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  1. The next Season has been set up. Launch: Tonight at 00:00! H2 RWD Shifted Year Finland dropped Australia as Safari No special Weather. Good Luck everyone!
  2. Here are the results of this season: Congrats to @UnderclassGDfan for 1st, @Dytut for 2nd @Freddygore 3rd @Snoopy43 4th and @baunau 5th All of you are now eligible for the established choices, from 1st to 5th. I'd say you have until the end of Monday, I'll setup next Season on Tuesday for a Midnight launch in a week from now on Wednesday. P.S. Sorry for not much competing from myself this season, got other things in my life going on and DR2 is currently not amongst the priorities.
  3. As there is no section like this yet, I thought to start a new. I assume that many here are also interested in offroad-stuff beyond the pure rallying and might appreciate a place to talk about it. For a start, I wanna share a little guide for fording through rivers, especially those that are not in rallies and don't have a convenient concrete floor:
  4. This might help, if you need data to decide:
  5. So fellas here we go: NEXT SEASON COMING UP Starting at Midnight! Calendar: Frostbite Vehicles: 2000cc Dropout: Germany Safari: Sweden Special Weather: Wettest Wales Two choices remained void until now, so I filled in those. Aaand I already have to admit that I will not accept the Gearbux change for the S4 and I will drive it in sequential mode. I imagine it's a late '98 S4, so it's arguably accurate. Good Luck everyone!
  6. A'ight. The Name means, that the locations climate gets ever colder the further down the calendar we go.
  7. Congrats to Yabby and thanks to everyone participating. Since the league has gained a larger lineup now, I felt appropriate to enlarge the price-area. Now the first 5 (FIVE) people will be counted as podium and get choice for the next season. @yabby You may pick the vehicle class for the next season @Janneman60 You may pick the calendar @baunau You may pick the Dropout-Rally (The one to skip) @UnderclassGDfan You may pick the Safari-Rally (Service Park structure of 2/5. Five stages to be conquered in one go) @Dytut You may forecast the Weather-Rally (Pick one location and cherry-pick the weather options to your liking. Night has to be less than 50% though) @all If Yabby or anyone else for that matter doesn't deliver their vote here via these forums and not until Tuesday evening, their vote will be void and it befalls to me to pick. (I might go by what other opinions I read on here though. ) This can be fully expected, as the Club-Page clearly links to this thread and tells everyone to read the rules here. If Yabby really doesn't vote, my pick for vehicle class would go to the 2000cc, as they are very balanced overall and offer a lot of choice for everyone. Also I wanna drive that S4...
  8. SkyRex

    Version 1.14 Update Discussion

  9. Damnit, after a DNF in USA, I went for Germany, funnily the one I would chose to kick from the calendar, and got a strong 2nd place, no mistakes in driving. Then came Wales, always a candidate for failure, but I had a very strong day, almost no mistakes, a little tree-touch and slidong off the road on the very last stage is all that cost me the victory there, just 1sec behind @baunau. I even went on to run the Solberg World Cup afterwards, which would've been a Top 20 run, if it weren't for a tire change penalty, though it still got me into Top 50 on that day. Now today I went into Poland, felt not quite good right from the start. Some touches here and there, broken windscreen, but the first two stages I drove out a lead of over 40 sec to 2nd place. Then 3rd stage I landed a jump sideways and slid frontally into a tree. Terminal crash, impact 120 kph. At least after the last couple events I feel like I haven't lost my Mojo. The speed for victories is still there, I can drive fast enough. Just... not consistently enough. Not without mistakes that cost lots of time or whole rallies. I should really work on training the 90 % driving style. Whenever I say "this one gotta be real cautious" I still catch myself driving 100 % regardless...