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  1. Hello, all. Since the G27 is a no go with the PS4, I just bought a Thrustmaster T300RS. It will not fit my old GTR racing cockpit like the G27 does so for now I have the wheel clamped to my desk, but the pedals are sliding on my hardwood floor Does anyone know of any way to secure or anchor the pedals down or shall I shell out the cash for a wheel stand?
  2. IcelandTBR

    Looking for a PS3 league.

    I typically work nights and days on Sunday so I'm looking for a PS3 league that races on Sunday nights, anytime Monday or anytime Tuesday. I race with a wheel and I'm a clean racer.
  3. IcelandTBR

    Will a June release help sales

    If F1 2015 releases shortly after Project Cars, then no. CM should either release 2015 before Project Cars or keep their traditional end-of-the-year release date after a lot of consumers have already familiarized themselves with Project Cars. Project Cars is going to be a tremendous game so releasing F1 2015 shortly after Project Cars will only hurt F1 2015 sales as it will fall unnoticed in Project Cars' shadow.
  4. IcelandTBR

    Launch Trailer?

    The release is less than three months away. We will get videos soon.
  5. IcelandTBR

    Circuit Alterations 2015

    Great thread. I hope CM will follow, it will only help them out giving us the best game they possibly can.
  6. IcelandTBR

    Announcing F1 2015

    Thanks for the news, Lee! I'm really looking forward to this year's game.
  7. IcelandTBR

    German GP dropped from 2015 calendar

    I PM'd Hatta this question back in October. He has not responded.
  8. IcelandTBR

    GAMEBREAKER !!!!!!.........HATTA PLS READ.

    On of my first races was a 100% legend race at Hockenheim in a Toro Rosso. I qualified P18 and finished in P11. AI tyre wear is fine.
  9. I've always fancied the Hockenheimring and I've been looking forward to the Red Bull Ring for a long time now so it's amazing to finally being able to race Formula One cars on that magnificently fast circuit. I will have to give Albert Park an honorable mention as CM has that circuit almost perfect as I am a fan of track detail.
  10. IcelandTBR

    HUD Off

    I prefer the arrows, they are more dependable than the mirrors that give me limited vision.
  11. I want to drive as Hamilton in his Merc and drive into McLaren's pit box. Seriously, manual braking into your pit box like in 2010 wasn't much, but added to the feel of the game as all pit stops now are completely automatic. I don't want a mini game like in Championship Edition, but some sort of  car control in pit lane. 
  12. It's one of the reasons why I use one shot qualifying. It's a shame this takes away realism to the game and adds frustration.
  13. You're here too, mate. ;)
  14. IcelandTBR

    Eurogamer review OUCH

    I've been keeping my gaming PC up to date, but I'm having a blast in the racing leagues with the good bunch of guys over at KFF on the PS consoles.
  15. IcelandTBR

    F1 2014 reviews

    This may be true which is why CM needs to start listening to the community or at least publicly address us to let us know they're working on it before people get fed up and leave/stop buying their games. I on the other hand will buy the F1 games as long as they're available.
  16. I noticed in a YouTube video that someone uploaded that the kerbs are correct in Monaco's T1 so I'm thrilled about that although Monaco is missing orange kerbs on the insides in the T11 chicane. Most other tracks seem to have received upgrades as well. Well done, CM.
  17. IcelandTBR

    F1 2014 reviews

    Don't count on it, mate. Remember, CM said they were going to start all over with 2014 with all of the new rules and regulation changes, new tracks, new driver line ups, new liveries and so on. Once they finished with 2014, they moved onto 2015 with the limited amount of time they have to work on it as it will be released months before the typical release date around the month of October from previous releases. Instead of paying attention to everyone's reviews, hopefully they're scoring big on 2015 with all issues and glitches that have been floating around for years and making improvements.
  18. IcelandTBR

    F1 2014 Testing

    ^All of those video are from 2010 to 2012.
  19. IcelandTBR

    @Hatta F1 2014 online

    The spin in that video looks as if it was caused by the right side tyres going completely over the kerbs and when they came back onto the kerbs the tyres hit the high end of the kerbs causing it to go airborne.  I've only had problems with two different kerbs causing me to spin for no reason: the exit kerbs of Ascari in Monza and the exit kerbs from that one turn in sector two at Hungary. Everywhere else is fine, but those two exit kerbs are unexplainable. 
  20. IcelandTBR

    Pit Stop Times a Bit Slow

    Please, no pit stop mini-game shenanigans. I race with a wheel and customize every button the way I like it. I use a Logitech G27 and the buttons are not labeled so when I race on 2006's F1: CE my stop times are horrible trying to hunt down the correct button.
  21. IcelandTBR

    Driver Numbers

    It will be like last year's version, you'll take over a driver's ride by inheriting their car, number and driver suit.
  22. IcelandTBR

    F1 2014 Launch Trailer

    The 21st can't get here soon enough!
  23. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BTEU_cl93Wg&list=UU7WNZQb14M9X6whT6WMsWoQ Fast forward to 8:30. He talks about this issue.
  24. IcelandTBR

    Inside Sim Racing.......... Without a clue!!!

    That's a pretty bad video. Inside Sim Racing embarrassed themselves by releasing this video. I couldn't watch more than 10 minutes of this as he had no idea what he was doing and I didn't feel like watching him mess around with the setting as anyone can do that. First of all, why was he so worried about finding the DRS trigger when he was going too slow to even activate it? Another thing, if you're such a fan of racing games and work for a company that is supposed to know all about them, why do you need assists? True racers with skill and finesse don't want to be bothered with assists slowing them down. The video could use some editing. Not too many people want to watch someone fiddle around with the settings. Sorry for the outburst, this video just irritates me.