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  1. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Originally it was from Paris (Europe, green plains) to Dakar (Senegal) as far as I know. Sometime they fully transitioned to South America, because better event scheduling and politics I assume. Mostly racing trhough several Andean countries, especially Peru and Bolivia. Saudi Arabia is sad news, cause that is proper sand desert only. At least the western Sahara is actually quite rocky and not really a "cliche" sand desert. I hope u mean "not far off" as in it has a hot sand desert. Not as in space and location, Cause the Arabian peninsula is as far from western Africa as Vancouver is from Cuba...
  2. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Never got why there is no Dragon on the Union Jack. Did the other 3 bully Wales when creating the Flag? Also: I'm very curious to see if the Jack changes in the Future. If, during the coming decade, Northern Ireland reunites under a Good Friday referendum and Scotland goes independent, which are both in the realm of possible with brexit, in Theory it should change, no? The United Kingdom of England and Wales, with a red cross on white with a Red Dragon in the middle or something XD
  3. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Did a first Run, don't know what demon rode me to pick R-GT class on icy roads... But it did give me another World Record. of all the 3 people who raced RG-T down Monte so far XD. Anyway, amazing upgrade, I think I saw some new trees, there are new sounds like crackling ice sheets I think and most importantly the road condition is superb in it's transition, especially for RWDs. You feel every bit where you switch between icy patches and actual grippy tarmac. Now in direct comparison it also shows, how tarmac has definitely improved. Much better than DR1, no Assetto or PCARS yet, but best it was in DiRT so far.
  4. SkyRex

    Community Rally School

    Before I got my handbrake, I used the left shift-paddle on the wheel as the handbrake. Works really well in corners as you can easier find it intuitively even when the wheel is turned. For shifting I used: Right paddle = upshift. Button on front, reachable with right thumb= downshift. Maybe give it a try
  5. SkyRex

    " 1 right tightens!" How??? 😂

    You know that sharp turn, acute, 90 and hairpin are all below a 1 ?
  6. SkyRex

    Into Darkness

    Well, I guess the thread can be closed. No likes, no replies, no feedback, seems like it was a fruitless idea.
  7. SkyRex

    DRC - DiRT Rally Championship

    As the First Season is already confirmed, and with the Flags already present in the game for the other 3 DR1 Locations, I thought I imagine a Season structure for the new DRC consisting of all 12 Rallies. Structured in a way that spices things up compared to traditional WRC-calendars, setting different stakes on some classics, while still being believable as a Season that could take place in a year: Not sure if to switch Australia and New Zealand around, but the rest seems logical to me. Also ensures there are never two DLC Rallies of the same Season following each other. Only case DLC is even double-taken is for GER->FIN, which are from different seasons. What do ya think?
  8. SkyRex

    Any assistance please?

    Might be able to help a bit :
  9. SkyRex

    Into Darkness

    This might be the start of a little YT-Series I might do. Quick runs through very dark conditions. I'm not quite sure though if it really is as terrifying to watch as it feels to drive at such a pace. If this video proves successful, Into Darkness will become a Series, covering all long stages and many different cars. If it comes that way, I will put them all collected into this Thread, as a little Darkness Blog. Would love to hear some Feedback, especially on the picture quality when filming in a dark room, with only the screen as light source. (If it will be failure, i will put in a delete request for the Thread.) Cheers, Sykrex
  10. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Oh sweet hell yeah... I just accidentally set a World Record while testing the RGTs on gravel. Never achieved this in DR1, very proud. Even made some mistakes, so I do totally expect I will be dethroned in the next 24h, just by posting this now. But I have already recorded the evidence and can claim to (soon have been) a World Record holder in DR2 (for a few hours). Yeahha! And also the RGTs handle better on gravel than expected. At least the Porsche and the Aston.
  11. SkyRex

    Community Rally School

    @ 0:22 Did you use the handbrake for that or did it start to slide because of hard controller input? Looks kind of unintentional?