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  1. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    For the console plebs, who can't access yet, but wanna see:
  2. The Results from the Test Rally: And the still bugged Championship standings. Points are currently not always awarded according to position in the event: The First Full-Size Season will start as soon as this bug has been properly eliminated by the devs. EDIT: Although... it seems like the points are correct for all who actually finished the event(?) Which would be all until Pos. 9 @Evilsmurf All following had 15 min stage times. Can a few more pairs of eyes confirm this? Am I misreading? Is this good enough?
  3. Realized a mistake when editing the poll. Those who had voted in the first question couldn't do so in the second. Had to delete it fully and redo the poll, now everyone should be able to cast there votes. Sorry for the mishap
  4. SkyRex

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Clubs

    Correct. I did sort by total and I happen to be also on Pos. 24. Yet all those who got points for new england happen to have no times or far down times. The bug is there and it is major.
  5. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    So besides the stuff that needs to be fixed asap: - Winning order is not awarded points in clubs, random people get points - Tyres taken don't affect anything and tyres get repaired between stages even without a spare onboard - Sweden n Germany not pickable - No customizable car classes or multi-class events - Damage is not properly transfered from one stage to the next. only gets worse. I have another question: What does "No Assists" really mean in detail? Is it all off everytime or is it set to the real car. I would assume ABS should be on in the R5 class no?
  6. I think I'll create another Poll with some questions and rework the First Post. We will have to wait for a bugfix anyway until starting a full season. I will not go through the effort of tracking everyones points myself and if the servers keep rewarding points to people who didn't even start, while the podium players get zero (the the Expert Dirt Club), there is no point in starting. Please take part in the poll though, so the season can start as soon as possible. Super excited the League feeling of DR1 will be revived soon
  7. SkyRex

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Clubs

    Another bug (separate post) Apparently the timing seems off. I set the DRC Rally to 3 Days and 12 hours. Which ticked down correctly ingame. Now the website is telling me the event is already finished. roughly 48 hours after starting
  8. SkyRex

    DiRT Rally 2.0: Clubs

    I can confirm and am slightly not amused... Position 24 apparently results in... Ah ZERO points, huh? The driver who got 199 Points did not even finish the event...
  9. So, finished too. Used a bug though, the tyres get repaired between stages, even if you haven't packed a spare tyre. Should get fixed in future though. I'd kindly ask those who drove it for some structure feedback: How was the Tyre wear? Been driving on mediums fine stages 1-6. Was the service park time feeling too long or short? Was the 3/3/1 stages schedule good or would a 2/4/1 split be better?
  10. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Maybe take a look here: We've been kind of the Forum's League since 2016. Didn't you also participate back then?
  11. Wanted to start of with it, was stupidly overconfident and packed no spare tyres... Got a puncture on the first stage -.- Now have to decide if I want to drive two full size NZ stages with no front tyre or rather retire straight away XD
  12. Just drove the "Expert Dirt" Club. There seems to be an issue with saving damage status in League events. Only 5 stages and this happened twice: Finishing a stage with some minor damage, like scratched/dented bumpers -> starting next stage with shattered windscreen and bumped doors.
  13. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    By the way, wasn't it said we would be able to create Multiclass events or bann cars ? The site only allows to pick one single ingame class. Real bummer if that stays. Prevents creation of a true Group B (RWD + AWD) or of locking out the Evo from a Group A. EDIT: Also maybe a way on the site to see as a member for how long an event is still running. E.g. the "Expert Dirt", I see the USA Event, but have no clue for how long it will be