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  1. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    It has Total sponsor on it. But that is an Oil/Fuel Company, very connected to cars anyway, so why would there be a problem?
  2. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    How are there Light Pods mounted in the daylight? Also, still wondering, why are the cover-car lightpods different to the actual ingame lightpods on the Polo R5?
  3. The sporting committee acknowledges the protest and has started investigation. I would like to Kick Steam Name "Sander Moks", but don't know the corresponding forum username yet... He displays a complete disregard for the one car rule and has been using several different vehicles. @RFSander @virginijus.m (Steam name) @virgism Last and only Warning. You started with the Impreza '01. You have to take the Impreza '01 back in USA and for the rest of the season, otherwise this will result in disqualification. @snakegt40 (Steam name) @Tunasnake Last and only Warning. You started with the C4. You have to take the C4 back in USA and for the rest of the season, otherwise this will result in disqualification. @PJTierney Feature request: Somehow being able to see which Racenet-Name (Chapionships and Website) belongs to which Platform-Name (Leaderboards and Stage Results) and vice versa. Currently there is no way of correlating one to the other, especially if it isn't obvious by naming itself. EDIT: Figured out the names by aligning the points from the Championship standing with the actual stage result positions EDIT2: USA went meh overall. Too many mistakes and no proper rythm... After Poland now this... Seems my Subarus Fast-Setup needs a lot more refinement.
  4. Current Standings: Spain & Deutschland went reasonably smooth, both with a podium finish. Poland was total disaster with a terminal crash in stage 4, ramming into a wooden pole... Now France went actually surprisingly smooth. If it will be enough to catch anything up, or even be good at all, I'll have to see, leaderboard is still pretty empty there.
  5. It doesn't push randomly. It very much enhances ANY inertia your car has when going in. Even the slightest turn motion can push you strongly to the side and that is absolutely realistic. I mention that in my Wales guide, where in it's ford it's most difficult, as you are entering from a turn and existing into a turn, but you want to cross a ford in as much a straight motion as possible, to prevent exactly those slides.
  6. The difference is actually in the locations. The 6 new locations all have water sounds & effects, EVEN for small puddles in rain/wet conditions. The 6 DLC (well 5 so far) locations lack this. There is no effect and no splash sound for the small puddles. I suspect it has to do with them requiring manual placement of triggers etc.etc... which is a lot of work I guess. But I don't like this noticeable drop in immersion detail between the different rallies.
  7. Featuring the LOTOS Polo R5 by @Lebrass & the RedBull Polo R5 by https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/volkswagen-polo-gti-r5-carbon-livery-pack.27850/ & the M2 Livery by @RallyGamer
  8. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    Yes. Well it will still be 6 locations only. But the new DLC will be put into the bag to randomly draw the locations from.
  9. Here are the standings after Greece: Joining only in event 3, @jnco89 seems to do a quick rise upwards.
  10. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    Here ya go, did extensive switching between the 3 cockpit cams now in the second half:
  11. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    ill get on that, once home from work
  12. SkyRex

    Track Limits in DiRT World Series

    I got into Top 100 with a 7:47 (and some rough edges and one minor mistake) Perfectly driven I feel like there could be another 15-20 secs in it. But 30+ secs behind the Leader and still in Top100? There have to bee some severe cuts used here. Although I am quite happy, reaching this level was my aim for the esports, I'm honestly not fast enough to compete for wins (yet) (Though I do hold 2-3 world records)