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  1. The League is setup and starts on wednesday midnight, good luck everyone. In case for the future, if I take to long to notice and setup another league, I want to remind you that @baunau and @Dytut are also Admins of the legaue and I've just promoted @UnderclassGDfan to admin as well, as you are a very reliable regular participant. So any of you three can also feel free to setup a new championship for the DRC whenever the opportunity arises.
  2. The Safari Rally and the Weather picks are still missing.
  3. Congrats to those at the Top, I will try to setup the next season as soon as all choices are in and the server is back online on the weekend. Again I will probably not participate much, as time is tight right now and soon Cyberpunk will need attention. So far I have seen: - World Rally for Calendar (based on the 2020 WRC calendar, which never drove to completion ^^ ) - Poland excluded - Group B 4WD, with Gentleman's-agreement to not pick the Pug or Lancia.
  4. Listen up, all choices have been made next Championship is ready and fueled up! It starts at Midnight today, good luck everyone, happy rallying!
  5. The usual treat, didn't actually expect this update today amidst the FS2020 Launch ^^
  6. Congrats to all of u and the first five are eligible to the usual choices. Once made, I will assemble another Season. Though I have to say, I will probably again not participate as in a few days I'm gonna be quite occupied with the new FS2020-
  7. The next Season has been set up. Launch: Tonight at 00:00! H2 RWD Shifted Year Finland dropped Australia as Safari No special Weather. Good Luck everyone!
  8. Here are the results of this season: Congrats to @UnderclassGDfan for 1st, @Dytut for 2nd @Freddygore 3rd @Snoopy43 4th and @baunau 5th All of you are now eligible for the established choices, from 1st to 5th. I'd say you have until the end of Monday, I'll setup next Season on Tuesday for a Midnight launch in a week from now on Wednesday. P.S. Sorry for not much competing from myself this season, got other things in my life going on and DR2 is currently not amongst the priorities.
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