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  1. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    So I did it again, finally got the last RX Trophy. Turns out, when you use the 2018 cars, the AI qualifier times are much less fantastical than in the 2019. This time I won two of them and had 2nd & 3rd in the other two, leaving qualifier round with an overall lead. Also I used the cockpit view, with the actual wheel visible, not sure that made a difference. But in any case, the description is wrong. The trophy is not about winning the final, but about winning the whole event. EDIT: On the Trophy hunt today, I captured what is needed for the new secret trophy introduced with FLAT OUT.
  2. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    10th x3 and 11th in the 4th Qualifier. But those points don't matter as long as you reach the final, right? That's the whole point of a final
  3. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    Since the Assistance Tab has a spambot right now, I port this here. I just raced like hell in Hell to get the Achievement of winning a FIA RX Final, no assists, 100 AI. And I did win: But when the Results where shown, the overall event got a 3rd: This is unbelieveably frustrating! How can this even happen, the event result IS EXACTLY the result of the final race! There is no conversion or anything needed.
  4. ... that was intense! I was like, yeah New Zealand as a start, nice flowing turns, good Rally to start the Season... Then of course I cracked the windscreen on S2, but no big deal, car was fine. Got a table 3rd position, about 10 secs behind @Dytut thinking about closing the gap with some more risk. Then in Stage 4, not even halfway into it, I confidently ignored a "don't cut" and hit a rock head on. Radiator light on. More than 2.5 long stages to go... That turned south quickly. Suddenly it felt like one of the new McRae Scenarios. Finish without terminal damage and in the Top 10. I didn't wanna get a retired right at the season opening, so I pushed on. At the finish of S4 the engine light was on and the radiator steamed some smoke into the sky. da mn. okay, calm, keep it together. S5 and S6 I drove as gentle to the engine as possible while still going as fast as possible, I wanted to keep my position, but @Janneman60 creeped ever closer after each stage. Short shifting all the way, I tried to make the shifting lights in the Evo's cockpit not come on at all, not even the first green one, already shifitng up at about 5000 rpm. You would be surprised by how many hairpins in NZ you can drift in 3rd gear! Thankfully the Evo has no noticable Turbo lag in the lower revs. At the end of S5 the engine revs became spasmic. Shortly after start of S6 it sounded very fissy as well, very ill. I though like, any moment now, please keep it together, just 5 more kilometers, please. It pulled through. Service park I fixed the engine, and made quick fixes to the most important parts, anything I had time for. Who needs new lights? Or a repaired body shell? And who doesn't like the character of a slightly bend wheel geometry. At least the wreck was running cool and revving high again. S7 I pulled almost the same pace as before the incident. And it all payed of, still on Pos 3rd as we speak, still about 10 sec distance to 4th (down from a minute). I think I never had such a stressful Rally in our League before.
  5. SkyRex

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    I agree with late delivery of pace notes, some come way too late. But I haven't seen any totally wrong ones. Some few are too slow and could be faster. But none seem to be too fast. Althogh the window you have to precisely hit to take some at the speed called is quite a bit narrower than in other locations. Which I like, makes it a good challenge.
  6. I don't really get some people. If you would want/enjoy Season 3/4 enough, to justify the effort writing about it on a forum, why couldn't you justify paying the price of two sandwiches to buy it over the last few months? Of course it's gonna be free in bundles at some point, to keep some revenue flowing from DLC. What many seem to forget is that time is money as well. Will you get the same software cheaper, if you wait for a year? Of course. But part of the price is having that software already during that year. And i made far worse investments than the enjoyment time gained per dollar from DR2. It probably reaches a point, where the cumulative electricity cost of my racing rig starts to overtake the buy-in price of the software running on it.
  7. There was a long running poll about it. Forcing it won by about two thirds against one third. So the majority of drivers here, me included, appreciate it to level the playing field. Everyone's to judge the cars movement with the same limitations of the bodywork being in the way
  8. SkyRex

    Community Rally School

    I would always recommend to learn to do the setup, than to copy an existing one. In some of my videos you see setups for cars, but that might still change slightly depending on the car for me. You might use them as a starting point, but dont shy away from experimenting to adjust them to your driving style. For general Tarmac Knowledge: And for a general Gravel Knowledge:
  9. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    Now that we have all the content, the classes are filled up and I finally made a Comparison of the Group A class. As expected the Legacy is not among the fastest, but it is not the slowest either at least.
  10. SkyRex

    Awesome suggestion

    To be honest it sounds like a bug on your end. Normally a game-loop inside the software runs the simulation and the rendering in succesion. At some point, if the rendering doesn't run, the simulation will stop as well. So if your game runs fine in the background and only the picture freezes, it sounds like an issue between the executable and the screen, and not inside the executable. Try a different screen, if it freezes there as well. Try a different cable or even cable type. I sometimes experience a short blackout on my HDMI cable, but I know it is the cable, cause it doesn't happen on the Displayport to my desk monitor. Try a different exit port, if you have more than one available on your GPU. Actually, that's where I suspect the issue, somewhere with the GPU. Cause once software sends rendering commands to the GPU, it is fire&forget. It doesn't know, if the picture actually got rendered to the screen and just happily calculates along as if nothing was wrong. If you can, try a different GPU.
  11. SkyRex

    Colin McRae: FLAT OUT Pack – Available Now

    So, here's my ususal first look coverage for all those still busy or still downloading and eager for more Scotland Driving. Even made two Vids this time: