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  1. No I wasn't talking about split-screen. I was talking about a friend and I having a multiplayer league and an hour in and it just dumps out to a report that the Steam connection has failed; I don't think for a minute that this is a codemasters issue, more Steam; with whom I has raised this. Where do I change the weather, more than happy to delete all leagues and start again if I can set - for example - all weather to dry but, I can't find that setting anywhere; it maybe be me missing something but, such a fundamental variable shouldn't be difficult to find. Qualifying fuel I can find nowhere where this can be adjusted and the 30 seconds awaiting the pit crew is interminable when you just want to get out on another run; should be able to add enough fuel for two flying laps at least. If I can't get clear instructions on where and when these changes can be affected, or perhaps a screenshot detailing the right screen, the game will go in the archive I'm afraid.
  2. Hi Stevie, Thanks for your suggestion, it didn't work. Same problem exists on PGA Tour Golf (2019) so I think given that Windows is the common denominator........... TBQH, I'm less concerned as the game has too many issues for me; feels like we're doing their R&D for them. Multiplayer 1-on-1 crashes mid race - apparently a Steam issue. No control over the weather. No way to add fuel for Qualy It's very pretty but, an hour of close racing wasted time after time because it's so flaky?.... Think I'll leave it on the shelf; standard Codemaster code, should have followed my instincts. Thanks again regardless.
  3. Thanks for your input Steve, appreciated. I will try what you suggest when I get home but, given I only use the Logitech G25 for F1 2020, there's no reason for any HID to be detected. I don't do consoles, never will; I have hands like shovels and after so many, many years using keyboard/mouse, I'm not interested in changing. Again, thanks for your input and I will advise when I try what you suggest. Alan.
  4. When going through the menus to make changes in the gameplay configuration and during any menu activity; the radio buttons change from F5/F6 (as an example) to 1 & 2, other numbers replaced by LB/RB etc which are game console references. Can anybody tell me why and what I can do to change it, please? My assumption is one game file for all platforms and if that's the case, it's broken and it can happen whilst looking at the screen; just me? Also; 30 seconds to get the car in the pit to start working on a setup for example; we have to go through the rigmarole of putting the car into garage; why can't this be turned off - Geoff Crammond managed it? Thanks in advance. Losing patience with F!2020; too broken and I resent doing their R&D for them and paying for the privelidge...
  5. Triard3

    Dynamic Weather Changes

    I can go back to 1991; Geoff Crammond's GP1... You could change the weather; right through to the disastrous GP4, you could change the weather. I thought it was me at first in that I couldn't find the right radio button but no, it's a *MASSIVE* flaw in the game that sees me playing less and less; wet races are a drag and with no pause option; it's rubbish. I've seen absolutely no response from CM on this and in the same way they did way back with Richard Burns Rally (what an epic fail that was!), they have no customer service/support that communicate. I was nervous before I purchased this game based on previous CodeMasters experiences; turns out I was right to be nervous; just a shame I can't get my £45 back as I would and uninstall it in a heartbeat. Over 20 years and their stance is clear; they give not a single ****.
  6. Triard3

    Newbie arrives!

    Hello all! New to F12020 and to codemasters, not looked since Colin McRae's rally game... 20 years ago??? Now running F1 2020 but unfortunately can't run it as I can't steer with my G25 so guess the first stop will be for support :-( I go back to Geoff Crammonds Days and started with his Grand Prix on a LAN over a Serial lead... the Grand Prix series died with the changes in functionality in GP3, GP4 was worse and never went back. Was hoping this was going to be good but, until I've engaged support, I won't be able to use it, which is very disappointing. Drive safe and be well! The Alien