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  1. Hello guys! We currently have 2 tiers and will add another one after season 1. We are racing every friday 19/20 CET. 50 % race with short quali and no practice Full damage and strict corner cutting Assists: ABS: On Traction Control: Medium Racing Line: On Pit Assist: Off ERS/DRS/Fuel: Off https://discord.gg/AQRhFTnRxa
  2. NRL is looking for drivers! Hello, we are the NRL. At the moment we have 2 tiers based on skill. We will determine the tiers by Time Trial and the first few results in the races. Tier 1 will race 19 CET and Tier 2 20 CET. Join our discord for more info: https://discord.gg/Dd5TAThgmN Assists are allowed and we will do short qualifying (18min) and 50% race.