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  1. No it is not. In freeplay, my own championship, once I cross the finish line car is braking on its own (AI takes over, not entirely but to some extent). All assists are off, hardcore damage on. I know how to stop and properly park the car myself. Maybe I am missing some setting? Are you saying that's how game works after finish line in offline sessions only?
  2. * After crossing the finish line, it would be great if player stays in full control. If player does something unreasonable, runs into stewards or does not stop - disqualify him/her, but it would be great if there's no AI control/"guiding hand" ever. EDIT: F2C corrected me - this works exactly as I want it to if "Time Control Braking" set to off. Amazing stuff. * Codriver shouldn't praise driver, especially after 2 roll overs. * VR: allow mouse * VR: allow moving UI closer/further and curving Greaty enjoying DR2, pleasant surprise. Huge thanks.
  3. I got that too yesterday on PC DR2. I think what solved it is re-selecting Co-driver language in game optiosn, but I am not 100% sure. Curious to learn if there's a known reliable fix.
  4. I just had my first night event in DR2 (VR). Finland. Is there any setting I can use to stop road rocks shining during night? They look like made of glass.
  5. Hi, EDIT: I think I solved it myself after all. Fanatec CPL set min for Handbrake does nothing, so I had to use DiView tool to adjust handbrake signal range. No ruined stages since! Is anyone here using Fanatec Clubsport Handbrake v1.5 successfully with DR2? My issue is that driver grabs the handbrake mid stage, ruining my run. My handbrake is connected to a CSW 2.5 Wheelbase. I have configured deadzones in the Fanatec driver, and in the game. My guess what happens is that there's tiny bit of input generated by the handbrake and game reads it as engage handbrake. My config
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