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  1. Well …. It is a Ferrari……. Probably not a bug 🤪😂🤪😂😂🤪😂🤪
  2. Yes it is in the middle irl but why ? I drive cockpit view and hate this thing ….. Drivers must have same issue though …..
  3. And what do you need to drive at 110 Ai then - i wait for the rocket car delivered via podium pass 👍😎🤪🤪
  4. It is not a bugs- it is a feature 🤪🤪😂😂😂😎👍
  5. What I do not really get is why the hell the helo is in the middle of the cockpit ? To me / left and Right on this side for a clear view would make more sense - In cockpit view the halo is an issue !
  6. Well - even with these curbs we have better lap times vs las year …….😳
  7. Well Thanks good way to overcome a totally OP Bottas on his last lap in a five lap race …..😂🤪😂🤪🤩🤩👍
  8. The issue is not assist vs no assist as at least on pc the drivers without assist are faster…. The issue will be the no assist drivers with cheats on That is the annoying thing . If you see the time on TT and the download numbers of cheat table for MP - that is the real issue here . In Forum the discussion is about how much grip they need so no one will identify them …..
  9. so far is did. only Grand Prix Mode and TT - in TT I am on all tracks faster vs last year except Silverstone And Austria and Barcelona In Grand Prix Mode Running at 90 I beat my times from last year but struggle at 90 % AI with Barcelona, Suzuka, Silverstone , (last year did all on 101 ) but I‘ m Miles away in Sotchi / Bahrein / Spa / Monza / USA / Mexiko / I just did about 20 hrs or so but my take away is that there is a balancing issue ? or still the wrong setup? What however still feels strange is the fact that times are faster vs last year / guess all expected somethin
  10. The famous glory Berrin***is back as well as there some more times to question already . So soon it Willen same again for MP and weekly events ….. A nice feature ……
  11. And Team decals, too!!! Where is the SHark 🦈???
  12. Yes - but the achieved times by AI are still nonsense
  13. As long there is no intentional ramming by backmarkers - it‘s fine - but Unfortunately they do this - yesterday in Kanada on purpose last straight and then he went into the pit - while I could finish the Race with a minor issue at my front wing …. However he got a 5 sec penalty- …..
  14. Just got away today with them - some let you pass nicely some try to take you off the track Another issue is if someone spins just before you or Parks in a corner - ( why the hell and what is the motivation to park on a race track ? ) ……
  15. Yes - well - ah yes it is about racing. And formula 1 - ups - somehow same every year ….🤪🤪🤪🤪😎😎😂😂😂
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