago, KNT2011 said:

    Most reviews I read were supportive of the idea but criticised the story for lacking any edge, which is something I hope they take on board as I'm not against the idea on it's own but what they delivered was boring as hell. 

    I went through it to the end and thought it was okay.  Like, I wasn't expecting to like it so it's not a big disappointment that I found it abit meh but it's always good when new things are at least offered. Hopefully, their next big idea is one that i'd find more exciting but at least they're not just settling for what they've already output and capping it there.

    On the flip side, though. It depends what we had to sacrifice in order to get Braking Point.  Like, classic cars, the smaller tracks and championships have gone.   It doesn't necessarily mean they were curtailed for the inclusion of BP, but if they were, then i'd be more anti-BP than I am at the moment, as it really wasn't worth losing things over. 

  18. Just playing devils advocate, but it's only really been poorly received on here.  I highly doubt this forum was really the target audience for this mode so the feedback from this tiny corner of the internet probably won't deter them from persevering with this mode.  On other forums, and general feedback, people seemed to like it.  It's possible that a fair few people on here liked it but don't comment saying they do as they see the amount of negativity it gets and don't really want to argue against the hordes. 

    People on here seem to have different preferences to the mode but it may be a fools game to think that the opinions on here are indicative of the entire playerbase as a whole. Therefore i'd expect them to continue with the mode in future iterations (i'd say probably next year, but even possible that 2023, will be the next one now).  It's possible it'll be next years but they flick between two teams, I believe and it may be that one team focuses on experience improvements (like this) and the other on gameplay improvements (like MyTeam). 

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  19. Is there any indication of their inclinations towards this?   I am 95% sure it'll be a brush-it-under-the-carpet approach of just having an on/off option which would be pretty pants.  I guess relaxed (where anything goes) / realistic (where they're sensible) / off (nothing happens except driver team and then just a switch between your F2 driver choice and the replacement if you chose a real driver) is probably where people would be hedging their bets.

    I'm still crossing my fingers that they go the extra inch and make the transfers controllable, even if there are acclaim restrictions. (For example, Haas don't have the acclaim to sign Hamilton so you can't just bin the best drivers to the back of the grid). 

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  20. 1 hour ago, Sector4 said:

    Free mod on PC



    Paid DLC



    Even ignoring the odd-looking white part of the actual helmet; it looks awful in comparison to the modded one.  It may be the sponsors that make it look better but the DLC one just looks shiny and kinda cheap and tacky to me. 

    Makes me kinda want to get a PC just for the improved customisation possibilities that look like they fit in the paddock. 

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  21. 2 hours ago, Ultra3142 said:

    how about you have a go at constructively replying to something I've written rather than just giving it a thumbs down? Bear in mind that not liking a fact doesn't make it wrong...

    Please do not feed the trolls was something that I used to see on forums all the time.  I sense it's repetitive fishing so just don't bite, but it's not just you that is a recipient of it. I guess nothing will be done about it as, currently, there's no reason to explain dislikes.  Potentially a way of improving the forum is to have reasons for negative reactions.

    For example; 'this post was disliked for; (and then you have radio buttons) Misinformation, Distasteful, Etc.


  22. Again, having control over whom is going where is infinitely better than turning them off.  Please stop giving them a half-baked resolution of just turning them off as it just creates a new problem instead of fixing the first one. 

    Shwartzman is pants on my game. He usually ends up at Aston but never really gets many points. Although none of my f2 drivers ever do.

    I've had lower level drivers binned off mid-season?   Like at Williams, Drugovich was replaced by Ticktum who had better acclaim.  Seeing Bottas replaced by a lower acclaim is surprising though. 

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  23. Half-expecting a few comments to say that they empathise more with what Norris was doing at Eau Rouge than he was doing than what he was doing at the bus stop.  Spinning more than the Haas drivers will probably be a trophy in F1 2022 and poor Norris did it in one corner, but at least he's okay.  

    Watching this qualifying session does highlight the level of skill the drivers have, which the game will always find it hard to replicate. 

  24. There's a mystical, magical cut-off date somewhere in what seems to be January.

    Providing the race hasn't been postponed/cancelled by that point then it's in the game!   That standpoint exists for any track on the original calendar for 2022, with the possible exception of an overriding circumstance like;

    Hypothetically, the cutoff date is 20th January and there will be 23 races that season. On the 18th Jan, Miami backs out but the FIA insist that it will still be 23 tracks with a replacement announced shortly.

    It would be up to the discretion of the designers to say whether they'll keep Miami, replace it with the new one or include both. I imagine it would be conditional on how much work they'd have to do to bring the track in. Say it was replaced by Imola/Portimao then it wouldn't be too difficult to replace it. However, if it's a track like Kyalami then they don't have that so that's a tight schedule, particularly for release date in July so they may say we're leaving in Miami (as they'd have done alot of work on it anyway by that point) and then bringing Kyalami as free DLC.


    Regardless, at this point, any track confirmed to the 2022 calendar will be in the game. 

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