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  1. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    I recently visited Norway and let me tell you, electric vehicles make the same noise as any other car as soon as they are driving 50 kph and above. There the noise is all coming from the tires. Noticed many Teslas in Oslo and Bergen and when they passed it was just as loud as the others. Only time EV's seem to be truly silent is at walking pace or on turtle paced tiny roads.
  2. Well that was frustrating... I was actually defending 3rd position, when I did a terminal crash on the night stage. Hitting a Bridge Wall with 175kmh is quite severe it turns out... Though I did pull a very fast Hamra stage with 5:51:something, but still losing ground to @MongoJon [VR] at that stage... I think the champion will be easy to predict if he continues to drive every rally. What are you talking about, Finland is already over? Seriously Sweden is one of my favorites to drive, especially in DR2 with better physics and more white snow and less dirt. Together with France I think it's the best remastered DR1 rally. If I'd have to rank all Rallies, in terms of enjoying to drive them, this would be: 1. AUS, NZL 2. SWE, POL 3. GRE 4. FRA, USA, ARG 5. GER, ESP, WLS, FIN
  3. We are approaching that time of year, when little people write stuff they want down and sent it to northern Finland. So it felt like a good time to do this. With the current Non-confirmation of a Season 5 and the copilot voices returning to codemasters for some work, it seems like there might be some new or updated rally content in the works. Now what I would want is of course every rally on the planet. Though keeping a loose touch with reality, I think the absolute most locations we might get is 4. And only if there will be a full Year 2, with 4 new DLC Seasons, each containing a new Rally. I do admit, I think it is very unlikely. And I would be very happy with just 1 Location. Or even just a new Super Special Stage for the existing locations. But for sake of argument, let's assume the unlikely number of 4. These would be my picks in decending priority, as I think these would add the most variety to DR2 and each offer something new and unique to drive: 1. MEXICO Currently New Zealand is the Endurance location, with the longest stage times. As the game supports 16km stages, it might be excellent to bring two 16km stages, with Greece-like rough gravel and many tight technical turns to create a more appropriate test of driver endurance and Mexico would neatly fit as it fills exactly this role in the WRC as well. Also, if so, please some more water fords. 2. AZORES (Portugal) This one would offer some tight gravel roads with high view-blocking side walls, making judging blind corners difficult and giving little room of error for required drifts. Also would have the most exciting scenery of any rally. Kind of a Monte-Carlo on Gravel in terms of technicality and preciseness required. 3. JAPAN In terms of tarmac locations I feel there is missing the challenge of narrow bumpy imperfect tarmac (unlike Monte & Spain), which has actual flow and turns (unlike Germany with just straight-edge-straight...) Honestly I'd love some german vineyard stages or some open Monte stages for this, but since we already have those locations, I would go for the most new far away location: The Central Rally Aichi/Gifu which in coming 2020 will be called Rally Japan. (Though things like Ireland, Ypres or Corsica could fulfill the same niche, but imho Japan would have the most flair.) 4. QATAR Don't actually care if Qatar or some other sandy rally. Just having some very same-looking landscape of sand with a barely visible road going through it. Creating similar whiteout conditions like in sweden (though more of a khaki-out here) Would require some sand physics though to prevent major cutting and force one to actually having to follow the road that cuts through to the underlying gravel. Maybe sand physics could be derived from the soft snow physics implemented for swedens snowbanks? So, overall I still think it's currenty quite unlikely to see a Season 5, unless the DLC money proofed to cover their costs. Maybe a little free gimmick (car or something) at the end of S4 and that's it. Though IF there is something, this would be my wishlist, after all soon is christmas.
  4. Very mediocre Spain performance... But, I am very happy to see the Club having so much attendance for this first Full Calendar Season, very nice:)
  5. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    For Rally I would be curious to know, what are your setup differences between for example Poland and USA ?
  6. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    It has different slots for the different surfaces though. So one set of setups for Germany & Spain, one for Monte Carlo one for Sweden and one for the rest (being 8 )
  7. Considering it is my arch enemy finland, it went reasonable well. Only had one puncture along the way, because of course I had. But I had actually ZERO rolls, which I think is a first for me for a full Finnish league event. Coming in at Pos 7 on the board, which should yield some points.
  8. I find it strange, that you say 'learn the tracks'. Sure by now, I also know the DR1 stages by heart, but many kilometers of DR2 stages are completely relying on my Copilot for me. Especially where the scenery doesn't give you memorizing hints (New Zealands Coast, Australias Forest, USA Forest). Even for old Finland I got stretches that I couldn't nit together from memory alone. Before I started the Season, I investigated the cars a bit. Wanted to make a little scientific comparison, picked the Shakedown stage in Poland with slow/fast bits as well as gravel/tarmac mix. Calculated some averages to compare the fast consistency instead of the fastest record lucky run. The class is very competitive overall. Will make a video on my channel about it, once I have time for that again... Anyway, it seems apart from the Citroen and the Pug (as @Snaky115 said above), they are all very much equally capable. The french are also hindered by their small windscreen area imho. So I went with the Fiesta as well, as I really like it's sound and it's cockpit feel. Went quite ok-ish, got 3-4 spins& mistakes, which probably cost around 30-40 secs, but for Germany it's ok. P.S. Anyone else having a bugged out replay camera for the 'Car' cameras. Whenever switching to car manually or going there in 'mixed', it only shows 3rd person view. All those special angles are gone (side of bonnet, roof, backseat, wheel... etc.) anyone else experiencing this? Otherwise I might need to reinstall my game.
  9. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    Thought we already knew this? the big gossip question would be: Is this for a season 5 or for a next game? Although if all the same copilots are used its likely to be for DR2. Maybe even for that last location spot in season 4 in february?... hmm Im still tending to suspect Mexico. Although many others would be welcome as well
  10. SkyRex

    DiRTy Gossip

    This would lead to less time. right now you have every single whole evening for one event. If the shift would occur there, you'd have a limited time between end of work and end of event. putting the event endtimes into somewhere, where most are working anyway, is quite reasonable imho. P.S. whatsup with your consistent use of different text font???
  11. Well the score is even more clear than last time. And it isnt a hard limit. Nobody is 'not' able to use cockpit, even though its untrained. Much less of a limit than dlc content. And forcing the View is just a very nice way to make it fair. You can judge the car width much better from hood or from third so its a slight advantage and takes away from the experience to emulate real rally experiences. I am setting up the new season to start on saturday noon. Get ready in time and select your favorite R5. Remember not to change the vehicle mid season. Good Luck for everyone