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  1. Shark2Racing

    Suzuka 100% dry race strategy?

    Well - Suzuka is a race that is always difficult - however soft hard is myeay as well / and sometimes depending on how the progress is - I switch to mediums second stint
  2. Sorry to say but who wants to sit on his car driving it ?? The t-cam is worthless and so as well the tool is worthless for cockpit drivers 😎😂😂😂
  3. Shark2Racing

    Another cheater on PC weekly event

    You might wanna look to this weekend event - another guy just had double of the score of the second placed driver - Sorry but this is getting a laughing stock .............
  4. Shark2Racing

    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    Now listed in a shop in France and Switzerland hope price is Not Final yet as 350 € is nearly the price of the Ts-xw base ....
  5. Shark2Racing

    The cheater berrin*** is back

    Today the results in multiplayer event are corrected and as well in time trial corrections have been made ! Hopefully we will not see these guys again will give multiplayer online another chance next weekend As usual only in cockpit view as I’m used to sit in a car and not on the roof 🤪😎 Thanks CM for your fast action / cheaters are destroying your achieved hard work!
  6. Shark2Racing

    The cheater berrin*** is back

    Well - fine for me it would already been a huge improvement not to be kicked off the track in online races by no damage cheat crash kids .....
  7. Shark2Racing

    The cheater berrin*** is back

    While due to cheaters stopped playing online - since a couple of weeks now the famous one berrin*** Is back an week after week best in weekly events with all assists on. when can we have fair game without cheaters codemaster ??
  8. Shark2Racing

    Aero improvement Mod

    Not heard of the new FIA regulation for this season - all drivers have to sit on their cars so Sim Racing will be more realistic.......😎👍 And the will be no wheel anymore- instead the have either an Xbox or ps controller for faster lap times and better control 😳
  9. Shark2Racing

    New Thrustmaster wheel Apr 2021 with display, LED etc

    Hope will do a better job vs the Old Ferrari f 1 wheel .If it is on the level of the Open F1 wheel with more Options it will be a definite buy - it can be as well a bit stiffer - but not as heavy as the F1 wheel -
  10. Shark2Racing

    What is the Best f1 game ever

    Grand Prix 2 from Microprose
  11. Shark2Racing

    Spain turn 10 2021

    agree - get back to the old Lay-out please remember driving it in Microprose Grand Prix 2 ...... Long time ago
  12. Shark2Racing

    Thrustmaster TM Open Wheel Add-on

    Hi have the ferrar f1 since two days and very mixed emotions. looks great but have much worse times than with the normal the Open wheel . Use it with ts-xw base Today changed back to open wheel did. four 5 lap races and was back on my old times . So will return the Ferrari wheel / eventhough it looks great and stay with the open wheel /
  13. Shark2Racing

    5 lap Grand Prix observation -

    A very funny observation - always in lap 5 in Grand Prix Mode either Bottas or Verstappen have an incredible boost and a lap time that is min 0.5 better vs other laps ? my lap time most of the time gets worse eventhough I spare all era energy and use it in the final lap ?? Another stupid thing is that I really have to leave box last three minutes of the q session to hammer best lap timeline qualifying session. I assume there is a programmed code behind ?? But for what reason ?
  14. Shark2Racing

    Multiplayer Bug ???

    Today I had a very frustrating observation. Versus yesterday evening an today I lost about 70 points multiplayer score vs yesterday evening ? While I still have no Clou how the system in ranked really works ? I now have the next frustration with the multiplayer. I had several time problems getting access to a multiplayer session with errorcode NW14 ?? Is there a bug ? How can this happen ? Someone with same observation??
  15. Shark2Racing

    Suggestions for Grand Prix and Split Screen modes

    Edit your name in Grand Prix worked 100 years ago in Microprose Grand Prix Series .... as well to define weather My Grand Prix without the whole voodoo of training Programmes etc would do for me ....with my no car