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    http://tech-racingcars.wikidot.com/subaru-impreza-gc8-wrc97 That Page lists " Prodrive 6 speed semi-automatic gearbox with pneumatic paddle-shift or conventional H-pattern " for the S3, S4, S6 and S5. The Evo Vi lists " 5 speed manual gearbox, or 6 speed sequential gearbox INVECS type shift. Click here for Holinger manual ", where they have clearly decided for the sequential. I hope we will get a sequential Subaru for competition as well. Does anyone know, which actual cars in WRC used which transmission? I am still wondering which one we'll end up with, and more importantly how classed? Technically it would go into Group A, but the Legacy would go there too. Which would leave it mostly behind from the get go. I'm all for a class split or a Multiclassing of cars, both of which would probably require a leaderboard wipe, which makes it less likely (sadly). Imagine a Rally Season with the Group A, minus the Evo, plus the Legacy. Or one with the '01 Focus, '00 Impreza and '99 Evo. Or one with the Delta Integrale, '99 Evo and '99 Impreza. @PJTierney Is Multiclass support for clubs still on some wishlist in the studio? Or has it been confirmed as not happening? P.S. Since 1.12 is still not Live, my usual Video will have to wait until after work tomorrow. EDIT: so the '99 Impreza was definitely paddle-shifed:
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    While waiting for the Subaru's DLC and maybe hopefully at least one more Rally location, I now started a new Series, with a particular topic, that might be of interest to some around here.
  4. This gap you see there, where there are no trees visible in the fog, with the sky above it and no bushes on the ground, that is the road. Just drive towards that?
  5. Next Season is setup, starts tomorrow noon and runs till the end of february. I will probably only participate on a select few rallies, as I have some other occupations at the moment. Good Luck to all now for the first Season of 2020!
  6. I wish you all a Happy new 2020 ! Here are the results from the Season: Congrats to @jnco89 for claiming victory, you can pick next seasons vehicle class! Runner up is @ApexAzimuth in a very close second, you may pick the calendar for next season ! @exerfit can pick the conditions of the first stage, also securing a podium position. Next season will start. once everyone is sober again and the choices have been made. Cheers
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    Merry Christmas Fellas, something to get the mood
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    Here comes the usual:
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    I recently visited Norway and let me tell you, electric vehicles make the same noise as any other car as soon as they are driving 50 kph and above. There the noise is all coming from the tires. Noticed many Teslas in Oslo and Bergen and when they passed it was just as loud as the others. Only time EV's seem to be truly silent is at walking pace or on turtle paced tiny roads.