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  1. Standings after Argentina ----------------------- Wales went surprisingly well. Was really really cautious on the wet mud and then pushed a bit harder on the dry. Still had 4 very close calls, a sound cutout and several late brakes, but it all worked out fine.
  2. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    @PJTierney For your feature request List. Especially if Season 4 is the end and there will be no '99 Impreza or further 2001 cars: If not happened already, pelase make the team aware that the Evo VI did indeed compete in the 2001 WRC and is a direct competitor to the other 2001's as well as that the 2010 C4 is unfair match in the 2000ccm, therefor a new class should really really be considered? Or is even the class system bound to licencing and manufacturers demand certain opponents for their stuff?? If that is not possible (why?...), at the very least put a "cherry picking cars" for leagues onto the list. So that leagues/clubs could at least design seasons where the C4 is prohibited or the Focus drives against the Evo.
  3. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

  4. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    Sooooo.... where is the '99 Impreza then? ... wasn't the Nissan Kitcar confirmed too? And as a Rally enthusiast, there is little to look forward in Season 4. Will there be a Season 5? If no Season 5, that confirms a new DiRT is already well in development, since those sound recordings (Impreza, Legacy, Almera) surely go somewhere...
  5. Just drove the weekly Event in Wales and it dawned upon me, what is wrong with Wales IMHO. Cause currently, especially when conditions are picked by the system automatically (career, community events), Wales ranks in as my least favorite Location, right below Germany. And that despite it being my favorite in DR1. The problem for me is the mood. In DR1 Wales was a misty Forest with moody hills, you felt like being in remote british backcountry. That is mostly gone now. Heavy Rain during Sunset still has Sun shining, daytime is bright and well lit, Rain during day still looks very colorful. And that's it, the lack of conditions really bothers me. The only Rain is Heavy, that should be like a special occasion, like you are just so unlucky the rain started going heavy when your time is up. But now it is 50% of the whole Rally, which makes it all feel 'gamey'. As soon as it dries the only option can be Sunset. It's always shining when drying. There is no Dusk. There is no Fog. There is no light Rain. And where are those nice Fogbank-conditions, that were in D4? Half the time it feels like this road could also be in Finland, just more windy than usual. It is missing the welsh Vibe. The only times I feel the mood is like Rally Wales is during full Nighttime right now. Don't get me wrong, the driving is as best as ever, wet feels properly slippery now and the stages are as technical as always. I really hope there will be a Weather update for Wales down the line, to make it one of the favorites again. DR1 D4: DR2: all official pictures,
  6. There seems to be a bug with the shown events 02-10.. maybe carried over from last championship... But the total number is correct it seems. Shouldn't be like this i assume though
  7. Phewww... Well, the driving itself felt very confident and the Evo is just so predictable to drive. Unfortunately I hit a rock and had to change tyre in Stage for, where I collected 1 min penalty. Still managed to hold on to second though, which makes me quite happy. My (Poland-WR-)setup also works very well here, at least in the stages where it didn't get reset. Still the cumulating damage for almost clean runs is really annoying, especially due to the cracked windscreen... For those in the League seeking some Setup advice: And a nice screenshot from my run through Stage 7:
  8. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

    The thing is that Clubs will not allow multiclass events. so if they dont put a millenial class into place, the evo will never run against the focus 01 for example, despite being directly competitive. For the leaderboard problem I would actually have a Suggestion: If u add in the millenial dlc cars, just add in another car for free for everyone: A second identical Evo 6. This second evo will be in the millenial class too. This would leave the current grp A intact, but give the evo multi access. Also would give non-dlc-owners a way to participate in millenial events.
  9. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip Thread

  10. I am setting up the next Season now as we speak. It will start on: WE 07.08.19 00:00 Class: Group A Season: "Rising Sun" First Conditions: - not selected - defaulting to Sunny Only Dash/Cockpit, Assists Allowed, Hardcore Damage Let's see how many don't pick the Evo 😄 Good Luck to everyone! ---------------------------------------------------------------------- Sadly, I can see that I will miss at least the last 4 Rallies, as I will be on vacation. Will still try to snack away some points from the champ contestants until then 🙂
  11. Made some exposure for the DNC Fabia R5 Livery: